3 weapons with which you will dominate the release of Battlefield 2042

 A week after Battlefield 2042 launched in Early Access, it's officially in stores. Just in time for the release, We show you the best 3 weapons that you can currently use in the game.

With a week ahead through Early Access, it is clear by the release of Battlefield 2042 which 3 weapons will dominate the matches. We'll introduce you to these weapons, tell you the most important advantages and disadvantages and explain how you can use them optimally.

You can further modify these weapons with weapon attachments and adapt them to your needs. But be careful: Many weapon attachments in Battlefield 2042 currently work differently than you think .

1. DM7: The versatile precision weapon that works on all maps



  • Good, consistent damage
  • Strong over long distances
  • Lots of ammunition with a good reload time
  • Very precise, even when the pawn is in motion


  • Good aim required
  • In close combat, it has disadvantages compared to most other weapons
  • Slower to handle than many other weapons
Why is this gun so good? For us, the DM7 is currently the best weapon in the game . It shines in particular through its versatility and constancy. Since most of the battles in Battlefield 2042 take place over long distances, their accuracy and good damage are a great advantage.

  • With the standard loadout, she kills with 3 body hits at most distances. With a headshot, it only takes one more hit somewhere on the body for the kill.
  • Thanks to 15 bullets in the standard magazine, you can kill up to 7 enemies before you have to reload.
  • In contrast to the SVK (which we will introduce later), it also loses little precision if you fire it while moving. This allows you to dodge enemy fire and shoot back at the same time.
What are the disadvantages of the weapon? The main disadvantage of the weapon is its semi-automatic nature. If suddenly an enemy is standing next to you, you have a big disadvantage compared to weapons that can fire many bullets quickly.

Another disadvantage is that DMRs require very good aim. In the wrong hands, powerful weapons like the DM7 can therefore quickly become useless. Players who prefer fully automatic weapons should especially take a look at the next featured weapon.

How do I get the most out of this weapon? While this weapon can be used in most situations in the game without any problems, it is especially brilliant at medium distances. With the DM7 you don't have to stand still and camp, it is suitable both on the defensive and on the offensive.

But you should avoid close combat as much as possible. So try to stand in the back row of an advancing squad, if possible, and build pressure on opponents from there.

2. PP-29: The most reliable all-rounder in the game



  • Very easy to play
  • Controllable recoil
  • Lots of ammunition with a quick reload animation
  • Fast handling
  • Little bloom


  • Bad rate of fire
  • Few attachments hardly change the weapon
  • Hip fire isn't the best
  • Not the best option at longer distances
  • Will only be unlocked after 15-20 hours of gaming.
Why is this gun so good? The PP-29 is currently the best submachine gun and the most flexible weapon in the game. In Battlefield 2042 it is one of the most popular and best weapons. On the one hand, this has to do with the fact that  assault rifles are performing badly because of a problem with blooming,  on the other hand, the PP-29 also has some advantages of its own.

  • As a fully automatic weapon with a large magazine, it is very easy to play. She is also forgiving of worse aim. The PP-29 is very strong in close combat.
  • Thanks to a controllable recoil, it is also good at distances of up to 100 m.
  • With the standard magazine it has up to 54 rounds and does good damage. It can easily take down an entire enemy squad without you having to reload. And reloading is also quick.
What are the disadvantages of the weapon? The PP-29's poor rate of fire is not a problem in most situations. In close combat, however, she quickly loses out against other SMGs and shotguns. Their comparatively poor performance in the hip fire aggravates the problem.

Since there are no underflow attachments for the PP-29, the weapon hardly changes. A laser sight to improve hip fire, for example, is therefore not available.

The PP-29 has a surprisingly high precision at long range, but it does little damage. So it often happens that you cannot completely kill your opponents before they can take cover.

How do I get the most out of this weapon? The PP-29 is so flexible that it is difficult to misuse. It is not recommended to use it over long distances - but it is not completely useless. This SMG is the right choice in almost every situation. And that for beginners with a poor aim as well as for shooter professionals.

But since you have to play around 15-20 hours before you can access the weapon, the PBX-45 is a good alternative to start with.

3. SVK: Incredible firepower, but difficult to play

SVK: Incredible firepower, but difficult to play


  • Always kills with two shots
  • Very strong at a distance


  • Requires near perfect aim
  • Very imprecise when moving while aiming.
  • Little ammunition in the magazine
  • Slow handling
  • Very bad in hand-to-hand combat
Why is this gun so good? This weapon basically has only one real strength. But it makes you sit up and take notice:

  • The SVK always kills with 2 shots - no matter where the bullet hits the opponent; regardless of the distance. It does the same damage to bodies as a sniper rifle.
  • Their handling and rate of fire is much better compared to a sniper.
What are the disadvantages of the weapon? The weapon becomes very imprecise if you move around while shooting (via reddit ). This may look like the Bloom problem with assault rifles, but it isn't.

Even if their handling and rate of fire is significantly better than that of snipers - these values ​​are not good compared to the other weapons on the list. With only 5 bullets in the magazine (plus one in the chamber), you have to show near-perfect aim to use this weapon well.

How do I get the most out of this weapon? Where the PP-29 adapts to the player's style of play, the opposite applies with the SVK: You have to play exactly the style of play that the weapon demands of you. Otherwise it becomes very frustrating very quickly.

That means, as long as you patiently shoot your opponents while standing still, she's an absolute monster. But as soon as you want to play aggressively in any form, it will quickly let you down. So this weapon is perfect for those who want to show off their aim, but don't want to shoot enemies from hundreds of meters like snipers. SVK users should therefore defend control points instead of trying to conquer them.

No matter which of these 3 weapons you choose - used correctly, they can all dominate the battlefield.

Which weapon is your favorite? Have you already tried our recommendations? If so, what is your favorite setup? Let us know in the comments!

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