The Dota Underlords beginner's guide.

The Dota Underlords beginner's guide.

The most detailed guide to Dota Underlords for new players.

Dota Underlords is Valve's Auto Chess game. In it, the essence of the game is preserved as in the custom in Dota, but a couple of mechanics have been changed.

Basics of the game

1. Play areas are available for 8 players, where everyone has their own field for figures. Heroes are located on this field and the game process takes place.

Gaming Guides
Gaming Guides

2. At the beginning of each turn, you are given a choice of 5 heroes, which cost from 1 to 5 gold. We put the acquired heroes in your hand

3. Each game the first 3 rounds are a battle for objects against mobs. These rounds also provide initial gold for buying characters and items. Starting from the 4th round, you will fight with other players. From 10 and after every 5 round there will be a battle with mobs for items. If you win, you get a choice of 1 of 3 items of your choice, if you lose, 1 random.

4. The character has his own level and experience to increase it. 1 unit of experience is given passively each round, as well as 4 experience can be purchased in the store for 5 gold.

5. Gold is obtained after each round and its amount depends on several factors.

6. The main goal of the game is to remain the last player on the field.


Each player has his own level and depends on it:

1. The number of maximum allowed heroes on the battlefield and how rare heroes will be sold in the shop. The higher the level, the more heroes of a higher category will be offered in the shop. 1 experience point is given each round. You can also buy 4 experience for 5 gold. Maximum level: 10.


Each hero has:

  • Rarity
  • Alliance
  • Ability
  • Other attributes (health, armor, damage, dps)
  • Item


All heroes are divided into 5 categories. The rank determines the hero's price. The allowed rank of the hero is determined by the level of the character.

LevelHero's price


- Chess pieces - or heroes - have passive or active abilities. An active ability is played when a piece's mana bar is full and it gains mana when attacking an enemy. Some pieces have faster mana regeneration than others, so keep that in mind. Some items can also speed up mana regeneration and increase the number of active abilities used.
- Chess pieces can also be combined and improved. If you buy three of the same items, they will automatically update. To create a two-star unit, you will need three one-star units. To create a three-star unit (highest tier), you will need three two-star units.

- Each chess piece belongs to two or three different alliances. Place two or more units of the same Alliance on the board and this will provide a bonus.
- Your character level determines how many chess pieces you can place on the board. Don't neglect this! There is a significant advantage to be gained by having one more chess piece on the board than your opponents.

- Success awaits you with the correct placement of the pieces! Try to place the pieces correctly, so that those with a lot of HP and melee are closer to the enemy, and those who are weaker in HP and have ranged combat from behind.



Each hero belongs to 2-3 alliances. Each alliance has a unique effect, depending on how many unique heroes you have that belong to that alliance.
Exception: Demons.
Their bonus is deactivated when there are more than 2 unique demons on the field. V
total alliances: 24. You can see the active bonuses in the game in the panel on the right in the uppermost window.
You can read more about each alliance in the Season Info.


Each hero has an ability. Abilities are active and passive. Active abilities require mana to activate and have a cooldown between uses. Each character gains mana when dealing and taking damage to use abilities.

Other attributes

Each hero also has personal attributes such as health, mana, armor, damage per second, attack speed and movement speed, health regeneration and attack range.


- In Dota Underlords, you will encounter waves of creeps and bosses from time to time. Defeat them and you will see a screen with rewards. This screen will contain three different items and you can choose one of them.
- Lose these rounds and you can only choose one.

- After you have made your choice, the item will appear in your inventory. You can then drag and drop it onto the character you think would benefit more from using this item.

- When you equip items, think about how it will be useful for a particular unit. For example, items that increase armor or maximum health are suitable for tanks (who have a lot of HP), advanced characters. In contrast, items that provide a DPS buff are good for an assassin or a ranged character - choose wisely!

Items give certain bonuses to one hero or all heroes that match the condition. They also have several ranks. Mined on levels with mobs.
There are 4 ranks of heroes.
1st rank: drops from the very first mobs. Give small bonuses to heroes or classes.
Tier 2: Dropped by mobs on round 10, gives more tangible bonuses.
Tier 3: Dropped by mobs on round 15. Nice bonuses.
Tier 4: Dropped by mobs on round 20. Almost one of the strongest tier
5: Dropped by mobs on round 25. Very strong bonuses.


Economy is a very important factor in the game. It is built from many little things. You are guaranteed to get 5 gold each round, additional additions are possible to them:
Streak of wins or streak of defeat:

Series of
Additive to gold

Accumulation (amount of gold at the beginning of the round) Maximum - +5:

Gold at the beginning of the level
Additive to gold


  • It is best not to spend gold on upgrading to level 7-8, or level up before level 5 (or 4 if necessary). This is in order not to lose excess gold, which can be sent to savings or heroes.
  • If you have 50 gold and you want the maximum bonus for savings, but you need to buy a hero, and he is not vitally important in this round, then wait for the start of the round and buy it. Thus, you will save the maximum accumulation bonus and get a hero.
  • If the necessary figures do not appear in the store, before the 15th round, you can collect several alliances in stock at once, in order to later choose the strongest option

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