Transferring PS4 saves and data to PS5: all possibilities explained


Transferring PS4 saves and data to PS5: all possibilities explained

The smooth transition from PS4 to PS5 is made easier by the transfer of saved games and data. But how exactly does the transfer of saved games and games between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 work? We'll show you all possible options in this guide.

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Since the PlayStation 5 is backwards compatible , this enables you to play PS4 games. But what about if you want to transfer a PS4 game save or even entire games and apps to the PS5? In the following, we will tell you how you can transfer all content from the  PS4 to the PS5 .

Transferring PS4 data and saved games to the PS5: overview

There are a total of 4 options for performing the PS4 data transfer to the PS5:

  • PS4 scores as well as digital games and game data can be transferred to your PS5 via a LAN connection or wireless WiFi connection . So make sure that your PS4 and PS5 are in the same network so that the transfer can start.
  • If you are a PlayStation Plus member , you can at least upload your PS4 saved games to the cloud and then synchronize your cloud storage on the PS5. Without PS Plus, you use a USB stick for this .
  • You can also download games and apps to the PS5 via the PlayStation Store or your game library without any data transfer .
  • If you have saved games, saved games and data on an external hard drive , you can also connect them to the PS5 via the USB port and continue to use them there.
Important information before starting: When moving from PS4 to PS5, you can only transfer your user data . So only the data of the account with which you logged on to the PS5 will be transferred. Transferred data is not deleted from the PS4 after the transfer. All data on external storage devices are excluded from data transfer. You transfer these in a different way (more on this below in the guide).

In the following, we will describe in more detail how you carry out the individual options.

Transfer PS4 data and scores via WiFi or cable

In order to get the data transfer over the Internet going , you have to make sure that the PS4 and PS5 are in the same network. To do this, dial into the same network on both consoles via W-LAN or Ethernet cable . When you turn on for the first time your PS5, you get here accordingly the option in the initial setup to select your home network.

Tip: If you use a W-LAN connection for data transfer, you can also connect the two consoles with each other with an Ethernet cable. This ensures a slightly faster data transfer.

The option for data transfer from PS4 to PS5 is also automatically offered during the initial setup . If you want to do this later via the corresponding menu, you have to proceed as follows:

  1. In the PS5 menu, go to the gear icon in the top right for "Settings" .
  2. Navigate here to System → System software → Data transfer .
  3. Afterwards you can read through the instructions mentioned above again before you continue.
  4. Your PS4 will now be searched for in the network. If it is found, you have 5 minutes to press the power button of the PS4 for one second until you hear a beep.
  5. In the next screen you can now select the saved games on your PS4 that you want to transfer to the PS5.
  6. Only in the next screen are the games and apps that you can select and deselect for transfer.
  7. In the last screen you will finally see the estimated duration for the data transfer before you start the process with "Start transfer" .
Incidentally, you can continue to use the PS5 unhindered during the transfer from the menu .

Transfer saved games via PlayStation Plus or USB

Only for saved games do you also have the option to transfer them from PS4 to PS5 via the cloud. However, this option is only available to PlayStation Plus members. Without a membership, you can also simply copy your saved games to a USB stick on the PS4 and then move them to your PS5.

In both cases you proceed as follows:

  1. Upload your scores to the cloud on the PS4 (PS Plus) or drag them to a USB stick (without PS Plus) .
  2. Now open the "Settings" in the PS5 menu via the gear symbol in the top right corner.
  3. Here you navigate to Saved Data and Game / App Settings → Saved Data (PS4) .
  4. As a PS Plus member, you now select the options Cloud Storage → Download to Console Storage .
  5. Without PS Plus you connect a USB stick to a port on your PS5 and select USB drive → Copy to console memory .

Transfer games and apps to the PS5 without data transfer

If you choose not to transfer data, you can simply download games and apps again on the PS5 . All games and apps that were purchased via your account on the PS4 are also available to you on the PS5. You can either ...

  • ... download it again via your game library (you can also use the filter option to only display PS4 games here).
  • ... or download it again from PlayStation Store .
If you don't have a digital PS4 game, but a disc version , you can insert and install it on a PS5 with a drive . Note that it is not possible to play your disc-based PS4 versions on a PS5 without a drive.

Transfer PS4 games and saved games to an external hard drive

If you have an external hard drive with other games on your PS4, you can easily continue to use and play them on the PS5. Simply connect your external hard drive to one of the PS5's USB ports . It is best to use the ports on the back, as these offer faster data transfer.

Then you can start and play the PS4 games as usual from the external hard drive. If you want to move the games to your internal hard drive, you can also do this by navigating to Settings → Storage → Extended storage → Games and apps and selecting games to move there. You can also delete them via this menu.

The same applies here: Games and apps on the external hard drive can only be used by the account that purchased them on the PS4.

Do you still have questions about data transfer between PS4 and PS5? Then please write to us in the comments!

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