Tacticool character guide

Tacticool character guide

 Full description of all Tacticool operators

Tacticool is a multiplayer PVP shooter with destructible environments and a huge amount of weapons. In addition, the game also features 27 characters, each with a unique set of skills, and some also have special equipment. Not every character can fit your playstyle. If you have any problems with choosing or playing for a certain operator, then use this guide.

Operator types

Each of the 27 characters belongs to one of 4 groups. All groups differ from each other in the rarity of the characters and their strength. The higher the rarity, the stronger and more unusual the character is.

Regular Operatives 

To unlock each operator in the game, you need 25 puzzles of the desired operator. The only exception is Rookie. It is open from the very beginning and belongs to a group of ordinary operatives.

Rookie. Doesn't have any unique abilities or weapons. Has the lowest health in the game. Until you unlock a new character, the game will try to throw you into matches with other recruits. If you're still undecided about your own playstyle, Rookie is a great place to learn the basics of the game and understand what you want to get out of your character.

Hawk. Has one of the lowest health indicators in the game, and also has a 20% increase in running speed and aiming. In face-to-face battles, he is often inferior to other operatives. The only correct tactic when playing for him is to ignore the main battlefield and focus on single targets. It is also possible to dodge opponents and attack them from the rear, while they are focused on your allies.

Jason. It has the highest health indicator among ordinary operatives, and also has a 60% increased magazine capacity and reload speed. Performs well on the front lines with a shotgun or sniper rifle. A variant with a machine gun is also possible, however, due to the increasing spread, the accuracy will very soon drop.

Boris. Has an average health in its category, but compensates for this by reducing all incoming damage by 20%. He is the toughest of the normal operatives. The choice of weapon comes down to a shotgun or machine gun. As Boris, try to stay in front of your allies, taking all the fire on yourself.

Thor. Has an average health and -25% spread when firing. The tactics when playing this are reduced to keeping the average distance with a sniper rifle or fighting on the front line with a machine gun or assault rifle.

Rick. Below average health and 25% increased rate of fire. In all other respects, it shows itself a little better than the rookie. The only acceptable weapons would be a submachine gun or a machine gun. If you have characters other than Rick and Rookie, then give preference to them.

Bear. Has an average health, a 60% reduction in damage taken near by and an increased roll range. Of all the common operatives in terms of gameplay, he is the most flexible. Playing on it, you can quickly get close to several enemies and inflict huge damage on them using a shotgun or melee attacks. You can also stay at a medium distance in order to make a roll at the right time and finish off the retreating opponents, or use it to quickly leave the battlefield yourself. Choose the weapon to your taste.

Unusual Operatives 

All Operators in this category are upgraded versions of Normal Operators and are played in similar ways.

Klaus. Has + 25% to run and aim speed.

Shi. Has an 80% increased magazine capacity and reload speed

Victor. All damage dealt to Victor is reduced by 25%.

Travis. Has an increased rate of fire by 30%.

Spencer. Has a 25% lower spread when firing.

Dad. All nearby damage dealt to this operative is reduced by 65%. Also has an increased roll range.

Rare Operatives 

Rare operatives differ from regular and uncommon ones in that they have 2 special weapon slots, and can also be upgraded only up to level 12. Some of them are improved versions of previous heroes, however, due to significant increases in characteristics and two slots for special weapons, the tactics of playing for them change.

Varg. Running and aiming speed increased by 30%. Playing as Varg, you can not only catch up with any enemy, but also run away from anyone. This allows you to choose which battles to participate in and which ones to avoid. If you are playing in the mode with the capture of the bag, then it is you who should try to pick it up while your allies are covering you. Thus, Varg can and should always be in those places where he will be most useful. It is better to put adrenaline in the slots of special weapons to further increase your speed, as well as to prevent enemies from being stunned with a taser. Put mines in the second slot, which can be used as traps.

David. Has doubled magazine capacity and reload speed, as well as an additional charge for RPGs. The tactics of the game are pretty obvious. Take a machine gun or a shotgun and boldly go to the front line. In especially difficult situations, use an RPG or taser, during the duration of which you will have time to recharge or run away.

Syndrome. This operative has a slow health regeneration, and all damage done to it is reduced by 30%. It shows itself very well in close encounters and taking damage on itself. It is better to have smoke and frag grenades in the slots of special weapons.

Joe. The spread when firing is reduced by 35%. This means that almost all of your shots will hit the target. It is better to stay at a medium distance and shoot back with anything other than a shotgun. Use covering items such as a smoke, gas, or stun grenade as a special weapon. Taser or AA defenses can also come in handy. If your first line of defense has been pierced and the enemies are approaching you, then use special weapons and finish off the enemies with continuous fire.

