All Red Dead Redemption 2 cheats for PS4 and Xbox One

All Red Dead Redemption 2 cheats for PS4 and Xbox One

 Here you will find all the cheats and codes that exist on the internet for Red Dead Redemption 2. Keys to get weapons, health, horses...

Update : We have CHECKED our cheats WORK and ADDED NEW TRICKS.

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On this page you will find all the cheats and keys for Red Dead Redemption 2 that you can use on both PS4 and Xbox One . As in previous Rockstar games, Red Dead Redemption 2 , also known as RDR2 or Red Dead 2 , has a cheat system , where you can enter a series of codes to unlock some aids or advantages . Keep in mind that these "traps" are temporary, since you cannot save the game while they are active, or get achievements or trophies. These cheats are exactly the same and work the same on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

List of cheats and keys for Red Dead Redemption 2

How to activate the cheats?


  • To enter these tricks you have to go to the Pause menu , Settings section , and access the tricks menu .
  • In this same menu, we will display the keyboard, and we will have to write a code to unlock the different tricks.
  • Be careful, it is very important to know that for some of these tricks to work you need to have bought a series of newspapers , which you will unlock by completing various points in the story and you will be able to acquire in the cities. We can see the newsboy icon on the map.
  • Once we have used a code, they will already be available in the list of the cheat menu , and we will not have to enter the code again.

Below we will show you the list with all the tricks , their advantages and bonuses and the requirements to be able to use them , since if you do not comply with them, they may not work.

Remember that the combination of upper and lower case does not matter so you can enter them however you want.

MONEY Cheats (New)

Trick Code Requirements
Add $ 500: You will receive $ 500 each time you activate this cheat. Greed is now a virtue None

Weapon Cheats

Trick Code Requirements
Infinite Ammo: You get unlimited ammo and bullets Abundance is the dullest desire Newspaper: it is bought in in Chapter 2 , after completing the mission: "To the East".
Basic : Basic weapons weapons are added to inventory A simple life, a beautiful death None.
Heavy Weapons - You get Pump-Action Shotgun, Bolt Rifle, Mauser Pistol, and Semi-Automatic Pistol. Greed is American Virtue Newspaper: purchased in Chapter 3 , after completing "Wizard Hunt".
Silent Weapons: You get the stealth weapons (machete, throwing knives, tomahawk). Death is silence None.
Gunslinger Weapons: You get a double-barreled shotgun and the double-action revolver. History is written by fools None.

Health, Stamina and Skill Cheats (New Added)

Trick Code Requirement
Increase Health, Stamina, and Dead Eye : It will Bars increase the level of all your bars. Seek all the bounty of this place None.
Infinite Stamina - You get unlimited stamina for yourself and your horse The Lucky be strong evermore Newspaper: purchased in Chapter 5 , after the mission: "Dear Uncle Tacitus".
Max Health, Stamina, and Dead Eye - Completely fill all bars You flourish before you die None.
Fortify Health, Stamina and Dead Eye: Restore and fortify all bars You Seek More Than The World Offers Newspaper: purchased in Chapter 6 , after the mission: "The King's Son."
Dead Eye Level 1: Set Dead Eye Level to 1. Guide me better None.
Dead Eye Level 2: Set Dead Eye Level to 2. Make me better None.
Dead Eye level 3: You raise Dead Eye's ability to level 3. I shall be better None.
Dead Eye level 4: You raise Dead Eye's ability to level 4. I still seek more None.
Dead Eye level 5: You raise Dead Eye's ability to level 5. I seek and I find None.
Unlimited Dead Eye: Dead Eye is not depleted. Be greedy only for foresight None.

Horse Tricks

Trick Code Requirement
Increase range of whistle: You can call your horse no matter how far away you are. Better than my dog None.
Carriage: Makes a buggy appear. Keep your dreams light None.
Horse-drawn carriage: Spawns a caravan. Keep your dreams simple None.
Racehorse - Spawn a racehorse Run! Run! Run! None.
Warhorse: Spawns a warhorse You are a beast built for war Newspaper: purchased by completing Epilogue 1 , after the mission: "The Wheel."
Circus Cart: Spawns a circus cart Would you be happier as a clown? Newspaper: purchased by completing Epilogue 1 , after the quest: "The Landlord Classes"
Best Horse: Generate a white Arabian horse (one of the best horses ) You want more than you have None.
Spawn Random Horse: A random horse will appear. You want something new None.
Increase bond with horses: Increase the bond with all the horses you have My kingdom is a horse None.
Make stagecoach appear: When activating the cheat, a stagecoach will appear. The best of the old ways None. 

Honor Cheats and Quest Levels

Trick Code Requirement
Increase honor: Increase the honor rating. Virtue Unearned is not virtue Newspaper: bought in Chapter 4 , after completing the mission: "Urban Pleasures".
Reduce Honor: Honor will be reduced to the maximum. You revel un your disgrace, I see None.
Reset Honor: Honor is reset to a neutral point Balance. All Is Balance None.
Increase the search level: Increase the wanted level. You want punishment None.
Reduce the Search level: the wanted level is reduced You Want Freedom None.
Remove all bounties and confinement zones - stops law enforcement from looking for you. You want everyone to go away None.

Various tricks (outfits, effects, camping ...)

