Age of Empires 4 Increase population limit & peoples with bonuses

 In Age of Empires 4, the population limit plays an extremely important role. After all, it determines how many villagers you can train and how many warriors you can recruit. In this guide, we'll tell you how to raise the population limit, what the maximum population is and which peoples can grow faster through buildings or technologies.

Age of Empires 4 Increase population limit & peoples with bonuses

Maximum population limit

In Age of Empires 4, the maximum population limit is 200 . Every villager, every infantryman, every cavalryman and every siege weapon takes one population point. There are no units that cost you two or more population points. In addition, the population limit does not vary with a larger or smaller number of players.

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Example: Whether you play a "1 vs. 1" game or a "4 vs. 4" game does not change the population limit of your people. So every player is always able to train 200 units. In a "4 vs. 4" battle, there can be a maximum of 1,600 units in play. 

Raise the population limit

At the start of a game you only have one village center and thus have a provisional population limit of 10. Each people can raise this limit by building houses or village centers. Each house or village center built increases the number of units that you can train by a further 10 points.  

'If you have built 19 houses, the maximum population limit of 200 has been reached . Each additional house that you build only fulfills an indirect function. For example, if you build 20 houses, one of them could be destroyed without losing the population.

Races with population limit bonuses

There are a few races in Age of Empires 4 who can use different technologies or buildings to raise the population limit by more than 10 points or who do not have to build houses / village centers at all to raise the population maximum. In the following we list the peoples with those particularities:

  • Chinese: In the second age, the Chinese can build the village, which increases the population maximum by 40.
  • Mongols: The Mongols do not need any houses at all to increase the population limit. Instead, they start immediately with the maximum population limit of 200.
  • Delhi Sultanate: If you choose "The House of Learning" as the landmark of the third age, you can research the technology "Reinforced Foundations", with which houses and village centers grant an additional +5 population maximum. Each house or village center increases the population limit by +15 - this also applies to houses and village centers that have already been built. 

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