APEX Legends: best areas to land in Olympus


APEX Legends: best areas to land in Olympus

One of the most important things when starting a game in APEX Legends is knowing very well how and where to fall . In each map there are different sites that are defined mainly by the number of people who land on them and the type of loots that can be found.

Here many players fail, as they land in places that are possibly not the best option to progress and survive the first few minutes of the game. However, all this depends on the user experience, since all known locations have their advantages and disadvantages, and this you have to know how to use it to your advantage. 

Best Olympus Zones in APEX Legends

APEX Legends Map Olympus
APEX Legends Map Olympus 

 Olympus is the third map in APEX Legends, known primarily for being a flying city positioned on the planet Psamathe . Here are different types of places full of establishments where the fighting of the warriors can be unleashed. In this case, it is good to land in places that, in addition to giving a good loot, are also good at visualizing enemies, since the map is small and it is easy to find other players.


It is a peculiar option that comes in handy if you are starting or want to avoid conflicts at the beginning of the game. Very few people take it into account, but it is actually an excellent place to land, especially because of the areas where you can be covered and the type of loot you can buy . The ideal is to land here, find what is necessary and advance to more populated places. This will allow you to create tactics when entering areas where there are many players.

The Icarus

It is a type of event that was added in one of the APEX Legends seasons, a place where everyone tries to search for weapons, accessories and high-level armor to reach the end of the game without problems. An excellent point to test your skills as a sniper and the use of rifles at medium range. In fact, something that catches the attention of Icarus is that here you can acquire access cards to unlock high-quality loot.


The Breach is one of the largest points of interest, good for fighting at various distances. The place is divided into 3 parts full of medium and high quality loot, with obstacles and open spaces. In Rift you have to act quickly to survive, as many players will be roaming the area looking for the same thing as you.

Bonsai Plaza

It is a recommended location mainly for advanced players. Here you can find a good loot like Mastiff or R-99, high quality accessories and armor . However, everything has a price, and it is considered as a battle zone because it is very good to carry out close combat. A large part of the players falls in this area and you must act quickly to avoid being eliminated. One recommendation is to start at Reverie Lounge and gradually move towards the other sites in Bonsai Plaza.

Other locations like Orbital Cannon Test Site, Docks, and Power Warehouse are good choices, but mostly for doing kills by positioning yourself somewhere or devising strategies that disrupt enemy plans. 

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