APEX Legends: best areas to land in Canyon of the Kings


APEX Legends: best areas to land in Canyon of the Kings

Like the End of the World areas, in Canyon of the Kings you can also find very useful locations to start the games of APEX Legends . It's a long map and there are many players fighting for victory at all costs, so it's always good to know where to look for the best weapons in the game to have the edge in battle.

Choosing where you are going to land is very important, especially if you want to progress in your development as a player. The localities define how long you could survive in the first 15 minutes of the game , here things like the equipment you have, the number of people you are fighting and your tactics come into play.

Best areas to land in the Canyon of the Kings

The Canyon of Kings is the main world of APEX Legends, and it has many interesting areas where great battles can take place. In the following list you can find the best areas to land and develop as a player to survive.


It is a fairly closed site due to the mountains, a large military base that has several buildings and ample space in which close combat can be carried out. When landing here you have to be very careful, since there are not many exits through which you can escape and take cover from the enemies . There are good loots, but you have to be vigilant and on the offensive.


Despite being small, it is one of the locations where you can acquire many high-quality resources. However, being a closed building without many obstacles, it becomes dangerous if there are many enemies nearby. When you get to this place make sure to act fast looking for a team and a good position where you can defend yourself.

Air base

A clear area of ​​mountains and perfect for expert snipers, here players can do long-range tactics and find excellent containers for upper and middle class supplies . The great thing about this point is that there are obstacles that you can take cover with and use to your advantage to take advantage of the confrontations. It is a good choice to land with your team, especially if they want to do a lot of kills.


Unlike the others, this one draws attention because it has an underground passageway. If you take care of knowing it very well, it may become your favorite place , one in which you will be able to create surprise strategies against the enemies that pass through it. On the other hand, you would take advantage of all the high-quality loots out there in the area.


If you want to start off in a slightly quieter way, the Pantano is one of those underrated places that you should take advantage of. In this location you can search the houses to find amazing loot. In addition, it stands out for its variety of things with which you can maneuver, such as water, zip lines and stopover areas .

Each of these locations has its pros and cons, so try landing in each of them and analyze your entire environment to learn new combat tactics . 

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