ATOM RPG Trudograd walkthrough and guide

 Detailed walkthrough of the plot and side tasks of Trudograd, the location of all secrets, tips for leveling your character and helpful tips for beginners

ATOM RPG Trudograd walkthrough and guide

Trudograd is a continuation of the excellent ATOM RPG , which is most easily described by the phrase "Russian Fallout". In this detailed guide, you will find a complete walkthrough of the game.


Choose the main character and make any settings. You can change the characteristics and skills of the character as you like. Or you can leave everything as default. After the introductory video, the game will allow you to choose what happened in Krasnoznamenny, how are you on Peregon, what happened to Dan's gang , and who did you travel with in the original game. And then the main character will wake up from a nightmare. You will receive the achievement "City Lights".

Click on the button in the lower left corner of the screen to answer the headquarters call by radio. You will be able to find out about the current goals. Click on K to open the PDA. There are several tabs at the bottom of the screen, including the quest log.


  • Location : Rusty Quarter
First of all, pick up the duffel bag standing against the wall to the right. Then open the inventory with the I key and place the duffel bag and steel bib in the slots. Then grab a snack to satisfy your hunger. Eat canned food and one biscuit. Then go to the door. It is locked with a key, and the key is in the closet. Interact with him. The closet will have to be broken open. To do this, hold down the LMB on the cabinet so that a menu appears from which you can select the "Hack" action. No pry bar, lockpick or other tools are needed to break. It can be successful depending on what skills you have. That is, if something cannot be hacked, you can continue to repeat this action until your character succeeds. Inside the cabinet there is not only a key, but also a weapon with ammunition. Take everything. Open your inventory and right-click on the document to read the information about the Chigir star. In the same inventory, move the door key to one of the two hand slots. To change hands, click on the button to the left of the icon at the bottom of the screen, in the center, where the current hand with the object is shown. When you select the hand with the key, then click on the door to go outside.

Explore each room and look into different cabinets and cabinets for many useful items. Among other things, there is a rope in the room to the left. Also chat with everyone. Ask different questions, thanks to which you will receive additional experience points.

You can go outside and look around. There are tents on the left behind the inn. There you can find an old man who asks to repair the radio. Agree. However, this action will not be activated as a separate quest. You can try your luck or pass the "Technology" check. If successful, the radio will be repaired without spare parts. Otherwise, you need a handful of scrap metal and a wire. Not so rare things! There is a market in the same location, and one of the sellers sells spare parts.

At the exit from the city, there are minefields on the right and left along the walls. Go to the right, slowly, bypassing the red dots. This will get you to a pile of rubbish, where useful loot lies.

The secret . Finally, you can buy stalker Igor's knife from a trader in the market. There is a combination lock on its handle. Buy this item. Then, when you find yourself in the Rusty Quarter location, buy Igor's book from the woman who is standing next to the chimney sweep and the barrel on the corner of the building in front. It costs 300 rubles. Examine it in the inventory and try to pass the check with different skills. If you pass the check, you will be able to open the book, which contains a note with the code 6507 (possibly generated randomly). Examine stalker Igor's knife and enter this code. You will receive a valuable necklace 

When you have studied every corner, deal with all the available tasks (optional), then go from the tavern to the left, to the exit with the soldier. Walk past him and discover a green area. From here you can get to the Rusty Quarter (Mikhalycha's Tavern and Kolotushkin Street are still closed until you reach them through special exits in the Rusty Quarter).

After arriving in the Rusty Quarter, be sure to complete the "Unwanted Neighborhood" side quest (see below). After completing it, you will be able to solicit information about the plant from the supplier. He will say that you need to get to the "Seventh Heaven", but the way there is open only to police officers. And then there are two options for solving the problem: really join the ranks of the police or visit Mikhalych's tavern and try to get a fake ID from him. Go to Mikhalych's tavern and talk to the owner. Unfortunately, he will not enter into dialogue and will refuse to talk about documents. But a man in a white coat sits next to him. As soon as you leave the restaurant, he will run after you and offer help. He is ready to make a certificate, but in return you will have to provide several services to the revolutionaries. Agree.

Note. At the time of this writing, the police station was empty. As stated by the developers themselves, this is due to the lack of content that will be added later. You will not be able to get a certificate from the revolutionaries, because of the three tasks, one cannot yet be completed (“Villainous Brothers”).

Professor Goryachev

  • Location : Kolotushkin Street

When you find yourself at this location, then go to the house number 9, where Goryachev lived. You are interested in the right entrance. Enter the apartment on the right to meet Geskogen, one of your companions in the original game. Talk to him on all topics and find out that Professor Goryachev sold the apartment. Plus, you can partner with Gescogen! Be sure to agree. Exit the building to meet a stranger. He will introduce himself as Pencil. Listen to his proposal and agree. Say you will find a driver or bugbear. Complete the task "Combs, feathers, three trunks", after which this quest will end, but a new storyline will begin - "The Elusive Goryachev". 

Suburb of Trudograd

Sins of the past

  • Location : Kolotushkin Street

In the hotel where your character is staying, in one of the rooms there is a pimp Dandelion and two of his workers. Talk to him and ask about work. He will tell about Valera, who owed him 700 rubles. The deadline was over, no one returned the money. The first place where you should start looking for Valera is his house. You need to visit Kolotushkina street and enter the house number 9.

When you find yourself on the spot, go into the house and talk to Valera's wife, in one of the apartments. She will tell about his friends. One of them is an apple merchant from Rusty Quarter. Go there and talk to him on all topics. He will point to a prostitute Camomile from the suburbs of Trudograd. Follow there and talk to the woman. If you cannot convince her with skills, you will have to pay 100 rubles for the information. Now go to the Mikhalych tavern. There is a residential building opposite the inn. Go to the right entrance and see Stepan and Valera in the room. They are tied up and surrounded by bandits. I had a bug here. Perhaps it is connected with the fact that I talked to Stepan before communicating with Romashka. Except for Stepan, no one in this room wants to talk.

When replaying the game, I first talked to the apple merchant, then to Camomile, and only after that I visited Stepan. In this case, when you enter the room, a cut-scene is triggered. You will need to talk to people. They accuse Valera and Stephen of destroying an entire village. It happened a long time ago, and then they were all children. You can let them be executed, or you can intervene. If you intervene right away, then it will be possible to complete the quest in peace without any checks. To do this, tell them that they should not do this (a phrase associated with God). Then say the name of Sister Marusya and the name of the village head Matveich. In this case, the guy will listen to you, and Valera and Stepan will survive.

Then you can talk to Stepan, but he has nothing as a reward. At the same time, head to Kolotushkina Street and chat with Valera and his wife. When passing various checks, you can get 300 rubles and coffee from your wife, and from Valera - 450 rubles, pre-war vodka and 3 gingerbread.

Four Grandmasters

In the hotel where you are staying, an aged man is sitting at one of the tables. Chat with him and study the game Bombagan. The rules are simple. Just follow all the prompts to find out how to act in certain situations. Finish the game, then end the game and continue the conversation. You will learn about the four Grandmasters. Your task in this quest is to defeat everyone. But at the same time, no one knows where to look for them.

