5 settings for Battlefield 2042 that will improve your performance and gameplay


5 settings for Battlefield 2042 that will improve your performance and gameplay

If you 're already playing Battlefield 2042 in Early Access, you'll be ahead of most players. By the time the game is open to everyone on November 19th, you will have had a week of experience. These 5 settings will help you to be better than other early access players sooner.

Which settings are you talking about? The options menu in Battlefield 2042 is very extensive. Many of these settings, while often making a small difference to your gameplay, make a big impact when combined.

This guide tells you how to optimize your Battlefield 2042 performance. We also explain how you can improve your overall gameplay with small adjustments in the options. This includes your aim, how well you can see and hear other players and how smoothly your character controls.

We have put together 5 settings with tips on how you can adjust the settings in order to be one step ahead of the competition, especially for Early Access. If we don't mention a setting, we recommend the default settings.

1. Graphics settings

1.1 Graphics presets (PC)

What do these settings do? Battlefield 2042 is technically a disaster for many players when it is released . Regardless of whether your PC meets the system requirements . To counteract this as well as possible, we recommend reducing all graphics settings to the minimum. It may not look so great, but it runs more smoothly. This is extremely important for multiplayer, as the FPS can decide whether you or your opponent will die.

The only exception: grid quality. You should set this as high as possible, as it will help you to better recognize opponents from a distance. This is especially important with the gigantic maps in the game.


  • Graphics quality: Personalized
  • Texture Quality: Low
  • Texture Filtering: Low
  • Light quality: low
  • Effect quality: Low
  • Post processing quality: Low
  • Grid quality: Ultra
  • Terrain Quality: Low
  • Scrub quality: Low
  • Anti-Aliasing-Postprocessing: TAA Niedrig
  • Ambient view: Off

1.2. Advanced graphics settings (PC)

What do these settings do? These settings can provide a smoother gaming experience, but are not available to every gamer. If you have a newer graphics card from Nvidia, DLSS and Reflex Low Latency are available, which we recommend. If not, you have to switch to the dynamic resolution scale.

If these settings make your picture look too muddy, you should adjust them. Depending on your own tolerance limit, you can also switch it off.


  • Dynamic resolution scale : On (if no DLSS)
  • Dynamic resolution scale Target frame rate: 100%
  • DLSS: " Ultra-Performance" or "Performance" (if available)
  • Ray tracing environmental occlusion: Off
  • NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency: Enabled + Boost (if available)
  • Future Frame Rendering: Aus
  • Number of high-fidelity objects: Low

2. Cinematic effects 

What do these settings do? There are a couple of artistic effects in the options menu that are meant to make the game look more cinematic. This includes effects such as motion blur, camera shake or film grain.


  • Motion blur: 0
  • Chromatic aberration: Off
  • Film Grain: Off
  • Vignette: Off
  • Lens refraction: Off
  • Camera shake: 50% (in the “General” or “HUD General” menu)
Since we are playing a multiplayer game with Battlefield and are not watching a movie, these effects should be deactivated immediately - as in any game. Also, because Battlefield 2042 does not have a campaign, only your performance counts, not the graphical realism. These effects often make it difficult for you to see. That's why we don't want to activate it under any circumstances.

3. Field of view

What does the setting do? With this setting you enlarge the visible area. These settings are available on next-gen consoles and PCs.

It is generally underestimated how important your field of view (FOV) settings are for your aim. Therefore, you should find a good attitude here. 

The following applies:  

The smaller the field of view, the faster the own rotation speed works.
  • With smaller fields of view, the movements of your own character appear slower.
  • The smaller the field of view, the larger enemies appear on the screen. This can help with aiming.
  • With smaller fields of view, your opponent is more likely to miss.
The larger the field of view, the slower the own rotation speed appears.
  • With larger fields of view, the game also appears noticeably faster. In particular, the perceived pace of the game of one's own figure is significantly higher.
  • The larger the field of view, the smaller enemies are on the screen, which can make aiming difficult
  • Larger fields of view give you a better overview of what is happening in the game, which can be especially important in close combat. 

