Battlefield 2042 Guide: How To Build Vehicle Mastery Easily And Quickly


Battlefield 2042 Guide: How To Build Vehicle Mastery Easily And Quickly

There are shooters where firearms are not the only important thing and the recent Battlefield 2042 relapses in the capital weight that vehicles also have, whether by land, sea or air. And to get all the juice you have to raise the rank of your character, by unlocking various improvements / additional accessories.

But no matter how much guarantee there may be inside a vehicle compared to what we are exposed to on foot, it does not mean that we are going to last a long time alive ... or kill the enemy easily to level up . Luckily there are always alternatives to facilitate this task, as we will see now.

The trick, which would never have occurred to me, comes to us from the PS5Trophies channel . And as you will see, the method is quite safe, effective and with rapid progress in order to move up the ranks without effort. You only need one requirement beforehand : having previously reached character rank 22, with which you will unlock the proximity sensor in throwing gadgets.

And what to do next? You get on a land vehicle, such as a hovercraft, you get to a position where there is an enemy presence and you get off for a moment to launch the proximity sensor. After this you move away to find a safe position while the rest of your companions are killing those enemies while they give you experience to facilitate position and assistance .

The pace, as you can see in the video above, is quite high. It is a fast and secure method to unlock upgrades or secondary arsenal for any type of vehicle by counting "eliminations, assists and captured objectives" as long as you do not get off that vehicle. And it's worth it, because things like system repair, TOW missiles, and more are unlocked.

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