You can now make Diablo 2: Resurrected better with mods - but at your own risk


You can now make Diablo 2: Resurrected better with mods - but at your own risk

Mods kept Diablo 2 alive for years. Now there are the first modifications for the remaster, Diablo 2: Resurrected . We explains which ones are available and how to install them - and what to look out for.

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What kind of mods are they? With modifications, or mods for short, all possible features of a game can be changed. In Diablo 2 this means, for example: Adjusting the drop rate of items, changing the properties of opponents or even creating new recipes for the horadric cube .

Since the release of Diablo 2 in 2000 there have been countless mods for the original game and the expansion. Now the first mods appear for the remaster as well.

Caution! The Blizzard Terms of Use generally prohibit third-party software. Mods may fall under this rule and can negotiate a ban for you.

It was said earlier that mods for Diablo 2: Resurrected should be allowed and promoted, but some providers were warned in advance . Use is therefore at your own risk.

What kind of mods are there? Currently, the creators have only offered a handful of modifications for Diablo 2: Resurrected for download. You can find a list of mods on NexusMods and ModDB, for example . We have listed some of the more interesting mods for you here:

But Better SP looks particularly exciting - you can find the mod on ModDB . Better SP brings major improvements to Solo Mode, such as:

  • Significantly more space in inventory, chest and in the horadric cube
  • higher running and racing speed as well as less endurance consumption
  • more customization options for mercenaries
  • stackable items

With the mod, for example, new recipes can be used to prevent you from losing incorrectly placed runes or base stones. So it cannot happen to you that you ruin hours of farm work because you change a letter .

Diablo 2: Install Mods - Here's how

How do I install mods? First of all: According to the current status, you can only install mods for Diablo 2: Resurrected on the PC. The remaster is also available on PlayStation, Xbox and Switch, but we haven't found any mods for the platforms yet.

A modder has already explained on reddit how you can basically install mods. To do this, you have to download and unzip the relevant files. To unzip you may need a special program like CascView.

The unzipped files must then be moved to the appropriate folder. You can usually find them under: "[...] \ Diablo II Resurrected \ Data \". The description of the mods tells you exactly where the files have to go.

Then you have to start the client and press the little gear next to the "Start" button of Diablo 2 and make a few settings:

  • opens the "game settings"
  • selects Diablo 2: Resurrected
  • under the installation directory you will find “additional command line arguments” - check the box
  • enter the appropriate argument (e.g. "-mod Karla"; you will find the required argument in the description of the mod)
  • to play Diablo 2 without mods, simply delete the argument again

What should I put attention on? Therefore only use mods in local offline mode and at your own risk. The modders always point out that even in offline mode you have no guarantee that you will not receive a possible penalty.

Mods can give you advantages, which is why they are not allowed in online mode. That would be unfair to all who play without mods and would be the same as cheats. Hence the possible penalties.

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