Walkthrough INDUSTRIA


Walkthrough INDUSTRIA

At the beginning of the game, select the difficulty level. In the settings, you can select the language. Exit the apartment and go downstairs. Run down the street to the distant building. Go inside. You can pick up the note from the administrator's desk. Go left, call the elevator and go upstairs.

Go forward and in the room on the left, find a table with Walter's key card on it. Take the item and go the other way. Open the door by inserting the key card into the device on the right. Go through the door. Search several rooms. One of them will contain a note with code lists for November. At the beginning of the game, you were shown the date - November 9th. That is, the required code is at the end of the list (in my case it was 2309, but yours may be different). Open the door at the end of the corridor by entering the same code and go into the cell.

Go outside and call the lifting platform. It will break off. A passage on the right will open. Run there and climb higher and higher to the tower. Enter the room. Walter disappeared. Interact with the keyboard. The lever symbol will appear on the monitors. For example, 5A. Look for such a lever and lower it. Repeat the steps several times.

Go through several doors until you find yourself in another location. Go forward and turn the valve while holding E. In the next room you will find a lantern (disable / enable - key F). Look for the valve on the right. Replace it and raise the next gate.

The room to the right with the file cabinet contains your first weapon. Pick up the pickaxe and break the boards. Get the rest of the things out of the way. There is an elevator on the left. It is de-energized. Go ahead and the man will kill two robots. In the room on the right there are machines that allow you to get nitric and sulfuric acid. There are also notes, and in one of the boxes you can find cartridges for a pistol. And do not forget to select the batteries that are needed for the flashlight to work.

To go further, you need to use the elevator. It is de-energized. The valve at the gate where the robots were was rusted. Go to the room on the left, removing the barrels from the path. The board has the correct formula for the rust remover. You need sulfuric acid (look in the room to the right of the rusty valve) and asperolite. The latter is in one of the four machines behind the glass, next to the chemistry room. Place sulfuric acid and asperolite in two flasks and turn on the gas burner. Apply rust remover to the valve and raise the gate.

Move through this room, collecting various resources. Among other things, you will pick up a box of matches. Walk past the steam control valve. Pull the lever to load coal into the furnace, go to it and use the matches. Also, be sure to turn the valve to supply water (near the coal lever). Return to the steam control valve and turn it. run back, enter the elevator and go upstairs.

After that, break the boards on the left and go into the passage. Pick up a gun and kill a couple of robots. Climb the ledges on the left. To do this, use the tools at hand (for example, boxes). Take the radio to get in touch with that man. After leaving the room with the stairs, go down to the first floor, break the boards and go up the fire escape. Go through several openings, breaking planks. Exit through the large door. Go through the gray rooms again until a new chapter begins.

To be continued…

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