Where to find the Storyteller in all chapters of Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. How to get Storyteller's Notes in the Gray Garrison


Where to find the Storyteller in all chapters of Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. How to get Storyteller's Notes in the Gray Garrison

In Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, you can stumble across a variety of additional activities that reveal the stories of various characters. One of these heroes is the old elf Storyteller. This guide will show you where to find the Storyteller in each chapter and how to complete his quests.

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Where to find the Storyteller in Chapter 1 "Legacy of the Guardian of the Stone" and complete the quest "Notes for the Storyteller"

During the passage of the second chapter, you will receive the story mission "City on fire" . In this quest, you need to help the crusaders in the attack on the Gray Garrison, as well as find the old elf Storyteller. When you talk to Staunton, the next stage of the quest will open, according to which you must visit the Black Wing library. It is located between the "Heart of the Protector" camp and the "Gray Garrison" location.

Enter the location and chat with the knight Caleb. Pass the attention and knowledge of religion tests to expose the liar. You can pretend to be a servant of Baphomet and order the impostors to put out the fire. When the crusaders leave the library, chat with the Storyteller and return to the "Defender's Heart" tavern.

Find the Storyteller in the tavern and show him some of the items from your inventory. Ask him the question "Can I help you with something?" To activate the task "Notes for the Storyteller" .

You can continue the mission after you start an attack on the Gray Garrison. You need to find the only note, which is located in the large office on the second floor. The note will be on the table.

This quest can only be completed in the second chapter. Once in the crusader camp, find the Storyteller who is next to Nenio (both characters will be displayed on the map). Give him the found records and complete the task. As a reward, you will receive 330 experience points.

Where to find the Storyteller in Chapter 3 "The Fifth Crusade"

You can continue the search for the Storyteller in the third chapter only after the release of Dresen from the army of demons. When the city is rebuilt, head to the Halfmera Inn in the northeast of the city and find the bounty hunter Greybor here.

Tell Greybor that you want to hire him to hunt the dragon and pay 2500 coins (otherwise he will refuse to help you). Leave the city and head west to the "Rough Forest" location. Do not forget to take Greybor into your squad, as without him it will not be possible to ambush the dragon.

On the way to the desired location, the dragon will attack you several times, so before the sortie it is worth preparing for several serious battles. Once in the "Harsh Forest" location, tell Greybor that you are ready to attack the dragon. When he appears, fight him. You won't be able to kill him, but it's for the best. The trail of blood will lead you straight to the dragon's lair, where you will find the Storyteller.

Leave the location and follow east to the "Lost Sanctuary". Not far from the sanctuary, you will notice a trail of blood. Enter the location and go through the text quest (you need to ask the bounty hunter for advice). After that, go down to the temple of the outraged faith and turn to the west in front of this location. So you will find yourself in the dragon's lair.

Fight the dragon and kill the monster. After the first attack, the dragon will move to the other side of the tower. If you do not have time to kill him, then he will be able to escape. In any case, here you will meet the Storyteller, who will ask you to find the notes of the ancient elves. The notes you need are on the bookshelf to the left of the Storyteller.

Even if you find notes, the Storyteller will refuse to take them in the dragon's lair. Return to Dresen and find the Storyteller in front of the gate to the citadel.

Where to find the Storyteller in Chapter 4 "Midnight Islands"

You can find the Storyteller in this chapter while completing the "Delight of Parting" quest. On assignment, you need to get to the Upper City and visit the location of the same name "Delight of Parting". A guard will meet you at the entrance. Answer him "I seek Lady Vellexia's protection and I want to come in." After that, he will let you inside and you can chat with the owner of the mansion. Be sure to ask Vellexia for patronage!

Travel to Lower Town and visit the arena. Watch the fight, then go with Vellexia to the Ardent Dreams Harem. To communicate with Shamira, you need to leave the tent and enter again, since during the trial she will not want to communicate with you. Take the gold coin from Shamira and return to the Lower City. Interrogate all the beggars to find Zforian at the arena portal. This will give you Zforian's key and learn about the Mage's Tower.

After receiving the key, go up to the Upper City. Use the teleporters to get to the far right side of the city and find the entrance to the Tower.

Stand on the platform and enter the lower floor of the tower. Climb the steps and find another platform that leads to the upper floor. Here you will find two rooms. In one of them there are notes in Elvish on the table, and in the other there is a lonely door. Go to the door, close it and open it again. At this moment, the Storyteller will appear in front of you. Give him the records you found earlier.

Where to find the Storyteller in Chapter 5 "The Fallen City"

To find the Storyteller in this chapter, you just need to complete the first storyline "One step away from defeat" and return to Dresen. The old elf will be in the same place where you met him after fighting the dragon in the third chapter - at the gate in front of the citadel.

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