APEX Legends: best areas to land at End of the World


APEX Legends: best areas to land at End of the World

The apocalypse progresses further and further on one of the maps APEX Legends , better known as the End of the World. This place is full of new obstacles and places interesting where many of your skills as a warrior are put to the test. For example, knowing where and how to fall in the right areas to have the best chance of survival.

Loots and the number of people in the place you fall can make the difference between winning or losing. In our complete guide to APEX Legends we are going to show you all the points of interest that you should take into account to land, as this ensures good resources and kills that will help you advance throughout the games. 

Best areas of the End of the World in APEX Legends

End of the World Map in APEX Legends

There are several places where you can land and find useful things, but at the End of the World you must make sure you always have the best, as the battles that rage on the map are frantic and unpredictable. In the following list we are going to leave you the best options.

The epicenter

The Epicenter is the largest point of interest of all on the map, and therefore, the one that receives the most players at the beginning of the games. If you want to get a lot of kills and good loots, this is an excellent choice as there are up to 24 supply containers full of high-level weapons, accessories and armor. It is also considered a good area for snipers.


It is a site full of high-rise buildings, a mini city surrounded by mountains with an extensive shooting range. The Tower is popular for its zip-line maneuvers, cover areas, and the 26 supply containers that hold high-quality loot. In fact, this is a place where you can stay throughout the game with your team without problems, since you only have to cover the South side to avoid serious conflicts.

Classification Factory

It has 45 supply containers distributed in various establishments. There are usually a medium number of players here, and it is perfect for making strategic moves of various kinds, such as riding the train or using the jump tower to escape enemies or the infected area.

The tree

Although it is a small area with only 11 supply containers, it is worth landing here to acquire good resources. Besides that, here you can start the game calm, since not many people fall and you have several tactical points that you can use to your advantage to cover, hide or attack opponents by surprise, either at close or medium distance.

Train Base

Surrounded by Mirage Voyage, Lava Fissure and Perforation, covered by mountains to the west and south. It has small buildings that hold a total of 24 supply containers , and allow for good close combat. It is advisable to have weapons with a high rate of fire and damage.

Other areas that you can consider are the Viewpoint, Geyser, Lava City, Dome, Collector and Thermal Station , these have various supplies that you will be grateful for. In order for you to function well in a game, you have to fall into one of the recommended places and constantly advance through one of these so that you continue to improve your equipment and thus be ready when facing the last enemies on the map. 

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