Battlefield 2042 Portal Guide - How to Create, Use, and Customize Bundles


Battlefield 2042 Portal Guide - How to Create, Use, and Customize Bundles

In the new Battlefield 2042 - Portal mode, you can play classic maps from Battlefield 1942 , Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 , as well as create and share your own unique modes. We have already made a guide on how to access the updated maps , but now we will take a closer look at how to create your own games using the resources of the "Portal".

How to use presets

Battlefield 2042 Portal Guide

When you open the "Portal", a choice will appear: connect to the recommended collections, or create your own. Each of them is stored on its own server and has its own code.

Recommendations are suitable for those who do not want to create a selection from scratch. For even more variety, click the button under the recommendations, and you will see a list of all active servers with selections of other users. The list will display the names of the collections, the number of players and other useful information. Click More, then Server Options and then Collection Information to see more details.

To access the game, you must enter the appropriate selection code, after which you will be redirected to the required server.

How to create a new collection

Battlefield 2042 Portal Guide

Select "Create New" to start building a set from scratch. Go to Since customization can be very complex, you need to do it through the browser, and not in the in-game menu. All developments can be opened in the Battlefield 2042 menu.

You will see the classic modes. These are not recommended collections, but retro cards with rules from previous projects. You can also choose "create something new". You will be taken to a step by step constructor. Decide on the game modes, then the cards (up to 20 pieces), the number of players and other rules, modifications and restrictions. Having decided on the general parameters, go to the next tab - "Soldiers". Here you can customize everything related to the players and their behavior. Then you can decide on the specialists, their classes and types of weapons and gadgets.

Battlefield 2042 Portal Guide

You will be surprised how fine tuning can be. Some modes work only with certain maps, however, individual arenas are presented in several formats - large / small. You can increase or decrease fall damage or change the speed of movement, control the ability of fighters to take a prone position in one team, in the second, or in both. Make different sizes of teams, gather a hundred people in a minimal area, or have everyone shoot only pistols - the choice is incredibly wide.

After the basic setup, you can also open the "Rules" section, but be careful as this requires minimal programming skills. Here you can increase the weapon power of the killing player or add other conditions for each action.

Battlefield 2042 Portal Guide

If you already have several Collections that you want to work on further, scroll down the page and see the "My Collections" section. Everything created will be displayed here. Each has a "Change" button underneath. Click on it to make the desired changes.

You can also start modifying someone else's selection to make something of your own on a ready-made basis. Such projects will automatically become yours after saving the changes.

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