Assassin in Lost Ark: tips and best builds

 This is what you should know about the Assassin in Lost Ark, its advanced classes and the best builds to be able to use it effectively. Become a legend with a little help.

The Murderer of Lost Ark is one of the 7 classes in the game, and functions as rogue or rascal . Here we show you how the Assassin and its advanced classes work: Deathblade and Shadowhunter, as well as the best builds for this class.

Assassin: description and statistics

The Murderer of Lost Ark is a character who has only class 1 : functions as rogue, the rogue from other MMORPG, launching quick attacks with two swords and, in appropriate circumstances, can do enough damage area. It is a simple character to use , ideal for your first game and with enough potential to be extremely dangerous. 

Assassin: description and statistics

These are the advanced classes of the Assassin in Lost Ark , the characteristics of each of them and the best builds :


The Advanced Deathblades class is a class focused on doing high damage with speed, but with great mobility . The problem is that it does not have many life points , so it is a difficult game style to master. You have to always take into account the skills you are using, the ones you want to chain and how you are going to get out of the mess. 

  • Attack Power: 3/6.
  • Mobility: 6/6.
  • Range: 1/6.
  • Support: 1/6.
  • Defense: 2/6.


The Advanced Shadowhunter class is a rogue capable of medium-range and melee damage with high speed. This makes these characters perfect for clearing out masses of mobs instantly. A good flurry of blows can rack up a lot of damage, and they can also transform into a giant demon temporarily , which can wreak havoc in large groups or leave stronger foes to drag. This is one of the best classes in the game , especially when it comes to getting to know Lost Ark

  • Attack Power: 3/6.
  • Mobility: 3/6.
  • Range: 3/6.
  • Support: 0/6.
  • Defense: 2/6.

Best builds for the Assassin

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