Now you need to find all four grandmasters:

Visit the village of Discord and look into the house located in the upper left of the location. There will be a young woman.

Visit the Second Tier and in the upper left corner of the territory, look for the next Grandmaster. To do this, you need at least one victory over the others.

There is an arms dealer in Seventh Heaven. He always goes first, requires level 10 luck.

Finally, on the global map, you will meet a gourmet whitewash. This will be a random meeting, he goes first, and you need level 11 luck.

Smoke and mirrors

Go outside, outside the inn, and you will see a man at the table and several people. Chat with a man. You will find out that he is a magician. Watch him perform and then try to move away. But instead, a man in a brown leather jacket will run up to you. Listen to him. He asks to order a number of "Regalia of the Infant" from the magician and try to understand its essence. The number costs 100 rubles, this man will give the same, promising another 100 rubles or more, if you can understand the trick. Moreover, the magician shows this number once to each person. Agree. Interact with the wizard and ask him to show the number. Attempt to pass a Gambling Skill check. If it does not work out, then regardless of subsequent decisions you will not be able to understand the secret of the number. It remains to come up and inform the quest giver about this.

Then you can see how he himself approaches and tries to persuade the magician to share information. Eventually, the magician will disappear into the purple mist.

Harmless request

In the suburb of Trudograd, at the location where you find yourself at the beginning of the game, find a bearded man on the street. He will tell you that he met with a journalist and he forgot his notebook with him. Offer help. You will receive a notebook that you need to deliver to that very reporter. As the peasant says, he was heading to Mikhalych's tavern. When you find yourself in the tavern, talk to the young guy at the table on the right. The quest will complete, but you can take the next quest.


On the streets of the suburb of Trudograd, in the same place where the hotel is located at the beginning of the game, you can meet a soldier with a dog. He will ask for help in training her. Since I chose Vadim, who has a high level of luck, I was able to train the dog by passing three luck tests. Perhaps you will do the same using strength, stamina, or survival. At the end of the training, you can discreetly teach the dog to pull the pin out of the grenade, but in this case, something irreparable can happen. For successful training, the soldier will reward you with 300 rubles. It will give a little more if you pass the survival test.

To train a dog, you will need either high luck or several different skills - strength, agility and survival (at different times). That is, it will not always be possible to resolve all issues by force or, for example, by survival. 


There is a bazaar in the suburbs of Trugograd. Find a double shop where a man is selling in one of them. Chat with him and learn that at night supernatural forces pester his wife. He will ask you to figure it out. This will start the current quest. At night, come to the dugout to Rimma, Demyan's wife. A pigeon figurine hangs above the entrance to the desired dugout. You will catch Zachariah by surprise. Decide what to do with her. If you say that you are ready to arrest a woman, she will disappear. Do not forget to pick up the fallen devil mask from the floor. It costs 400 rubles! Then inform Demian and Rimma about everything (in the morning). Demian will visit Zachariah and beat her. You can lie to him and blame your wife for everything. The reward will be identical, but Demyan will beat his wife. You can even say that you have not seen anything. In this case, there will be no reward. And if you blamed Zachariah, then consider,

Blood revenge

In the suburbs of Trudograd, not far from the market, there is a parking lot with a truck. There is a guard at the entrance who is talking with some man. Listen to them. The man will offer to continue the conversation at the hotel. Give him time to walk there and then return to your room. Listen to the offer. He wants to finish off the killer and his guard, but asks for your help. At the same time, he agrees to give everything that will be on the dead. You can use barter to increase the reward up to 100 rubles and rare cartridges.

You can visit the parking lot and chat with the merchant at the truck. He will talk about how it was. You can tell that the man is planning to kill him. In this case, he will ask you for help. In the same parking lot, there is a guy trying to open the door of his yellow car. You can try to help him, but this requires a high hacking skill, technology or strength. You can buy a master key at the bazaar. Place it in your hand to receive a +20 hack bonus.

Next night, go to the parking lot and talk to the merchant. Here it will be necessary to decide which of them to support. In this case, you do not need to interfere. At the end, search the corpse of the murdered man. The next morning, you can chat with the watchman and the young detective.


In the suburb of Trudograd there are two side quests that you can only get if you have a certain level of charisma (6-7). This is the first of them, and the second is “Tooth problem”. Talk to the woman in the lilac coat. She is holding a handkerchief in her hands, which may contain a child. Chat with her. If the hero passes the automatic check, then you will find out that the woman has a child in her arms, and his father, the Chimney Sweep, escaped and is in the Rusty Quarter. When you visit the Rusty Quarter, you can find the Chimney Sweep next to a burning barrel at the corner of the Inverter Factory. Chat on all topics and find out that the child has long been dead, and the woman has gone mad. At the same time, the chimney sweep did not support, but abandoned her. Now you can either abandon the quest,

Tooth problem

There are tents to the left of the inn in the suburb of Trudograd. A man sits next to one of them. Talk to him. If you pass the charisma test, you will be able to ask what kind of trouble happened to him. Be sure to say that you are ready to listen to him. He will tell you that drunkenly he lost the jar with gold teeth. The very ones that we talked about above. So, if you find a jar of teeth and bring it to a man, he will reward you with 150 rubles (while the teeth themselves cost 500-700 rubles). You decide. The screenshot below shows the safe path to the trash heap from the hole in the fence from the side of the old man with the once broken radio (and the same tents).

Knocking out debts

In the event that you can find Dandelion, who survives, return back to the Suburbs and tell the news to Dandelion, the pimp. He will remember that Dandelion owes him money and will ask him to knock 800 rubles out of him. Depending on your strength indicator, Buttercup will give from 300 to 600 rubles, and you will pay the remaining money out of your pocket. You will receive 150 rubles and 200 experience points as a reward.

Sesame, open up!

Chat with the innkeeper and find out that he lost his book. It would seem that you are being asked to find this book, but there is no point in doing it. You will find the book itself much later, during the quest "The Lost Northerners". Wait for this moment, and then bring the book to the innkeeper.

Magic herd

In the western part of the location, look for a fire, near which the shepherd Eshki is. Chat with him. The bandits kidnapped his goats. You need to find ram seeds. Go to the second tier and find Apollo Palchikov, the owner of the local shop. Talk to him, buy three types of seeds for 1000 rubles, and then return to the quest giver. You can transfer ram seeds to him, but this plant will not help. You can give the lupus, as a result of which there will be wolves that the shepherd needs. Or you can transfer the Judas tree, but in that case, you will deceive Eshki. You will receive 33 carrots and 500 experience points as a reward.

Dental problems

Explore the territory of the tent camp and find a grandfather named Babushkin in the northwestern part. Chat with him to get a new assignment. But for this you have to get your grandfather to talk by applying level 6 charisma. Grandma is trying to find a jar with gold teeth. You can find this bank even without this quest. There is a minefield in the upper left corner of the location. There is a pile of scrap metal behind the mines. Move there through the upper passage and use the step by pressing the Caps Lock key. If the level of attentiveness is 5 or higher, then our hero will independently detect mines. Go around these mines and search the pile to find, among other things, a jar of gold teeth. Leave the minefield. The resources found in the pile will come in handy for another mission. you can return Grandma's gold teeth and earn 150 rubles. Or you can sell this jar on the market for 700 rubles.

