Apex Legends: first steps and tips


Apex Legends: first steps and tips

It seems that Apex Legends unlike other Battle Royale has come to stay. Respawn Entertainment's game has surpassed 25 million players in its first week. But far from celebrating it, the developers already are working on new content . The first season will begin in March.

If you are thinking of trying the game or you have already tried it but you are lost, we invite you to continue reading. Today we will see the first steps , so you will have a clearer way of how to start in Apex Legends

First steps and tips

As in other Battle Royale, in Apex Legends we start on a large island and we have to be the only ones left standing. Well, in this case, our team. And is that for now in the Respawn Entertainment game we can only play in teams of three players .

Apex Legends: first steps and tips

When it comes to jumping, his thing is to be clear in which zone to fall , his thing is to choose a place far from the safe zone, with a bit of luck our team will be alone. When the platoon leader decides to jump, so automatically does the rest of the team. In addition, the same leader controls the squad in the fall, so they all fall in the same place. By the way, when starting a game we don't have any armor or weapons, so the first thing to do is look for armor, weapons and ammunition.

Apex Legends: first steps and tips

Apex Legends is designed for team play, so don't stray from your teammates . 60 players participate in each game and being a lone wolf is not a good idea. It is also very important to have a balanced team. The most advisable thing is to have on the team a character that can heal, another that does a lot of damage and finally another that can endure a lot.

Apex Legends: first steps and tips

As you play, you will receive experience (XP). The amount of experience you earn depends on your contribution to the game. Every certain amount of XP you will level up . When you level up you receive an Apex pack. In the Apex packs there are cosmetic objects, do not expect to find improvements for your character that mean playing with an advantage.

In Apex Legends there are three types of currencies , they are the following:

  • Manufacturing parts . You get these pieces in Apex packs and are used to create skins.

  • Legend coins . You get legend coins by completing games. They are used to buy characters.

  • Apex Coins . The only way to get Apex Coins is in exchange for real money. With these coins you can buy Apex packs, characters, skins and poses.

Finally, if you want to customize your characters and weapons , you just have to access the tab Legends , it is in the game menu. In this tab you can also see the aspects and poses that you are unlocking. 

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