Walkthrough They Always Run


Walkthrough They Always Run

At the beginning of the game, a training system awaits you. The platformer is very specific in terms of controls, so let's take a closer look at the basic mechanics available for the starter.

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  • Normal sword attack - LMB.
  • Evasion - Shift.
  • Counterattack - Q, when the enemy swings a weapon and it glows blue.
  • Hit with the third hand - hold down the RMB and move the mouse in the direction of the enemy.
  • Counterattacks accumulate energy charges - the scale in the upper left corner. A powerful third-hand punch requires one energy cell. Otherwise, the blows will be weak.
  • If the enemy has put a block, attack him with the third hand - RMB and move the mouse in the direction of the enemy.

Deal with everyone and exit through the door on the right. After the cut-scene, break the knots with your third hand. Take the only route. Some doors need to be broken with a third hand (loose walls), others are opened by interaction through the E key. Collect first-aid kits and be sure to use them on F, since you cannot carry more than one. Search all the chests to find Credits and Cyberheart pieces. Three Cyber ​​Hearts will permanently increase your health.

Climb the stairs, climb the gratings and walls. To open the hatches, use C. The scanner will show the path to the desired node. If the node is not visible, go to the end of the path that appears and reactivate the scanner. Break the knots with your right hand. Eventually, you will be able to leave this area. Oh, and it's also important to dodge the red attacks of opponents. You cannot block or parry them.

On the second level, you will run into a locked door. Climb higher and higher until you find the corpse of another Three-armed. Search it to get the mod for the scanner. Walk right, use the modification and kill the first criminal. Send it to the police. Pick up the key, go downstairs and open the door. Behind them, the first boss, Rex, is waiting for you. During the fight with Rex, you need to use dodges. Attack 2-3 times and dodge when he wags his tail. If you see that he is preparing two cannons, move behind him as soon as possible and boldly attack. If you understand that you will not have time, then it is best to jump onto the platform from above. When you reduce your consciousness, you can jump on it and attack the health bar. In the second stage, Rex will act more aggressively (for example, three cannon shots instead of one). In the third stage, it will rotate its tail twice, and also shoot faster projectiles. In addition, the fiery path will increase, and Rex will also be able to attack close by with a quick blow with a hand with a cannon.

To be continued…

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