Windows 11: With a simple trick, your games can run significantly better


Windows 11: With a simple trick, your games can run significantly better

Windows 11 has now been officially released. We introduce you to a trick on how you can improve the performance of your system. Games in particular benefit from this.

Windows 11 is the latest version of the popular operating system and many users are already using it. But some users complain that Windows 11 should worsen gaming performance .

But there are tips and tricks on how you can improve the performance under Windows 11. This way your games can run smoother. We presents you a trick. How strong the trick is, however, also depends on the games you are actively playing.

Enable hardware accelerated GPU scheduling on Windows 11

This brings the function: Normally your graphics card (GPU) takes over all graphics-intensive tasks on your computer. The processor (CPU) is more responsible for distributing tasks and collecting data and forwards commands to the GPU.

With the hardware-accelerated function, the graphics card and the video memory take over some of the tasks of the processor. This way the system runs faster and more smoothly. The processor is less stressed, the graphics card can handle the tasks directly and the processor can pass on more commands. Above all, this reduces latency.

How to activate the function: Under Windows 11 the function is basically deactivated. You can activate the function in this way:

  • First you click on the Windows symbol on the taskbar and select the settings (a gear symbol).
  • Here you go to the menu item "Display"
  • Here you select the sub-item "Graphics settings".
  • In this menu you have preset graphics settings. You have to change this now. You click on the graphics settings and slide the switch to activate.
  • Here you can activate hardware accelerated GPU scheduling.
  • Then restart your system so that the settings are applied.

If you don't have a better performance, you can switch off “hardware accelerated GPU scheduling” in the same way.

Function requires halfway up-to-date hardware

I cannot activate the function: The function does not appear in your settings if your graphics card and your graphics driver do not support the function. In the best case scenario, you have to bring your graphics card driver up to date.

We recommend at least an Nvidia GTX 1000 or newer or an AMD RX 5600 or newer. So you don't need a GeForce RTX 3080 or a Radeon RX 6700 XT if you want to try the function.

What do you think about that? Are you already using Windows 11 or do you prefer to wait a little longer? Microsoft has also donated some functions to Windows 11 with which gamers want to win over. The most famous feature is certainly Auto HDR, which makes the lighting look better.

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