Xbox One black screen after update, how to fix the problem?

Xbox One black screen after update, how to fix the problem?

 Some gamers may experience a black screen after updating to Xbox One. Here we explain how to solve the problem.

Even though the Xbox One has been a reliable console and has been available for almost a decade, it's not impossible that gamers sometimes encounter certain issues and bugs. Among them, a screen that appears after installing an update.

The first solution is to wait at least 10 minutes to see how the Xbox One reacts, the second is to reset the console to factory settings . The third is to do an offline system update

What to do with a black screen after updating on Xbox One?

If a black screen appears after an update it could mean that there was an error during the installation on the Xbox One. There are three main solutions for this. Microsoft has published solutions on its official website.

  • Wait at least 10 minutes . In fact, the Xbox One may simply perform a system test, which may take a few minutes.
  • If the black screen changes to another screen (image of the Xbox controller, choice of time zone, etc.) must then be the console reset . To do this, follow the tutorial on the Microsoft site. Be careful, however, that this will erase all accounts, applications, games and games saved on the console (except those in the Cloud)!
  • If after more than 10 minutes the black screen does not change, you must try to perform an offline system update

However, if the problem persists despite these solutions, you must request a repair from Microsoft

For more information on this issue or other Xbox One bugs, please visit Microsoft's official support site.

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