In the northwest, in a tent city, old man Babushkin is sitting. He will speak and give the task only if we pass the [charisma 6] check. The old man has lost a jar with gold teeth, and asks to find it. (You can get an item without a quest).

Rusty quarter

There is an apple merchant at the entrance to the Rusty Quarter. Talk to him. If you can pass the test with the skill of communication or barter, then the man, in addition to apples, will show the rest of the goods - various weapons.

Job placement assistance

Arriving in the Rusty Quarter, go forward, slightly to the left of the police building. There are several buildings on the left side. In one of them you will meet a young guy and his mother. Talk to your guy. He will say that he was offered a job as a truck driver, but because of his mother he was forced to refuse it. Tell him that you are ready to help him. Chat with your mother. Skill checks are completely optional (they will only give you additional experience)! Just communicate, choosing phrases in support of the guy, and soon the mother will agree to let him go to work. Tell the guy the good news, but he will say that his place is probably already taken. He will ask you to talk to Mikhalych, an employer who often spends the night in a gatehouse in the parking lot of the suburb of Trudograd (your first location).

Visit the suburb of Trudograd and chat with Mikhalych, who sits in a gatehouse in the parking lot. This can be done at any time of the day. Use any trick to convince him. As a last resort, offer Mikhalych 100 rubles as collateral. He will agree. Return to the Rusty Quarter and tell the kid the good news. He will tell you that you should stop by after the flight (in a few days). The task will end.

Unwanted neighborhood

Arriving at the Rusty Quarter location, go forward past the policeman and at the corner of the building on the left you will find two people. One of them is a tradeswoman, the other guy is a chimney sweep. To the left, under the canopy of the house, a husband and wife are standing on the porch. Chat with them and find out that the husband decided to breed slugs at home, but they got mad and attacked him. Save before the fight. Make sure to use a weapon that matches your current abilities (that is, when you research it, you do not see the "red" characteristics). Only in this case, you guarantee a high probability of hitting. You can use stimulants for treatment. In Vadim's case, if you haven't changed his parameters, you can buy a revolver and a self-made pistol from an apple seller (if you convince him to open an additional assortment through Barter).

During the battle against slugs (there will be one large and two small ones) a policeman will run up to you. You can try to lure the slugs onto it. While they are attacking the policeman, you shoot at the enemies. Or you can let the slugs kill the policeman. He is not associated with any tasks, but it will be possible to pick up weapons and other items from his corpse. After defeating the slugs, be sure to look into the poor fellow's house, where they bred. Search all lockers. Then exit and walk left along the street. On the left hand there will be a "pharmacy" building with a corresponding symbol on the wall. And on the right, there is a building with a blue roof. Go inside it and find the same man. Talk about how you dealt with slugs. He will give 300 rubles. If you pass the Barter check, you will receive another 100 rubles and a can of condensed milk.

In addition, you can learn from him information related to the railgun, thereby advancing the main story quest.

Spy mania

In the Rusty Quarter, go to the Inverter Factory building, now used as a dormitory. Look into the room of the two gypsies on the left. The man will talk about a problematic neighbor. Agree to help him. You can go to your neighbor and talk to him about this topic. If you pass the attentiveness test, you will notice how a neighbor glances at his wristwatch. Rewind time to any night (key T and rest), and then walk to the left of the building. At the very end of the road, next to the pharmacy, there is a large cable drum. This is where the neighbor will come. Search the cable and take the drug. Talk to your neighbor about drugs the next morning. He will offer 500 rubles for silence, convincing you that he pays for treatment for his mother. Take the money. You can increase the bribe.

And then you can tell the gypsy neighbor about everything. He will call a guard and the dealer will be arrested.

Lord of sleep

Inside the factory building at the Rusty Quarter location, you will meet two arguing men. Talk to one of them (the other will be too busy). The skill test is completely optional, but it will give additional experience points. In the end, the man will tell you what their argument is about. Now just talk to Bakhtimirov, who is standing next to him. Again, a skill test is optional. If you cannot convince him with skills, you can learn more about the past, and at the end, summarize. Bakhtimirov will agree and leave. Talk to his opponent and tell the good news. Without any checks, he will give you 300 rubles as a reward.

Strange request

After returning to the suburb of Trudograd, you will see a mechanic next to the snowmobiles. Chat with him. He will say that he found a way to fix everything, but for this he needs rope and soap. There is a rope in one of the rooms of the inn in the suburb of Trudograd. If you talk again and say that you do not like his request, then the task will simply fail. Laundry soap can be bought at the bazaar of the suburb of Trudograd, from a peasant who sells all sorts of trash. Give the items to the mechanic, he will give 200 rubles as a reward. You can pass the skill test and get an additional 100 rubles. Then return to the snowmobile the next day or every other day. You learn that the mechanic actually exchanged rope and soap for the itinerant merchant Stanislav, who had no money but had a motor for a snowmobile. And now the snowmobiles are working, and the mechanic, Saying goodbye to everyone, he sets off on a journey through the snow-covered country. The quest will end.

Restaurant Mikhalycha

Go to the Mikhalych tavern through the right exit of the Rusty Quarter. When you reach the place, you can walk a little forward and to the right. Mercenaries of the "Steel Shield" are warming themselves near a barrel of fire. But they will not go to a conversation with you (unless there is strength). A little further is the tavern itself, and to the left of it is a building with many pedestals. Search them. You can try to talk to the man in the corner room. If you pass the test, you will receive experience points.

There is a kitchen inside the inn. You can't talk to the cook, but next to him there is a way out. A woodcutter works there. Chat with him. If you give him vodka (pre-war vodka can be bought from the innkeeper Mikhalych), he will insert a bronze tooth.

You will receive the ability of the same name: reduces charisma by 1 when communicating with civilians, increases charisma by 1 when communicating with bandits, and so on.

From Solntsegrad with love

In the suburbs of Trudograd, you could meet the merchant Shchukar, who asked to find the owner of the notebook. The journalist is sitting inside Mikhalych's tavern, at one of the tables closest to the exit. Talk to him. Take an interest in his assignment to start the current quest.

You need to talk to three people. First, go to Shcherba. It is located in the Rusty Quarter. Talk to the man who is standing in the building near the guard. He will be happy to share information with you. You can tell the journalist what you have learned in order to get 100 rubles and Aralkum candy. If you lured a little more information, get an additional 50 rubles. 

Then visit Kolotushkina Street and enter house 10 on the left side of the entrance. Coach Fasmer will be here. Talk to him about Kai Ozerskikh to find out the information you need.

The next target is Trubachev. He should be looked for at the police station. Just talk to him on various topics, return to Pavel at the Mikhalych tavern and report everything. After you receive information from all three people, Pavel will leave Trudograd, and the task will be completed.

