The Riftbreaker. How do I install mods?

The Riftbreaker. How do I install mods?

 In the new guide to The Riftbreaker, we answer one of the fan questions. We show you how to install mods in this game.

How do I install mods in The Riftbreaker?

In the case of GamePass, you need to go to Drive_game_is_intalled_on] \ Program Files \ ModifiableWindowsApps \ TheRiftbreaker \ packs and place the mod there without extracting it from the archive.

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In the case of Steam, open your Steam library, right-click on The Riftbreaker and select Properties, then Local Files, then Brows, open the packs folder, and place the modifications there without unpacking them from the archive.

And that's all there is to know about how to install mods in The Riftbreaker.

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