The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes Find all 13 premonitions and what they mean

 The characters in The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes can suffer a great deal of suffering and even cause death. Depending on which decisions you make, the fate of the five protagonists will develop, but luckily you will be taken by the hand with the premonitions. We'll tell you where you can find all premonitions and what they mean!

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes  Find all 13 premonitions and what they mean

The premonitions in House of Ashes serve as an extremely helpful support to ensure that all of the five protagonists can see the sun again at the end of the night. Each premonition gives you a brief insight into possible events and distinguishes between fatal and saving predictions.

House of Ashes: Locations of all premonitions

Typically for a game in The Dark Pictures Anthology series, you can find 13 premonitions over the course of the game. However, only 12 of them are relevant for the course of the game , because the thirteenth has nothing to do with the story of the current game, but only gives you a look at the next part of the horror series.

Of the 12 premonitions, you get six premonitions saving and six deadly. That means: A saving premonition shows you a moment in the possible future that ensures that your characters survive. The fatal premonitions give you insight into events that can cost your characters their lives. So take a close look at every premonition and try to find out where it is, who is involved and what the situation is like. Because that could save the skin of your characters and lead you to their respective ends.

 You can tell whether a premonition is saving or deadly by the color and position of the frames when you look at them in the menu . If the frames are white / gold and positioned on the left, it is a good premonition. Dark frames seen on the right predict deadly futures.

In the following we have compiled all the localities of the premonition of House of Ashes for you and listed them in the order found:

Premonition chapter Episode Location
Awakened Damned Damned You can find this premonition in the House of Ashes prologue. After you hide from the monsters in the sacrificial chamber with Kurum and Balathu, you can walk around in the round room. The tablet lies on the floor on several bones.
Disarmed The storm The storm In the House of Shepherds you play as Jason and help Rachel with her questioning. After she has talked to the shepherd in the second room, you will find the premonition right behind you on a small side table in the left corner.
Tightness The storm Underworld After Nick and Jason are reunited in the room with the big stone hand, you will not only find a secret here but also a premonition. To do this, go past the hand on the left and run up the small stairs. On the floor you will find the future vision "Narrow".
daylight The storm Pazuzu With Salim at the steering wheel, you go to a section of the temple in which the corpse of a soldier lies and a staircase leads to another lower area with a trail of blood. At the level of the first corpse, the premonition lies in a niche on the left side of the wall.
Please The storm Pazuzu You find this vision with Eric. After he and Rachel decide to climb, they end up in a ramified cave. Walk straight ahead and take the first opportunity to turn right. Run to the end of the path to collect the premonition.
Ultraviolet The storm The temple You are with Rachel and Eric in the heart of the temple, which you could already see in the prologue. Before you repair the generator, run with Rachel up the right stairs past the throne. Go down the short corridor until you come to a room on the right. Right in front of you on the wall is the premonition.
Staked The storm After the storm Jason and Nick are your first acquaintance with a tripwire in the temple. If you have not triggered the trap, continue to move into the room with other items from the archaeologists. Next to a page from Randolph's diary you can find the premonition on a box on the wall. This is easy to see because a lightbulb shines directly above it.
Result The storm Slayer With Eric, Nick and Jason you will find a large blood stain on the floor in the sand caves. After a short conversation you can explore the area and find further equipment from the archaeologists, which is on the ground together with the premonition.
Post wire The storm Bloodbath Nick and Jason are supposed to secure the temple and therefore go to the sacrificial chamber, which you were allowed to explore in the prologue. In this are now some skeletons of the archaeologists. Don't forget to look at the lying skeleton with Jason for a stake. Run in circles again until you find the new premonition on the ground.
Durst The signal The signal After Jason and Nick found an old radio on an abyss, which is teeming with monsters, you now control Nick. Immediately after the short sequence you will find the premonition behind you.
Comrades The horror The enemy of my enemy As soon as Salim and Jason have both squeezed through the stone gate, you can run to the right with the former. The premonition "Comrades" hangs on the left wall.
Meatballs Alien ages brothers Jason and Salim have reached deep abysses with the elevator. As soon as you can control Jason, move to the right. Here the board is on the floor.
Hotel Alien ages Alien ages After everyone is united in the star chamber, you and Rachel explore the many objects before you can talk to Salim. One of them is the last premonition, which is on a box near the water on the right. 

House of Ashes: That's what premonitions want to tell you

The brief visions that you get by looking at the premonitions can seem rather vague at first and leave you with more questions than answers from time to time. So that you can prepare yourself well for what is to come, we explain to you what every premonition wants to tell you and what you should pay attention to. However, we only go into the game-relevant visions and leave "hotel" out of the picture.

At the same time, we would like to point out that not every premonition has to come true. Based on your game type and which characters make it through the various chapters, there may be premonitions as to which events show that you will not experience in your course.

Note: Two premonitions did not arrive in our rounds, which is why we will update the list.

Premonition meaning
Awakened The Ancient One wakes up and hunts Nick, Eric and Rachel. The three flee until Nick is intercepted. Eric now has the option to help him or run away. If you help him, Nick stays alive.
Disarmed -
Tightness -
daylight In this vision you play as Salim while he is fleeing from one of the monsters. Here you have to jump successfully in the part of the temple in which you have also found the appropriate premonition. Through them you will learn that the monsters are sensitive to the light of the sun and thus have an opportunity to defeat them.
Please This vision heralds the death of two characters. Rachel and Eric find themselves at a point in the course of the story where Eric can only hold Rachel with a rope. Here you have to make the decision whether Eric should cut the rope or not. So that both survive and the premonition does not occur, you have to cut the rope.
Ultraviolet Salim was tied up by the other protagonists and brought to the heart of the temple, as well as the corpse of one of the monsters. As Eric you can now use your UV lamp and learn that the monsters burn with the light.
Staked For this premonition to take effect, you and Jason have to pull the stake out of the corpse of one of the archaeologists. You can find this at the location where the foreboding "tripwire" was found. Jason can save himself from the monster through the stake.
Result With Salim you will meet Jason in one corridor and have the opportunity to hide or surrender. The latter is the right choice.
Post wire Nick and Jason secure the temple and put trip wires on it. At this moment you can choose where to place it: in the middle or on the side. Make a note of the choice you make, because later you have to flee through this area and choose which path to take. We recommend placing the tripwire in the middle and running along the wall later.
Durst This premonition comes, should Nick decide to plant more bombs on the cocoon vault. Since you should do this for the good end, we recommend you to go this way. After the bombs go off, Nick is attacked by the ancient one. Press the right buttons here to hold out. In order for Nick to be saved, you must have built a good friendship with Salim and played him as a compassionate character.
Comrades In the last relevant premonition, Salim throws his stake through one of the monsters. Have you fought your way through the ark of the monsters and are on your way home, you will notice that Salim is missing. Let Jason go back and help Salim fight. As Salim you can't miss the chance to throw his stake and save Jason.
Meatballs The protagonists reach the surface of the earth. If you have declined the air support at the beginning of the game as Eric, you have to sit out a solar eclipse in the house of the shepherds and defend yourself against the monsters. If you fail to do this, Salim will be killed. 


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