Walkthrough Unmetal


Walkthrough Unmetal

At the beginning of the game, you will find yourself in a prison cell. Use the arrow keys to control. To strike, press the X key. Attack the toilet and bed to pick up toilet paper and a wire. Open inventory to F and use the C key to select the paper and wire to combine them. As a result, the hero will stun the guard. Hold X to search his body. After picking up the key, open the inventory on F, select the key and use it on the C key to open the grate.

Part 1. Prison yard

You will find yourself in the prison yard. Break the box on the left to collect the gold medal. This will unlock the Runaway Not Escape Challenge. Walk left and break several boxes. In one of them you will find a dressing (heals wounds). Choose the number of guards and eliminate them. I picked up a ring from one.

There will be another enemy below. Get closer to him. Your hero will say "Be healthy", this cannot be avoided. Eliminate the enemy and apply the bandage. First select it in your inventory and then hold C to apply. Match a medal to earn the Real Man Challenge.

Remember that you only get experience points if you eliminate unsuspecting enemies. Surely the first such enemy will be this one. When he turns away to piss, run up from behind and attack X. Move your fists to the box and enter the toilet. Go to the urinal to save your game.

Walk left and talk to the prisoner. You need to find a walkie-talkie. To the left of him, in the alley, there are two boxes. Smash them to reveal a sewer hatch. To go down there, you need a rope. There is also a Containment Medal nearby.

Part 1. Prison yard

Go below and eliminate the enemy. Pick up a coin, throw it to the right to distract the second opponent. You will find a walkie-talkie on his body. Encryption needed. Go through the door on the right. Use V to roll. Smash the hardware and pick up at least one PCB. Also pick up a medal with the Top Secret Challenge. Combine it with the radio and take the encrypted radio to Colonel Harrison. You need to find another one.

Go down again and go left. Eliminate two enemies and take the medal. You can break three boxes. Go higher, eliminate the enemy and go to the toilet. You can give toilet paper to the soldier outside the door. Then you can break it and stun the enemy. Also be sure to save using the urinal. On the outside of the enemy you will find an eye patch and a glass eye. Walk up from the urinal and kill the enemy. Find a lighter from him. Enter the premises, choose the second option so that the guard sleeps. Disarm him and pick up the flyer. There is an empty pot in the drawer on the left.

Go higher and pick up a wristwatch from the enemy. Find a first aid kit in the drawer, select it and heal. Go right and kill two enemies. There will be a medal with the Unbearable challenge. In addition, you can attack a huge gas cylinder, but it will explode and you will die. One of the enemies will have cigarettes. You found a lighter earlier. You can go to the left, where you came from, and talk to the prisoner through the bars. Give him cigarettes and a lighter. He will return the plane tree (half-smoked cigarette) to you. If you go to the right, then you will find yourself in a room with two cameras. Chat with the guy, break the boxes and open either his camera or the camera with a coin with the key. You decide.

Walkthrough Unmetal

How to kill a dude with grenades

Go down and kill two enemies on the left and one on the right. The enemies on the left have crates. In them you will find the rope you need to escape. The path to the left leads back to the previously visited locations and the sewer hatch. But don't be in a hurry! Walk right to stumble upon a dude with grenades. You need to defeat the first boss .

Open inventory and combine the eye patch with the flyer. This will give you a slingshot. You will shoot with pellets, which you probably already managed to collect. Do not get close to the enemy, because in this case, throwing a grenade will take a minimum of time, and you simply will not be able to dodge. After creating a slingshot, shoot at the enemy using the space bar. After defeating him, search him and get a hook.

Find a walkie-talkie on the corpses, combine it with the board to get a second walkie-talkie. In the inventory, combine the hook with the rope, and then use them on the sewer hatch.

Part 2. Not a stink, but a stink

To be continued…

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