All Ruined King Legendary Weapons - How to Get Them


All Ruined King Legendary Weapons - How to Get Them

The vast majority of equipment that you will get in Ruined King has 3 types of rarity, although there are legendary weapons that can be obtained when you are close to passing the game. These weapons are tremendously powerful, although the requirements to get hold of them are no small feat.

There is a legendary weapon for each character, although each one of them will ask you to collect a series of objects hidden throughout the game map. If you want to know what the weapons are, the requirements and where to find all the necessary components for their creation, you have come to the right place.

Legendary weapons in Ruined King: how to get them

Here is the complete list of weapons , which character they belong to and the components you will need:






Essence of the serpent, an object trapped in the past, a relic that protects life.



Figure of the benevolent goddess of the wind, a mustache of the fury of the wind, maple seeds.



Huge Charged Crystal, Burningblood Volcanic Gate, Braum's Freljordian Shield.


Sarah Fortune

Designs assembling a custom trigger, gunpowder worthy of Abigale's craftsmanship, volcanic gun barrels.



Serrated dagger of the Order of the Shadow, inexhaustible source of shadow power, Caulfield's Warhammer.



Symbol of the icy fox, igneous fox, night fox.


For the Heart of the goddess you will have to get the snake in the Temple of Purification (it is an extra puzzle in the room of the beams of light), the object trapped in the past in the cemetery of the Isles of Shadows ( in a chest) and the relic that protects life in one of the cells of Thresh's dungeon.

We know the location of two of the Assault Razor items : the Windfury Mustache is obtained from a side quest that gives you an Ionian in the Baron's Rest Tavern, and the Maple seeds are on Dracogalerna Island. .

We also know the location of one of the three elements of Ornn's Will : the huge Charged Crystal is in the Halls of the Vesani, in the only pore hole there is. The only item in Abigale's Legacy that we know of is gunpowder, which is in Thresh's own forge (read all the books).

For the Duskblade of Draktharr, we know two of the three elements: Shadow power will be given to you by the optional helmetbreaker boss, while Caulfield's Warhammer can be obtained by exchanging it for Black Marks in the Bilgewater Harbor shop.

Finally, for the Orb of Oblivion we also have located two of its three elements: the icy fox symbol is in the Chambers of the Vesani, in the optional light puzzle (the answer is by killing one of the golems in the room left), while the Night Fox is the reward for killing Cruzavelos.

We will update the article as we discover the location of the other components.

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