Among Us: How to link accounts between platforms?

 Do you want to link your Among Us account between different platforms to keep all your progress saved? Here we tell you how to do it easily by following a few steps.

Among Us: How to link accounts between platforms?

As of the new update 'Role & Cosmicube', the video game Among Us already allows us to link our accounts between different platforms to be able to enjoy all the progress we make if we decide to play the title on another device.

In this way, if you link your account, you will keep your progression of unlocked cosmetics, levels achieved, accumulated resources, achievements obtained and more. In case you have doubts or are not clear, in this entry of our guide we are going to tell you the steps you must follow in order to link your Among Us accounts.

How to link Among Us accounts?

In order to link your Among Us accounts between different platforms, the first thing of all is to have a user account created . If you have been playing with a guest account, you should know that this is not valid to do so. Therefore, the first step is to create an account, something that the game itself will invite you to do when you launch it .

Assuming you already have an account created, make sure to log into it. Now what you must do to be able to link it with another account on a different platform is the following:

  • Open the game on the platform where you want to link your main account.
  • From the main menu of the title, click on the button on the left of the screen, where it says "Account" .
  • The drop-down will open with your user account information .

  • Now click on the "Link account" option .
  • A message will appear saying "Please confirm linking to an existing account" .
  • Click on "Continue" .
  • A sign will appear where it says "Link an existing account" .
  • Choose the "Link account" option .
  • At that moment a code will appear on the screen and a URL address.
  • You have to go to this official InnerSloth account website and enter the code that appears in the game.
  • After entering the code correctly, if everything has gone well, both accounts will be linked and you can share all the progress between them, regardless of the platform you play on.
Before linking an account over an existing one, make sure you link the correct account . It will overwrite all information from the primary account on the other platform (ie all objects that have unlocked, the EXP gained and beans, capsules and stars have).

Currently, at least at the launch of this feature, keep in mind that account linking is allowed for the vast majority of Among Us platforms , except in the case of stars purchased on Nintendo Switch . If you buy stars on this platform you should know that they can only be used in that system (although the company has promised that they are working so that in the future they can be shared without problems).

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