Villainous brothers

This task will become active after you visit Mikhalych's inn on the Railgun quest and ask the innkeeper for fake documents. Then leave the inn for another man to come up to you. Agree to his proposal, return to the tavern and talk to the girl in military uniform, Iskra. She sits at one of the tables. Accept all her assignments.

In this task, you are sent to Kolotushkin Street. However, when inspecting all the houses, I did not manage to find the brothers who torture the pensioner and force her to rewrite the apartment. To complete the mission successfully, select the communication and obsession option. Then go back to the headquarters.

Lost northerners

This task will become active after you visit Mikhalych's inn on the Railgun quest and ask the innkeeper for fake documents. Then leave the inn for another man to come up to you. Agree to his proposal, return to the tavern and talk to the girl in military uniform, Iskra. She sits at one of the tables. Accept all her assignments.

Travel to the suburb of Trudograd and enter the inn. Instead of the innkeeper, his wife, who used to sweep the corridors, will be at the counter. Talk to her. You learn that she is wary of her husband, who is behaving very strangely. And even these missing people. She will also give you a mysterious book and say that she saw her in the fourth issue. Walk down the hallway and try to open the fourth door. It is locked. If you have sufficient hacking skill, then just try to hack the door several times (hold down LMB to select the desired action). If the hacking skill is not enough, you will see an inscription like "No matter how hard you try, the lock does not lend itself" when you try to hack. In this case, don't even try again. In the suburb market, you can buy a set of lock picks. Place them in your hand for a +20 hack bonus. Moreover, this hand should be selected at the bottom center of the screen. Now repeat the steps. Failure will now appear. But that's okay. Sooner or later, the action will end in success.

After breaking open the door, examine the bookshelves in front and place the mysterious book on them. By doing this, you will open a secret passage. Go down to the basement and chat with the prisoners chained to chairs. This is how the innkeeper makes souvenir medallions! Listen to them, after which the innkeeper will appear. He will offer a percentage - 100 rubles per week. You can agree. Otherwise, either attack him or refuse and push him away (slaves will kill him). After freeing the slaves, search the room, collect all the useful things and get out.

If you wish, you can inform the wife of the innkeeper that her husband is dead. She will be delighted with this news. Return to Mikhalych's tavern and tell Iskra that the missing people have been found.

Mercenaries of the Revolution

This task will become active after you visit Mikhalych's inn on the Railgun quest and ask the innkeeper for fake documents. Then leave the inn for another man to come up to you. Agree to his proposal, return to the tavern and talk to the girl in military uniform, Iskra. She sits at one of the tables. Accept all her assignments. This is the simplest of the three tasks. You need to find the "Steel Shield" mercenaries who warm themselves by the fire near the Mikhalych tavern (at the same location). But be careful! As soon as you start communicating with them, there will be two ways out: to convince them or to fight. The second option is useless, since there are five enemies, and it is almost impossible to deal with them. The first option requires high strength or communication skills. If there is neither one nor the other, then ask their price. They will call 5000 rubles. And you must have them here and now, otherwise you will have to fight the mercenaries. I had this money, I paid it. And then return and report to Iskra about what you have achieved - hired or killed the Steel Shield mercenaries.


You will have a talk with Mikhalych at the location "Mikhalych's tavern", then touch on the topic of passports. He will say that he does not do this. Exit the inn and chat with Frederick, who has to stop you. He will tell you about the passports and promise to do everything on time, but on condition that you become part of his organization. To do this, you will have to complete a number of quests. Visit the inn and talk to Karl located next to the entrance. Then chat with Spark sitting at the table. You will become a revolutionary and unlock the new skill "Revolutionary Ally". You will also be given three tasks, described below.

Red snow

You need to hire three different leaders from the workers, and then go to the factory in the daytime and watch the strike. After reading the text, you will learn that the strike ended in gunfire. You can take part in the battle or hide in the entrance. Return to the inn and tell everything.

Red carrot

Chat with Mikhalych at the tavern, who will tell you about the printing house located on Kolotushkina Street. He asks that we persuade the owner of the printing house to print a newspaper from the revolutionaries. Chat with him, use force or communication. And if it doesn't work out, complete the Street Crime quest.

Escape from Trudograd

Go up to the second floor and talk to the rich young lady who sponsors the revolutionaries. Go to the police station and follow the roof. Get to the lower left corner of the location where Volkova is. Her house will be surrounded by policemen. If you fight them, the main character will be put on the wanted list. Instead, run after Volkova into the basement. Do not go to the attic, otherwise you will be caught! However, you can go out and declare that you are from TSB, then the police will release the hero. Having got out into the street through the basement, Volkova will run away, but will tell you where to look for the new headquarters of the revolutionaries.

Rendezvous with the Committee

Go to Kolotushkin and look for a basement in the lower right corner. Follow there to meet the underground. There is also Goryachev in the basement, who will report that the railgun is at the Inverter's factory floor. To get there, you need a key card that activates a special elevator. He will give you a key card if you help Goryachev get out of Trudograd. The task "Key from the" Inverter "will begin. Petrel will give a pass to the Seventh Heaven and 5000 rubles.

Trudograd marketer

Vasilisa lives in a huge multi-storey building with apartments. Talk to her. She wants you to distribute flyers announcing the opening of the store. You can only distribute leaflets on the main world map, meeting cultists.

Mother's Heart

A certain Pyotr Nechaev also lives inside a large multi-storey building. Talk to him. He will tell you that he lost his mother's heart because of a card game. He needs to somehow deceive the one to whom he lost at cards. Take the pig's heart and go to Ruslan Lee in the port. You will have to fight or convince him to take the heart with the help of intellect, strength or communication.

Myrmik kaput

At the bottom of the location, there is a German guarding the basement entrance. Inside it is a product that mutants have spoiled. You can agree and help the German, but first you need to take permission from his superiors. Go up to the second floor. Return and go down to the basement. Kill the enemies and you will find the queen of myrmiks behind the gap in the wall. Decide what to do with it. Dynamite can be thrown. Go back to the roof and talk to Elias. Use socializing and bartering to get an extra reward in the form of a pistol and gloves.

Kolotushkina street

At the entrance to this location, on the left side there is a house number 10. Enter it and talk to Vasmer. This is one of the characters in the quest "From Solntsegrad with Love." If you pay him 100 rubles, then he will conduct a training session and increase hand-to-hand combat by 5 units. Why not? The next workout will cost you 300 rubles. She will also add 5 units to melee combat. But when I came to Fasmer for the third time, a couple of days later, I found his corpse in the living room. Conceived so according to the plot or not, it will become known later, after the update of the game.

In one of the houses you can meet a group of slobs who have settled in an apartment. They are discussing some wires. As soon as you enter their apartment (if you pick the lock), the punks will decide to teach the protagonist a lesson. You can fight them or hope for luck. If the luck is high (9-10), then the bomb will explode, destroying all enemies. So far, this action is not associated with any quest.

