11 settings that make you better at CoD Vanguard right from the start


11 settings that make you better at CoD Vanguard right from the start

Since the beta, the gameplay of CoD Vanguard has become significantly faster again. As for the release, one thing is clear: It is one of the fastest CoDs in recent years. That is why it is all the more important to find the right settings for the start. We show you the 10 most important settings here:

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Gaming Guides

Which settings are you talking about? Call of Duty: Vanguard has a very extensive Settings menu. These settings often make only a small difference in the game, but have a big effect on the rapid time-to-kill.

This is not about adapting the graphic splendor or optimizing the frames per second. Instead, it is about subtleties with which you can improve your game in Vanguard. These settings are important for both the PC and the consoles.

We have put together 10 settings with tips on how you can adjust the settings in order to be one step ahead of the competition right from the start. With one click you get to the setting you are looking for:

Setting 1: target input device

What does the setting do? Regardless of whether you play on the PC or on a console: In CoD Vanguard you can choose whether you prefer to play with the mouse or the controller. 

Recommendation: controller on console, mouse on PC

Your comfort with the input device and the fact whether you gamble in the living room on the TV or on a desk are decisive here.

  • Mouse: Aiming with the mouse is naturally more precise, but it is much more impractical to set up on a couch. PC gamers should generally have better success with the mouse than with the controller.
  • Controller: The lack of precision is compensated for by very good aim assist. Controller-Aim is more difficult to learn, but this programmed support can quickly have advantages over the mouse. The CoD-Profi-Liga only uses the controller.

Setting 2: sensitivity

What does the setting do? The sensitivity determines how strongly your character reacts to movements of the analog stick or the mouse. This determines the rotation speed of your crosshairs. Therefore this is one of the most important settings for your aim.

Recommendation: individual

In general, you cannot recommend any values ​​for this setting, because it is very dependent on personal preferences. But we have a few points for you that you can use as a guide.

  • Mouse - Finds a setting that makes turning 180 degrees comfortable without turning many turns in a short period of time.
  • Controller - Try to find a setting where your stick rarely touches the edges when aiming. So either start high and slowly work your way down to a comfortable level, or start low and see how much higher you can go.

Setting 3: ZV sensitivity

What does the setting do? This setting determines which method is used to reduce your mouse sensitivity over rear sight (English: Aim Down Sights or ADS). 

Recommendation: individual

With the mouse: ZV sensitivity mode " Relative" , monitor distance coefficient: 0.00 or 1.33

Depending on your preference for weapons and how you play, a lower or higher setting can greatly improve your gameplay. Try out a lot here, preferably with one setting for at least an entire game. A ZV sensitivity of 0.9 can have a positive effect on the controller, as it almost works like a small precision boost. But then you lose speed when aiming.

The ZV sensitivity mode "Relative" with one of the 3 monitor distance coefficients is recommended for mouse players: 

  • 0.00: This means that the perceived difference in mouse sensitivity is lowest for small aim movements. This is particularly helpful with tracking aim, i.e. with fully automatic continuous fire. However, this setting has disadvantages against enemies who suddenly appear at the edge of the screen.

The equivalent to this setting is the standard setting for games such as Apex Legends or the CoD games up to Black Ops 4 (i.e. the value that is used in the ZV sensitivity mode Alternative).
  • 1.33: This setting is a good all-round value and is suitable for both tracking and quick reaction shots with semi-automatic weapons and snipers.

The equivalent to this setting is the standard setting in the Battlefield games or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
  • 1.78:  This setting is very popular with snipers and others who want to shoot distant heads quickly in response. For machine gun fans, however, this could be too difficult to control.

The equivalent to this setting is the standard setting in games such as Valorant, Destiny 2 and Splitgate.

Setting 4: Key assignment

What does the setting do? The key assignments can be adjusted with the controller as well as with the mouse and keyboard. There are predefined sets with the controller, while the PC control can be set completely manually.

Recommendation: individual

  • Use new assignments to make the gaming experience as comfortable as possible for you.

Mouse: crouch on a comfortable button 
Perhaps the most important button is the Duck button. Set them up so that you have quick and safe access to them without it being exhausting. C and CTRL are popular here, but Shift and V can also work well. Even the mouse buttons on the side are very suitable for this. 

Also place the grenades on a mouse button to continue using WASD while the grenade is preparing.

  • Controller: "button jumper" or "button jumper tactical "
The “button jumper” setting places a jump on the left shoulder button and is a popular setting among professionals. The sets that put duck on R3 / RS are also recommended. This includes "tactical button jumpers ". Try a little.