Trick Code Requirement
Getting : drunk The character acts like he's drunk. A fool on command None.
You get all the suits and outfits Vanity. All is Vanity None.
Reveal map: Reveal the entire map before discovering it You long for sight and see nothing Newspaper: purchased in Chapter 4 , after completing the quest: "The Pleasures of Civilization."
Learn all the recipes: You will have all the creation recipes. Eat of Knowledge None.
Gain all camp upgrades from the account book and increase maximum supply levels. Share None. 

Tricks to get a lot of money and gold in Red Dead Online

When you get to play Red Dead Online you will discover that you need an indecent amount of gold and dollars if you want to get the best weapons and clothes, food, etc. Although online they give you much less money for everything and the objects are much more expensive, there is a way to get a lot of money and gold quickly

Here you will find the best way to get money and gold very fast in Red Dead Online when you start playing.

Trick to get infinite gold bars in Red Dead Redemption 2

Luckily in Red Dead Redemption 2, there is already a trick as such to earn money , however from this section we have compiled what are the best methods and tips to earn money in the game in a totally legal way. However, there is also a small "glitch" that you can also use if you wish to obtain unlimited gold bars , but beware! this trap can be patched at any time and become ineffective.

Trick to get any horse for free

There are several ways to get horses in Red Dead Redemption 2 . You can tame them if you find them in the bush or in the mountains, although it can be tricky. You can also buy them , ready to be assembled. But what if we tell you that you can get any breed of horse, not wild, and completely free with a trick ?

The system itself is quite simple and does not take advantage of glitches, exploits or bugs of any kind . It just happens that there is a point in the game where all appear at random horse breeds , including those that only appear in the Epilogue .

First of all, as we have already indicated: the system works completely randomly . Any kind of horse can come out, so it can take five minutes or five hours to get the horse you are looking for, that depends entirely on your luck.

Ready? You must go during the day (at night it gives enough problems to function) to this place in Saint Denis

Trick to get any horse for free

Right at that point there will be (if not, stay away, sleep until noon and come back) a horse. If you do not know, it is most possible that it does not attract your attention, but that horse can be of any breed . Now we go with the operation of the trick:

  • As long as it is daylight and the horse has appeared , if you are not convinced you can respawn.
  • Save the game, load and get closer to the point where the horse was.
  • As long as it is still daylight , there will be a horse of a different breed .
  • The horse can even be a Mustang, a breed that only appears in the Epilogue .
  • The horse can also be a black or white Arabian , two of the best horses in the game.

Obviously, as soon as you have the one you are looking for, don't forget to go to the Stable to saddle it up and make it officially "yours" , or you will soon lose it.

Remember that this is still a random system and if you prefer, there are safe systems to get the best horses that could take less time.

Find Easter eggs, secrets and more curiosities 

Find Easter eggs, secrets and more curiosities

Like other games from the company, Red Dead Redemption 2 not only boasts an extensive list of tricks, but also in the Rockstar Game we can also find a multitude of Easter Eggs and other secrets, where you can witness many curious and strange places as a UFO , locate and speak to a Big Foot , or even find a Vampire, a werewolf, and a zombie

Trick to get unlimited large skins

Note: This glitch can be patched at any time and stop working.

Getting good hides can be a daunting task, especially if it is perfect hides , and these are necessary to create different equipment on the trapper .

There is a trick or glitch to be able to duplicate the large skins that you get, and it is quite simple to perform, and it can be used in an unlimited way. With large skins we refer to those of animals such as alligators, bears, bison, bulls, elk, elk, oxen or cows , those that are so large that the character rolls them creating a bundle, which must be mounted on the back of the horse .

To be able to do this trick there are two requirements: to have at least two horses owned , and to have unlocked the horse mooring in the camp. Make sure that in addition to your main horse you have at least a second stall in one of the stables, either because you have bought it, stolen it or caught it wild. The mooring can be unlocked in the camp account book for a small fee. Once you meet these two requirements, follow these steps:

  • With a large hide on the horse, go to the mooring of the camp , which is indicated on the map with an icon of three tables, two vertical and one horizontal.
  • Once you arrive, approach and without tying the horse, simply leaving it close, get off and activate the mooring, pressing up on the crosshead.
  • Now call a second horse. After a black fade it will have appeared, and we will see the skin that our first horse had floating in the air.
  • As you will see, just get close to the skin and touch it with your body so that it falls to the ground.
  • If we now call the first horse through the berth again, it will still appear with its skin tied on its back.
  • If we call another horse again, this skin will float in the air again, and we will already have two.
  • We call the first horse again, and it will appear again with the skin, and if we call a second horse it will remain floating (we already have three), and so on, something that we can repeat several as we have verified.

In this way a large skin that has been difficult for us to achieve, especially if it is perfect, we can duplicate it successively , and in just one minute have 5 or 6 of the same type. 

Secret weapons for playing GTA online.

The following are not tricks themselves, however we can obtain special and exclusive weapons for completing certain objectives in the online mode of GTA 5, these are:

  • Stone Ax: It can be obtained thanks to the "After Hours" update. Can be obtained from a treasure hunt mission. If we complete this mission we will also have this weapon in the game.
  • Double Action Revolver: Can be obtained from the Doomsday Heist update. Can be obtained from a treasure hunt mission. If we complete this mission we will also have this weapon in the game

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