3.1. Field of view on foot and in the vehicle


  • Field of view: 58, 70, 78 or 89
  • Vehicle third-person field of view: 50, 58, 70 or 78 

Why are these numbers different from Call of Duty: Warzone? Battlefield 2042 measures the field of view in the vertical, using completely different numbers than, for example, Call of Duty or Overwatch. These games measure the field of view horizontally. 

The recommended values ​​are rounded up and correspond to the following field of view values ​​when measured horizontally:

  • 58 in Battlefield ≈ 90 in Call of Duty
  • 70 in Battlefield ≈ 103 in Call of Duty
  • 78  in Battlefield ≈ 110 in Call of Duty
  • 89 in Battlefield ≈ 120 in Call of Duty
Why are the values ​​different for vehicles? The values ​​apply to third-person and therefore have a different range of values ​​from which to choose. For example, 89 is not available. Select the same value here as for the normal field of view, if it is available.

Fortnite fans should also try the value 50. That corresponds roughly to the field of view from Epic's third-person shooter. 

3.2. ADS field of view


  • ADS field of view: Off (console), On (PC) 
We recommend switching this setting off on consoles and activating it on the PC. If this setting is deactivated, the zoom effect is greater - this is particularly helpful when you are gaming on the couch.

Since PC gamers generally sit closer to the screen than console gamers, they do not need the large zoom effect. Larger zooms make aiming more difficult because the recoil is greater. Adjusting the hand movements between the zoom levels is also more difficult, especially with a mouse.

3.3. Minikarte


  • Mini-map visibility - On foot: 80-200

A higher minimap view range helps every soldier, but especially snipers, to be surprised by enemies less often.

4. Sound settings

What are the settings doing? Battlefield 2042 offers a small selection of audio settings, but these are very important for your gameplay.


  • Music volume : 0% or 25%
  • Audio mix: 3D headphones 
In the audio options of Battlefield 2042, it is important to turn down the volume of the music. Otherwise the music could cover up important audio information. 

We recommend 3D headphones as an audio mix, as this works with all stereo headphones and makes it much clearer which direction the noises are coming from.

5. Control (PC and console)

What do these settings do? These options will help you aim better at your enemies and move you more smoothly through the map. These settings apply to the controller as well as to the mouse & keyboard.


  • Uniform aiming (Soldier: In): One
  • Coefficient: 0, 133 or 178
Depending on your preference for weapons and how you play, a lower or higher setting can greatly improve your gameplay. Try out a lot here, preferably with one setting for at least an entire game. 

  • 0: This means that the perceived difference in sensitivities is lowest for small aim movements. This is particularly helpful with tracking aim, i.e. with fully automatic continuous fire. However, this setting has disadvantages against enemies who suddenly appear at the edge of the screen.
  • 133: This setting is a good all-round value and is suitable for both tracking and quick reaction shots with semi-automatic weapons and snipers.
  • 178:  This setting is very popular with snipers and others who want to shoot distant heads quickly in response. For machine gun fans, however, this could be too difficult to control.
For PC gamers:

  • Raw input (mouse): On (under Mouse & Keyboard - Global)
This setting is important because it ignores your Windows mouse settings. In any case, this will prevent you from having poor mouse acceleration in Battlefield 2042.

  • Nose up: Spacebar (Under Key Assignment - Pilot: In)
It is difficult to turn the jet with the mouse. The space bar can help out here, as it makes turning maneuvers evenly. But don't forget to remove the space bar from “Shoot”.

It is important to emphasize that all settings are also a matter of taste. Depending on your goals, preferences, strengths and weaknesses, one setting helps you more than another. This also applies to the weapons - sometimes your own favorite weapon is just not in the meta.

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