Valera. Has an increased rate of fire by 35%. The only acceptable weapon would be a machine gun. On rare occasions, a shotgun. The tactics of the game will depend on the choice of special weapons. If you want to quickly fly to the flank and exterminate all living things and is carried away back, then take adrenaline and a fragmentation grenade. If you prefer a more discreet gameplay at medium to close range, then take a tactical shield and mines.

Bold. All damage received by this operator is reduced by 70%, and the character himself has an improved somersault. The Brave's main task is to distract or destroy the most useful players of the enemy team. When you spot your target, do somersault towards it and get close. Your task is to constantly keep close to the enemy so that he will automatically attack you with melee weapons, and then finish him off with a shotgun or machine gun. Adrenaline and mines are perfect for this style of play. It is also possible to play at a medium distance in this case, you play like most other classes, occasionally leaving the center of the battle to finish off the fleeing ones. A set of special weapons for your taste.

Epic Operatives 

 Just like Rare Operators, they have two special weapon slots, they can only be upgraded to level 12, and each epic operative has its own superweapon that cannot be improved or changed.

Snack. Has a bonus in the form of an additional 30% run and aim speed and 10% view range. Playing for Snake is a lot like playing for Varg, but in this case you have the opportunity to be even more circumspect thanks to the increased vision and destroy large clusters of enemies with the help of a superweapon - Rocket Strike. Your super weapon will be quite enough for an attack, so take only auxiliary items as a special weapon.

Evil. All damage taken by this operator is reduced by 70%, and the character himself has improved roll and immunity to gas. The Superweapon lets you release a large cloud of Poisonous Eye, allowing you to destroy or separate clusters of enemies. Like Defiant, you can hunt single targets, but it is much more effective since you yourself can create conditions for separating enemies. Be sure to take a gas grenade, mines, or taser as a special weapon.

Dutch. Has a 35% higher rate of fire and magazine capacity. The ideal weapon would be a machine gun or a shotgun. The superweapon allows you to fire a volley of unguided rockets that instantly kill on impact. The tactics of playing for Dutch are as simple as possible. Move towards your opponents and press them with endless fire. If opponents gather close to each other or a dangerous enemy appears on the horizon, then use superweapons.

Diana. Has no stat bonus, but can mark explosives and enemies at a distance. A very useful character in team modes. In single player modes, it is better to choose a different operator. Super weapons allow you to fire a guided drone with a gas grenade, mine or frag grenade (one to choose). A drone with a gas grenade shows itself best, as it allows you to lure enemies and control their movement. Try to keep behind the backs of your allies and release drones as often as possible. From the weapon it is better to choose a sniper rifle. Choose special weapons to your liking.

Charon. Has 50% increased melee damage. Superweapons allow you to become invisible. In skilled hands, this character can destroy the entire enemy team in less than a minute. However, he has a significant disadvantage in the form of low health. Most likely, without experience playing on it, you will die more often than kill. But sooner or later you will learn how to play the Charon. Choose a submachine gun or shotgun as a weapon. From a special weapon, you should pay attention to a smoke grenade in order to organize a retreat for yourself or a fragmentation grenade to deal with characters for which melee damage has been reduced.

Moses. Takes 60% less damage from explosions, and can survive for another 5 seconds after taking fatal damage. Superweapon reduces damage taken from bullets by 60%, and also allows you to blind enemies in front of you. This class is built on the protection of yourself and your allies. Choose any as your main weapon, since most of the time you will still be using a pistol with a shield. It is recommended to choose grenades and mines from special weapons in order to compensate for the small damage of your pistol.

Chen Li. Can reflect bullets back with a superweapon, and has an additional 15% health in the form of a shield. Superweapons allow you to repel bullets and all destructible objects, which in turn push enemies away and damage them. This character is equally useful in attack and defense. Stay in the center of the battle, suppressing the enemy with machine gun or machine gun fire. When enemies try to hide behind cover or run away, use Superweapons to finish them off.

Miro. Miro sees enemies through smoke and is immune to blinding. He does not have a superweapon, so you can choose two special weapons for him at once. Smoke grenades and blinding grenades are the obvious choices, the last of which Miro has an increased radius and deals damage. As a last resort, you can only take one of them. If you do not want to take at least one of these grenades, then it is better to choose another character, otherwise Miro will be absolutely useless. On the battlefield, your role is to create sabotage and ambushes. Throw one of two grenades at your opponents and finish them off with a shotgun or a submachine gun. When using grenades, remember that they also affect your allies.

The list of all Tacticool operatives is coming to an end. Feel free to use new characters and experiment constantly until you find your playstyle.  

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