Romantic hero

Enter house number 2, which is located in the far left corner from the entrance to the location from the side of the Rusty Quarter. There are two entrances here. You are interested in the right one. Inside, you will find a woman who is writing a book. And her husband will be in the other room. Talk to him about various topics and tell him that you are a fan of his wife's work. This will begin the mission. Keep in mind that once you start interviewing a woman, you will have to pass a strength or charisma test. Only in this way will she tell about who she was inspired by when writing the novel. If you cannot pass the check, then the task will be completed here and now, but you will not receive any reward. And you will not know the secret of the writer!

When you pass the test, you may find out that when creating the character of her novel, a woman was inspired by her husband. Next, tell the good news to Gevorg. If you pass the test by communication or barter, then the reward will be 300 rubles, 2 first aid kits, 2 stimulants and 3 cans of canned food. Without checking - 1.5 times less.


In the house number 9 on Kolotushkin Street, you can find a man living with two girls. Chat with him. Efim Grechkin claims that the mannequins renting an apartment opposite move around at night. Actually, this is exactly what he asks to deal with. Rewind the time for the night and go to the apartment with the mannequins. Here you will meet a rich (according to him) eccentric. Chat with him. You can attack and finish. Otherwise, you will have to part with him, and in the morning decide what to do. Either lie to the man who is tormented by the movement of mannequins, or tell him the truth. For the truth, you will receive 600 rubles, a stick of sausage and two gingerbread. If you pass the barter check, he will give you tea and another 200 rubles.

Combs, feathers, three trunks

This task can be taken on Kolotushkin Street. Enter house # 9 and talk to Geskogen. After the conversation, go outside and chat with a stranger who will offer to rob illegal bookmakers. Agree and say that you will find a driver or a bugbear. I chose a driver. Go to the suburb of Trudograd and chat with Mikha Rulev. This character is standing next to his yellow Volga not far from the market. Whether you pass the test or not, in any case, you will be able to convince Micah to take part in the robbery. Then go to the Rusty Quarter and chat with Leha the bugbear and the others in the far hut, on the left, in the very corner. Talk to everyone and agree to the Pencil plan.

Exit the Rusty Quarter and go in the direction of the Mikhalych tavern. Before reaching the location, a text scene will start. Get into the car and drive to the robbery. Walk to the right, go past the dog and get close to the guard. Try to divert his attention, and if it doesn't work out, then Micah will finish him off. Then go downstairs. There will be 5-6 opponents here, and you will have to fight them if you fail the skill check. In my case, Vadim had 10 luck, so the option "Hope for great luck" allowed to get rid of all the enemies by a lucky coincidence: burst pipes fell on each of them. In general, as soon as you deal with everyone, then talk to Pencil. Go to the far corner and look into the safe. There will be a bag with 10,000 rubles. As you understand, you can share, or you can keep everything for yourself, but you will have to kill your partners. In the first case, collect all the loot and leave the shelter. Go back. You will be taken to the suburbs. Divide the booty and say goodbye. All three will leave, you will no longer see these characters. But in the end, Pencil will share information about Professor Goryachev, which is needed for the quest of the same name.

Street crime

In the upper left part of the location is the house where the typographer Virikhonov lives. Here he goes about his business. Talk to him. Virikhonov asks you to deal with the criminal Kapybarov, who extorts money from people selling newspapers. Open the global map and see the additional location "Kapybarov's Lair". Go to the indicated location. Right at the entrance, you can use force and communication to resolve the issue peacefully. Otherwise, you will have to kill six enemies. The most dangerous of them is considered the enemy using a sniper weapon. He should be finished off first. Then kill the leader using the battleaxe. Try not to get close to him. Other opponents use pistols and shotguns. After the victory, return to Virikhonov to receive 460 experience points and an artisanal pistol magazine.

Elusive Goryachev

This quest will begin after you have completed the quest "Crests, Feathers, Three Trunks." If everything goes according to plan, then Pencil will share the information. He claims that Goryachev may be in the Baraniy Rog prison.

Police station

Railgun (continued)

Once in the building, you can talk to the chief and agree to join the ranks of the police. Be careful, as this action will interrupt any missions from the revolutionaries. You can't help them anymore! If you want to go this way, make a save, and then go back and do otherwise.

The mystery of "Barinka"

This task can be obtained from the militia of Trudograd. Chat with the blind Bayramov. He lost his sight after drinking Barink himself. We need to deal with who produces it. Interrogate the man to understand that the moonshiner is somehow related to medicine. After visiting the Rusty Quarter, go to the tram and see a small building nearby. Inside it, you will meet Apothecary Beetle. Interrogate him using intelligence or attention. He will pay 150 rubles a week if you agree to cover him up. You can kill the Beetle or arrest him by calling a car with the police. Reporting to the head of the site, you will receive 4500 experience points.

General Secretary's Eye

Chat with Shapkevich at the police station to get a task related to the search for criminal actor Maxim Spektr. He wants to steal a gem belonging to the merchant Mustafa. A new partner will become available, Lieutenan Razin. Head to the port and chat with three characters: Uncle Ho, the goldsmith, and Captain Sinbadov. The latter will report that he transported an unknown man to the city, who settled at his house. You will receive the key to the fishing shop. The store itself is located on the shore. Once inside, chat with a man. He will introduce himself as Mustafa and show the stone. Send him under arrest. Upon returning to the police station, you will find two traders who look alike. Each of them assures that he is the real Mustafa. Use force or intellect to solve the problem. And you can resort to the help of RDX. Spectrum starred in the film, so it will give itself out. The Mustafa you found at the port is not real.

Good Life Digest

You will be asked to convince the printing house on Kolotushkin to print only permitted newspapers. Go to this location, get to the house in the upper left corner and talk to Virikhonov. Use force or communication. You can convince otherwise by completing his task "Street Crime". As you can imagine, the quest runs counter to the "Red Carrot" quest.


Another task from the police. You are asked to find the location of the headquarters of the revolutionaries. One of the leads is connected with the bookseller Rybkin, who lives on the second tier. Chat with him, use force, communication, stealth or first aid. On the path of secrecy, you will need to pursue Rybkin, who will take you to the headquarters of the revolutionaries. On Kolotushkin, move to the lower right corner, and go down to the basement of house 10. You can report where the headquarters is (to the chief of militia), or go to it yourself. Professor Goryachev will come out of the basement of the house and tell about the same railgun at the Inverter plant. Again, you need a key card, so you can only get it for helping Goryachev wanting to leave the city. The quest "Inverter Key" will begin. You will receive the same award from the police chief,

Interfaith violence

Father Macarius is located next to the monument. Talk to him. In case of a successful check on strength or endurance, you will receive this quest. You will see a new location between the streets, "Cult Lair". Go there, finish off or convince five people using force or communication.

Trudograd port

Weapons for the revolution

You can take this task inside the Mikhalych tavern. Wait one day for the Petrel to appear in the tavern, who will confirm that the main character is now in the ranks of the revolutionaries. Now you need to find a gang of honest people from whom you can buy weapons. A new satellite, Iskra, will appear. Once in the port, first go to the brothel and talk to Mrs. Klyak, who is wearing a green dress. She will not report anything for the bandits, but will issue a new task "White Ghoul". Otherwise, the task will be unavailable. Then go to the upper part of the port and look at Ho's teahouse. He will tell you how to contact the bandits. Go to the mermaid and tell the password to find out the coordinates of the headquarters of honest people. Get to the huge warehouse at the bottom of the port and say "decency and honesty" near the door. You will find yourself inside.

