The Sims 4 Guide Why your cheats don't work and how to use them correctly

 Cheats like Motherlode or Kaching are loyal companions of the players of The Sims 4. Be it to try something new, to build dream houses or not to release a Sim into the world without skills. But what can you do if the cheats don't work? In the following we will show you why this could be and what you can do.

The Sims 4 Guide Why your cheats don't work and how to use them correctly

Open the cheat console and use cheats

In order to be able to use the cheats in the first place , you have to open the cheat console. If you are playing on the PC, simply press the key combination CTRL + Shift + C. To be on the safe side, we recommend first pressing the CTRL + Shift keys and holding them before pressing the C key. If you press the C key too quickly, you only take a screenshot.

Console players open the cheat console as follows:

  • PlayStation: R1 + R2 + L1 + R2
  • Xbox: LT + LB + RT + RB

A white bar should now open on the upper right edge of the screen. From now on you can enter all your commands here.

Cheats don't work? You should pay attention to that!

With the cheat console open, you have a wide world of commands open to you that can change your entire gameplay. In addition to the cheats from the basic game, there are also new commands with each expansion that have different effects. But what do you have to consider before entering the data?

  • So that cheats can be used in the first place, you have to enter the command testingcheats true in the cheat console . After you have confirmed the entry, the word enabled should pop up in the console . With this cheat alone you can carry out numerous actions with Shift + mouse click over a mailbox or your Sim.
  • The most obvious point to keep in mind is entering the cheats correctly. While some of them consist of just one word like Motherlode , other commands can be quite tongue-twisters, including punctuation marks and numbers.
  • Make sure to use the correct cheats in the respective modes. Cheats that have a direct influence on a Sim or his household should also be used in the actual game mode. For example, if you use Motherlode while you are still on the map (without having selected a household), it cannot be used.
Why some cheats do not work sometimes cannot be said so simply. If one of the points above is not the cause of the problem, you should check whether the game received a patch or update after your last visit. In some cases Maxis deactivates certain cheats because they could cause problems with the update. However, the most frequently used cheats such as Motherlode or bb.moveobjects are rarely affected.

Short of bag but motherlode doesn't work?

Probably the most popular and apparently simplest cheat code in the Sims 4 is Motherlode. For expensive construction projects or just to have a comfortable cushion on the Simoleon account: Motherlode can quickly turn you into a filthy rich Sim. But what if the command doesn't work?

In addition to Motherlode, there are three other cheats that bring you the sim currency:

  • rosebud
  • kaching
  • Money X
The first two commands bring you 1,000 Simoleon each, while the third option allows you to enter your own sum. Simply replace the X in the command with a sum of your choice.

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