Setting 5: Reaction of the input devices

What does the setting do? The game's reaction to the inputs can be adjusted here.


  • Mouse: Everything off

Leave mouse acceleration, filtering and smoothing disabled unless you know exactly what you are doing. These settings are important to some players, but the options in Vanguard are not as good here as external tools that have the same effect. 
  • Controller: Linear or Dynamic

Under the menu item Controller you will find the “target reaction curve”. Of the 3 settings “Standard”, “Linear” and “Dynamic”, the last two are recommended, depending on your preferences. Try them all out once.

But be careful with worn controllers! With them it can happen that with “Linear” and “Dynamic” the crosshair moves without touching it or lags behind during use. 

Setting 6: aiming aid

What does the setting do? This point is only relevant for players with a controller. The aiming aid (also called aim-assist) helps players to compensate for the lack of precision of controllers by means of technical aiming support. So you can keep up with the mouse players. 

Recommendation: standard

Setting 7: press or hold

What does the setting do? There are several maneuvers for which you can adjust whether you have to hold the button for it or just tap it briefly.

Recommendation: tap to slide 

Again, you have to find your own preferences. Setting the slide as “tapping” is particularly recommended. So you go straight into sliding during the sprint, which makes you more aggressive and helps you to be shot less often.

Setting 8: Artistic Effects

What does the setting do? There are a couple of artistic effects that are meant to make the game look more cinematic. This includes image noise, weapon and world motion blur.


  • Noise: Off
  • World motion blur: Off
  • Weapon Motion Blur: Off
  • Camera movement: 50%
The following applies in every multiplayer game: Deactivate these filters completely and without exception! In multiplayer, it is the player's performance that counts, not the realism of the optics. Often it only distracts and actively harms you. If you start the campaign, you should activate the settings again.

Setting 9: field of view

What does the setting do? This setting is now also available for console players and is not only withheld from the PC version. With it you enlarge the visible area.

Recommendation: 90, 103, 110 or 120.

It is generally underestimated how important your field of view (FOV) settings are for your aim. 103 is the standard setting for games like Valorant, 120 for Quake Champions.

The following applies:  

The smaller the field of view, the faster the own rotation speed works.
  • With smaller fields of view, the movements of your own character appear slower.
  • The smaller the field of view, the larger enemies appear on the screen. This can help with aiming.
  • With smaller fields of view, your opponent is more likely to miss, as this Reddit post impressively shows: 

The larger the field of view, the slower the own rotation speed appears.
  • With larger fields of view, the game also appears noticeably faster. In particular, the perceived pace of the game of one's own figure is significantly higher.
  • The larger the field of view, the smaller the enemies on the screen, which can make aiming difficult
  • Larger fields of view give you a better overview of the map, which can be especially important with the short TTK from Vanguard. 

Setting 10: Audio settings

What does the setting do? Vanguard offers a selection of preset audio sets that regulate the audio frequencies and thus influence the properties of the acoustics.

Recommendation: headphones

The most neutral tone is generally the best. However, it can be helpful to increase the treble to better hear footsteps. The previously recommended setting height gain does not seem to be available in Vanguard at release. We therefore recommend headphones with the appropriate audio set.

Also makes sure that the music volume is turned down than the rest. Otherwise the music could cover up important audio information.

Attitude 11: Various little things

What are these attitudes doing? These settings are spread out in the options menu and can improve little things that together make a big improvement. These settings are:

In the “Controller” menu :

  • Trigger Effect (Available with PS5 Controller): Off
  • Gun Fire Limit (Available with PS5 Controller) : Off
These settings take advantage of the adaptive features of PS5 controllers. That may be very nice for the campaign, but it is annoying in multiplayer and slows down your reactions.
  • Dead area : Individual
In the “Interface” menu :

  • Mini-map shape: Square
With this setting, your mini-map is a little larger and therefore gives you more information.
  • Mini-card rotation: A
It's a matter of taste. With rotation you don't have to process the relationship between camera and mini card first. So if you tend to look too much at the minimap anyway, it could take even longer without rotation. 

It is important to emphasize that all settings are also a matter of taste. Depending on your goals, preferences, strengths and weaknesses, one setting helps you more than another. This also applies to the weapons - sometimes your own favorite weapon is just not meta.

The sooner you start to find out your own preferences, the faster you will be ahead of opponents who do not follow these tips.  

It is important that you take the time to discover your own preferences instead of just copying the settings from your favorite streamer. This not only improves your gameplay in Vanguard multiplayer.

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