Now you can pay the bandits 50,000 rubles, or reduce this amount using barter. You can use communication, and if successful, you will receive a weapon for free. You can also ask, is it really necessary to pay with money. You will immediately receive a weapon, but you will have to give your word of honor that you will fulfill their order. Later, this option will unlock the "Honestly" quest. Near the grate you can meet Krivoy with the "Gift from the Past" quest.

Death Ship

Chat with an Asian on the map using the Mysterious Invitation quest. Then go to the teahouse and talk to Uncle Ho. He asks to deal with the ship "Pearl of the East", which contains the goods of the Kung-Zhao clan. To start the quest, move to the shore and talk to Captain Sinbadov. The temporary companion Long Wang will become available to you. While traveling on water, a text quest will start. Prepare for a mission or get drunk with RDX. Get on the boat, but you will lose the oar. Apply one of four options to resolve this problem. Once in the hold of the ship, deal with the sailors in the cabins. They have no weapons. Kill the opponents on the left. In one of the rooms there is a secret agent who will tell you what to look for and where. There is a cabinet with a flame arrester next to it. In the central room there is a grate with a monster. To free Arashi from the guardhouse, you will have to find a key. Inside the red locker, look for the key to the warehouse, which will unlock the room in the center of the ship. You can also get there without a key. At the top of the corridors are two secret doors that can be discovered with attention. Kill the bandits with cannons, take the lotus and use explosives on the red pipe.

On the right side of the ship there will be a serious squad of opponents. Talk to the mate who has it. Try to use your skills to instantly finish off the villain. Kill the rest of the enemies. Keep to the narrow passage so that they take turns attacking. Take the key from the corpse of the assistant and free Arashi from the guardhouse. He will help in the battle against the captain. Use the key on the door next to the stairs to get out onto the deck. Enter the slave cabin. Free everyone to make the battle with the captain easier. Search the captain's cabin, go to the bow of the ship and defeat all enemies. The captain can be defeated in a duel. If Arashi was released earlier, he will personally kill the captain. Pick up the sword, return to the boat and swim away. Blow up the Pearl of the East and return to Ho.

Gunpowder plot

Equip power armor, without which it is incredibly difficult to fight cultists. It can be purchased from the Engineering Plant. We'll have to fork out 50,000 rubles. Otherwise, without power armor, you will not be able to pass through electrified water. There are wolves outside the den. Go underground, but the mutants will lock the gate. Shoot the gas cylinders, kill three opponents and walk through the electrified water in power armor. Allies will remain waiting for you. Kill two more enemies and a monster, turn off the generator, and your allies will join you.

Examine the next island, finish off the enemies and examine the stone wall. Can be pierced with Power Armor. Or blow it up with explosives. After destroying two walls, you can take a short or long route. In the second case, there will be a box with a handle and glasses. Reach the second generator, lower the raised bridge, or use the rope by making a force or throwing check. If your allies go with you, the next battle will be greatly simplified. Enemies use machine gun, sniper rifle and other firearms. On the other island, go to the top and turn off the third generator. In the south, look for the fourth. After reaching the main camp, look for the leader, Chulpan Rogatov. Talk to him. He will report that some fanatics are pursuing them. Commander Avtodor will appear, and you will need to choose an outcome. You can kill both groups mutants or fanatics. In the second case, there will be four powerful opponents, and in the third - 11 enemies with less dangerous equipment. The reward will be the same.


Talk to Ruslan Lee, who owns the Lucky Dragon salon. Ruslan is one of the characters associated with several quests from other quest givers at once. However, Prokhor Mormyshkin claims that Ruslan himself owes him the money. Prokhor is a brothel guard. Chat with Prokhor using the options. Or attack him. You can apply charisma. He wants to meet behind the house, next to a large barrel. Once there, use force or communication. You can convince him without a fight, and get a reward. Another option is to offer him barter. He will again offer to meet behind the house. Instead of going there, fast forward the time 6 hours. Talk to him again in the brothel, and he will say that you must kill Ruslan. Agree, but don't. Skip another 6 hours. But after that he will refuse to communicate with you.

Meaning of life

Go to the brothel and talk to Grandpa Kun-Lan Li, who is standing next to the fireplace. During the conversation, let him know that you are always interacting with people in a new place. He will offer a new quest. Say that you have to fulfill it. You need to get for Kun-Lan Li 15 logs, 20 flour, dope herb, toilet paper, gasoline. To get an achievement, say that life has no meaning, you were expecting something more interesting and it was rather weak. The main character will understand that he is in the game, so he will die, but you will receive the achievement "Holy Mountain". To continue, load your save and choose another option that will not lead to death.

Jewelry work

Chat with Tsatskin inside the jewelry store and take on a delivery mission. Taking on a mission requires high charisma. Or you need to pay 2,000 rubles as collateral. In the suburbs, enter the hotel and find Sati. She will give a ring, which will lead to the fact that our hero begins to turn into a mummy. Decrease all parameters by 1 point. Return quickly to Tsatskin and give him the ring. The curse has been lifted.

Curse of the mummy

Now Tsatskin wants to find Inquisitor Zhora, who can remove the curse from this ring. Zhora currently works at the plant. Go to the factory and go to the dining room where Zhora is. He is a cook. Use force or communication, listen to his story and convince that he did not kill anyone. In this case, Zhora will agree to help. Return to the port, watch the rituals performed by Zhora. Apply different skills. Study the ring with intelligence or attention. Either way, you get the boreal hidden in the ring. As you can imagine, there was no curse - only a radioactive substance.

White ghoul

This mission is available only to supporters of the revolution. During the story mission "Weapons for the Revolution", once in the port, first visit the museum and chat with Madame Klyak, who is wearing a green dress. She will not tell you anything efficient about the story mission, but she will give out a side task related to the search and murder of the ghoul. While traveling around the city, a random encounter will be triggered. This happens exclusively at night! The monster you need will have a unique ghoul icon. He sits on the roof of the garage, in the lower right corner of the location. Kill the ghoul, take his head and bring the Klyak.


The task is available only to supporters of the revolution. If during the mission "Weapons for revolutionaries" you asked the gang if you really need to pay only in money, then they took your word of honor. After the end of the strike, spend the night at the factory until Pravdorub approaches you. He will remind for the promise. Go to the port to honest people. They want you to steal the cow from the Gray Corner chemist (see below).

Finding a cow

After reaching the Gray Corner, find the house of the chemist Vernadsky in the upper right corner of the map. Talk to him and convince him to give the cow to honest people. We'll have to use one of the parameters. Return back to the bandits located in the port, and report that you have agreed with Vernadsky. The cow will be in the hangar. This is one of the options for completing the mission. there is another. In a conversation with the Milkman, tell me that the cow does not like being in the hangar of the bandits. Kill six enemies to hide the cow, and then go to the chemist. He will give 100 rubles.

