Battlefield 2042: 5 Tips for Aiming and How to Get Better

Battlefield 2042: 5 Tips for Aiming and How to Get Better

To be good at Battlefield 2042 , you must have drunk a lot of target water. Thanks to large maps and difficult-to-play weapons, there are many things to consider - and many aspects that can be improved. We show you the most important tips for aiming and how you can get better.

In Battlefield 2042, many game situations take place in one of 2 extremes: 

  • Fights for a control point are chaotic, close-quarters combat.
  • In order to get to a checkpoint, fighting with enemies at 100m (or even more) away is not uncommon. 

Both extremes require good aim if one is to survive. 

The importance of aiming in Battlefield can also be seen in the frustration of Battlefield fans with the Bloom mechanics. Thanks to this, the assault rifles in particular are currently being deliberately made imprecise .  

Bloom is not responsible for every missed shot, however. It is therefore important to also critically question and improve your own habits. We'll tell you 5 important tips to improve your aim and win more fights.

1. Don't aim only at the head

What mistakes should I avoid? In most shooters, your bullets do different amounts of damage depending on where they hit the opponent:  

  • Hits in the upper body do normal damage, 
  • Hits in the legs cause the least damage, 
  • Head hits do the most damage

Many players only aim for the head because they want to do the most damage. This is generally a good idea, but not right in every situation.

Mechanics such as recoil or bloom prevent your weapons from being perfectly precise in sustained fire. Often the recoil of a weapon pulls your aim, namely upwards. 

If you only shoot at the head, you have the following problems: 

  • The head is the smallest area of ​​the enemy that you can hit. 
  • Even the best aimers in the world don't hit heads 100%. 
  • If you are fixated only on the head, you make your life harder than it is often necessary.
  • Even if you hit the head with the first bullets, your aim will then move upwards thanks to recoil. 
  • For the last important hit, you shoot over the head of the opponent - that is, into the void . 
  • This gives even less precise opponents the opportunity to kill you. 
How do I play better? Instead of always aiming at the head, it is better to shoot at the upper body at short and medium distances. This has two major advantages: 

  • The upper body is a large area that is much easier to hit - especially when the opponent is moving. 
  • When the recoil pulls your bullets upwards, they don't hit the void - they hit the head.
By shooting in the chest, you not only hit easier, the recoil ensures that you aim towards the head almost automatically. So use the actual disadvantage of recoil to your advantage. 

At distances and with sniper rifles, this tip does not apply or only applies to a limited extent: Here you should always try to hit the head, because that does more damage and the recoil does not play such a big role. We'll give you the reason for this in the next tip.

2. Shoot in short volleys

What mistakes should I avoid? Sure, shooting at it with a fully automatic weapon in continuous fire is fun. In Battlefield 2042, that's rarely a good idea. 

You feel like Rambo with this style of play, but you hit a little less than a Storm Trooper from Star Wars.

This lack of precision is of course reinforced by the Bloom mechanism. But even without Bloom, it is important to only use continuous fire in close combat if possible. This is a generally valid rule - depending on the weapon, this rule applies sometimes more, sometimes less.

How do I play better? In Battlefield 2042, it is important to rely on short bursts of fire. This minimizes the recoil of the weapons.

You don't have to change the fire mode of your weapon to do this - even if you can. Try to shoot only in short bursts of fire, especially at a distance. So just press the fire button briefly and then quickly let go before you fire again with a new volley. 

The correct rhythm for the duration of each volley and the waiting time between the volleys depends on the weapon. Try to stop the volley just as you feel the recoil of the weapon. Then fire again when the weapon has returned to its normal position.

DMRs also benefit from this tip, albeit for different reasons: 

  • Instead of counteracting the continuous fire recoil, you have to wait here for the DMR to center itself on your screen again after a shot. 
  • Too high a rate of fire causes DMRs to become imprecise.

3. Exercise less

What mistakes should I avoid? In Battlefield 2042 your weapon becomes very imprecise if you move around while shooting. This clip from reddit shows this mistake impressively: 

The player in the clip blames the bloom. But that's wrong: The SVK that is used in the clip has little to no bloom. 

However, the weapon becomes incredibly imprecise if it is fired on the move. The SVK is just the most extreme example - every weapon in the game becomes less precise as you move around while shooting.

This mechanic also exists beyond Battlefield 2042. It serves the balance and should prevent you from being too difficult to hit due to high mobility, but still being able to hit everything.

How do I play better? Attempts to stand still while firing when fighting over a medium or high range. You are easier to hit yourself this way, but the opponent has to follow the same principles if he wants to hit you. 

But if the opponent stands still and you move, then you miss and get hit. You should avoid that.

An advanced tactic is to move and slow down briefly every now and then to shoot at the exact moment you are standing still. 

Incidentally, when you crouch or shoot, your precision is also higher than when you are standing.

This tip only applies to a limited extent in hand-to-hand combat: When an opponent is right in front of you, the lack of precision is not as important as your mobility

4. Learn the recoil of your weapon

What mistakes should I avoid? Your weapons have recoil, but you don't have to surrender to it. Players who make continuous fire with their weapon and do not defend themselves against the recoil waste ammunition and miss their opponents. You can prevent that.

If the recoil of your weapon pulls your aim in a certain direction, you can use a technique to compensate for this recoil. 

How do I play better? Each weapon has a specific direction in which the recoil pulls you. Observe that direction as you fire the weapon, then pull your aim in the exact opposite direction.

So if your weapon is pulled to the top right by the recoil, you have to aim to the bottom left with your right stick or the mouse. Do this at the same speed that the weapon is moving from recoil. 

With a little practice, you can use your favorite weapon to compensate for the recoil. This allows professionals to shoot precisely with continuous fire even at medium distances.

5. Tests other settings

What mistakes should I avoid? It is a myth that if you change the settings (too often) you will damage your aim skills. 

Especially those who are still looking for the right settings benefit more from experimentation than from stubborn perseverance.

A truism among gamers is: if you gamble a lot, you learn to hit “with your eyes closed”. While this idea of ​​muscle memory is widespread, it is completely and wrong on all levels. That's what Aim pros say ( via Voltaic ). 

Shroud also uses significantly different settings for almost every game. Nevertheless, he is one of the best aimers in the world and is affectionately known by his fans as the “human aimot”. 

How do I play better? There is no disadvantage in changing your destination settings. On the contrary: change can reveal bad habits and train better ones. 

Even if you have used a setting for years, a new game in particular can require new settings. Not only is this not a problem, it's a great opportunity to hone your aim skills in Battlefield 2042 and any other game as well. 

Hopefully, these 5 tips will help you face more opponents in Battlefield 2042. But these tips also apply to other games.

Did you already know them? Do you have any other tips and tricks that you want to share? And how do you like the gunplay in Battlefield 2042? We like to read your opinion in the comments.

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