A gift from the past

There is a huge hangar at the bottom of the port. It is closed. You can only get inside if you are a supporter of the revolution. In the event that you play for the militia of Trudograd, you will have to knock out the door through CTRL, using any weapon. Inside you will meet honest people. You can search loot boxes. In the back room there is a gold pick, which is needed by the guitarist from the Mikhalych tavern. Also read the note to learn about the Cold Floodplain location.

Cold floodplain

At the entrance, fight five enemies. Proceed further and kill a few more. In the right left corner there is a stump in which a stimulant and 500 rubles are hidden. There is a crane on the right side. If you turn it on, then pull the weight out of the water. But first you need to fill in gasoline and replace the pipe. And don't forget to start the engine. The chests contain a grenade launcher, shells and a shield. At the exit you will be met by another enemy group.

Machine-building plant

Factory problems

This is a task from the militia of Trudograd. Go to the factory to deal with the workers' riot. You should talk to the leaders of the three unions. Look for Petrov in the main hall of the office. He will not give up his venture right away. First, talk to the secretary Emma, ​​who will let you in to Spiridonov. Talk to him and find out that Petrov is married. The quest "The Taming of the Shrew" will begin. Further in the warehouse with the arena is Aydarov. You can only persuade him with the help of the "Lost wallet" task, in the completion of which we will receive one more additional quest. Finally, go to the main shop and look for Deadvago. It is located at the bottom of the location. unlike the previous leaders, he will agree with you right away, but as soon as you leave, an employee will come up to you and offer to meet at night behind the factory building. Six workers will have to be killed there.

Workers' strike

Instead of discouraging union leaders, if you are in the ranks of the revolutionaries, you will need to facilitate a successful strike. Again, you need to talk to three leaders. Petrov will agree with you right away, but for Aydarov he will again have to complete the "Lost wallet" task. Deadvago will not agree, so you will need to help him in the quest "Search for compromising evidence." When you convince everyone, get a well-deserved reward.

The Taming of the Shrew

The task is available only on the branch of the Trudograd militia. Ekaterina Petrova needs to be found in the port of Trudograd, on the right side of the jeweler. Chat and use force. Or tell it all in plain language. She will give you a note for Petrov. Give him a message from your wife and he will say that he will not participate in the strike. You will receive an award from Spiridonov (for charisma).

Search for compromising evidence

This quest is only available in the Revolutionary branch. After talking with Mertvago, a man will come up to you and tell you that the head of the trade union is meeting with someone at the port. Go to the port and look for a building with a lantern on the left side of the jeweler. Light it three times at night using two batteries. Can be tried through technology skill. Inside you will meet Anatoly Drozd. Interrogate by force or communication to find out that Mertvago is selling him blueprints from the factory. Return and talk to Deadvago, who will finally agree to participate in the riot.

Lost wallet

Aydar's quest will have to be completed on any branch. He lost his wallet in the Gray Corner at the Dead End Hotel. Travel to this place and chat with the owner Sokhaty. He will tell you where to look for the wallet. Go to the back of the hotel and examine the shop. There you will find the wallet. Take the item, after which the bandits will approach you. Keep your wallet. You can give 2000 rubles to get the "Doubtful Promise" and "Industrial Espionage" quests. Take the Aydar Wallet located in the arena of the factory.

Dubious promise

In a day, go to Mikhalych in the tavern to see two new people. Nikita Bes is standing next to the entrance. Have a drink with him and listen to some interesting stories. Farther from the entrance is Francis Liao. Talk to him. He will offer to steal the blueprints from the factory.

Industrial espionage

If you agree to steal the blueprints in the previous quest, Francis will give you a small camera. Go to the factory and talk to the secretary on the right. She will say that you are similar to the son of the leaders of Sherbetov. She will also tell you what clothes his son was last seen in. Go to Sherbetov's office and select an ending. You can tell for Francis, who will be arrested, but do not expect a reward. You can cheat or search the table discreetly. Or you can pretend to be a son, having previously put on a fernandelka and leather armor (sold by Demyan in the suburbs), as well as an amulet of St. Seryozha (at Babur near the site). After picking up Sherbetov's memo, enter the password for the safe. Return to the tavern and decide if you should give Francis the blueprints. If you attack Francis, he will run away. If you hand over the blueprints, you will receive a reward.


The mechanic Silov can be found in the southern hangar of the plant. Chat with him and find out that you can buy power armor from him for 45,000 rubles. The armor upgrade will cost another 10,000. To unlock the second upgrade, you will have to complete the Juggernaut quest. An underground landfill will appear near the suburb. Go there and meet the Cat. Treat him with a first aid kit or first aid to meet in the future when you leave the location.

Open the gate in the center of the location and find Yegor's letter lying on the table in the building in the center. You must fix the generator. Turn on the lights to open the way to the obstacle course. Run in the center, hiding behind concrete gizmos so that you don't get shot by the turrets. Use Power Armor to dash to cover this distance faster. At the end, hold LMB and select "Apply" to use the lever. In the second test, you need to overcome fire, barrels and electricity. Use skills or a pry bar to turn on the fire. Use a jerk to ram the barrels, and to supply current, either use the abilities, or take the wiring lying in the electrical cabinets and place it in the device. Select 10 mA. If you hack the main panel, you can skip these obstacles altogether.

During the third trial, kill the spiders without removing your Power Armor. Use it to protect the rest of your allies. Shoot the gas cylinders to blow up the wall and find your way out. If you saved the Cat, then at the exit you will meet his gang. Deal with them, then return to the factory and upgrade the power armor to the maximum level (at Bronislav).


On the right side there is a building that you need to enter. There is a turner next to the machines. Talk to him to find out about the assistant who stole the rods. In the Gray corner, to the left of the entrance, there is a hill. Go up there, enter the house and talk to Pendel. He will return two rods, but the rest have already been sold to Cipollino. Head to the brick building next to the monument and buy rods. Return to the Turner Factory and select a reward.

Gray corner

The beauty and the Beast

Opposite the entrance to the Gray Corner, Oleg Girin lives. Chat with him. He will say that the brothel girl is his wife. She disappeared and suffers from amnesia. Go to the port and talk to Lara, who is standing behind the counter in the brothel. She will say that she has been working for 5 years, but she will not say anything about the past. Convince her to meet Oleg. Return to the Gray Corner and take the girl to Oleg. It turns out that he is a maniac and invented a story about his wife. Walk away or protect the girl. The battle is not difficult.

Unwanted guests

Visit the hotel "Tupik" and talk to Sokhaty, who complains about the monsters in the basement. Go downstairs, defeat all enemies and talk to Prong for the corpses found on the tables. He will tell you about the bickering at the port.

Streets of Rage

There is a house near the statue, inside which Senya Markov has locked himself. Talk to him. Apply communication or force until he opens fire. He robbed the mafia, which is now looking for him, so he asks for your help. Several bandits and Toha Kalmar will immediately appear. You can deal with the problem peacefully or fight them.

A well-deserved reward

If you choose the side of Toha in the "Streets of Fury" quest, you will immediately receive money for luring Senya out (through communication). From Senya, you can pick up a shotgun, and take the reward from Toha from the brothel in the port where the accountant Bibkin is.

Amorous affairs

You can get one more task from Bibkin from the brothel port, but only if you took the side of Toha in the "Streets of Fury" mission. He wants you to help him get along with the widow of Gamkredidze, who lives on Kolotushkin Street. If you support Senya, then the task can be taken from the Sinker. He will ask you to deal with the accountant. You can convince the widow to get along with Bibkin. The sinker is located next to the arena of the plant. Tell him that the mafia is after him.

One among his own

In the center there is a hill with a house, inside which you can meet Valentin Demogorg. Talk to him. This is a mutant with retractable eyes. His brother runs a pawnshop on Tier Two, and hides his mutations. Valentine wants you to shed some light on his origins. Go to the Second Tier, go to the store and tell a few anecdotes. If you cannot bring him to clean water, tell a scary story about a maniac. Then the brother will appear, and they will agree among themselves.

Conflict of interests

To the right of the entrance is Morzhov. Go there and talk to him. He wants to eliminate Cipollino. You can kill him and get a reward, but Morzhov will become the leader of the gang and continue to sell chemicals. Or you can tell Chipollino about Morzhov's plans and get a counter offer. Go to Morzhov, deal with the guards or drive them out of Trudograd.

Seventh heaven

Talk to Voronin, who will understand that the main character is connected with the Atom. After recognizing for the railgun, pay attention to the elevator that leads to the subway. I need a key card. When you receive it and bring it to Voronin, he will tell you about the northerners who attacked Trudograd, and will say that do not let you go to the elevator. We'll have to complete several tasks.

Common cause

Go to the police station and talk to Shapkevich. If you are a revolutionary, then chat with the Petrel. Make sure that the leader of one direction or another protects Voronin. You have to liquidate a gang of flayers to prove your loyalty. Go outside the city and look for a chance meeting with the flayers. Make peace or kill all enemies. Inform Shapkevich or Petrel about the victory.

Northern saboteurs

Travel to the Gray Corner and enter the Dead End Hotel. There are three new characters here. One of them is holding a notebook. Don't attack, but instead socialize and provoke them to attack. You can take their side, kill or drive them out of Trudograd. Search the bodies for a cipher. The task will end.

Mysterious cipher

Give the sheet with the code to Voronin in Seventh Heaven, and then wait a day for him to decipher it.

Village of Strife

Inverter Key

After talking with Goryachev in the city, you learn that the key card is buried in the grave of the professor's wife. Travel to the village and look for the red-roofed building where the undertaker is located. Chat with him using any skill. The text quest will start. Go in search of the grave. There will be a man in a tree in the grove, but he will be dead. Examine the nearby tent to find a straw bull. Bigfoot will appear from the forest. Fight him or give back the straw goby. After reaching the coffin, take the key card.

Master Ilya's request

Talk to the mechanic inside the building located in the upper right corner of the location. it also needs to be visited on a DJ quest. He will say that he was attacked by marauders who stole the parts. Visit the location "Destroyed Bridge" indicated by him. There are four opponents here with the teacher Marvanna. Agree with them amicably or pay compensation. They want to be part of the northern invaders.

Childish game

If Arashi helped at the "Pearl of the East", he will send a message. Meet him in the village, at the entrance, and listen. He wants to free Zhores Simonov. Agree to help. You need to steal the form in order to forge documents. At night, head to the port brothel to find Officer Ignat Turukhanov. Steal the form from him. Or give it a drink beforehand. You can also find out for his deceased wife. Drink twice and use stealth. After receiving the form, return to the village and go to the lower right corner, where Arashi is standing in the courtyard. He will forge the document. Travel to Seventh Heaven and talk to the guard at the entrance. You can turn over Arashi to be arrested. Or can you explain to the guard why the prisoner is being transferred. Say that you checked it, show the team, talk about the recognition of the authorities and point out incompetence. Once in jail

On your return to Arashi in the village of Strife, you will face a band of mercenaries. They are also interested in Jaures. Intimidate or speak to them so that Arashi has time to finish off the leader before the battle begins. Kill the rest of the enemies and take the reward.

Dam defense

You will have to find this place yourself. At the location there is a detachment for defense. Talk to Askold Chernov, after which the northerners will attack at night. Kill the bear and six people, then enter the dam and fight the technician using the grenades. Talk to the leader and take the reward from Voronin.

Big cave

On the edge of the abyss

Voronin wants you to eliminate the northerners who have created a lair in the Big Cave outside Trudograd. This quest is tied to the end of the game, so complete all story missions before entering the cave. Once inside, you will see the corpses of the northerners and TSB. Upstairs there are five survivors and a Pugach. Talk to the latter. You can take the side of the northerners and say that you are from Malyuta. Razin or Iskra will leave you, and the bandits will ask you to plant a bomb. They killed your former companion Fidel. If you kill the northerners (you can eliminate the leader before the battle), you can get their weapons. After getting out of the cave, you will see that the northerners attacked Trudograd. Go through the suburb, Kolotushkin Street with Mikhalych's tavern and checkpoint. Once in the Seventh Heaven, take the elevator down.

Triple agent

If you took the side of the northerners, kill the defenders of Trudograd, and at the checkpoint finish off eight opponents alone at once. In the upper left part there is a shed with a generator. Place the bomb with your attention, then go to the Seventh Heaven and finish off another group of opponents.

The final

Going down to the bunker, you will find a terminal. Examine it and install the key card you received from Goryachev. Go forward to the checkpoint and read Repin's report. We need to hide the weapon. To open the second gate, use skills or use power armor. Climb into the airlock on the wall and open the gate on the other side. Read the instructions at the center of the generator. At the dead end on the side, look for cans with fuel for the generator. Fill 3 containers up to 15 liters. Use technology or solve a problem: A, B, C, pumping out, A, B, C.

After opening the gate, kill the enemies and hide the weapon before crossing the red line. Otherwise, you will be attacked by turrets and flamethrowers. There is a computer in the room on the side. Click on "Enter" to disable all security systems. Do not touch the side doors in the next room, otherwise robots will attack you. There is a map and a computer in the room on the left. You can launch a satellite with a message. In the living area there is a poster with a cache behind it.

Examine the third computer and upgrade Goryachev's keycard. You can activate the "Friend-Foe" system. The next computer has reports and the ability to decrypt the file. Voronin himself destroyed all the air defenses in Trudograd. Use the robot on the side to open the large gate. Take the eyepiece sensor and apply to the panel. Or you can knock out the side wall using the power armor abilities.

You will find a railgun. The text mode will start, Voronin will appear with soldiers in power armor. Choose how to proceed. You can go over to Voronin's side, but the ATOM fighters will finish you off. You can fight, but you have to kill five enemies in power armor, or you can agree and disperse in peace.

The passage is completed.

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