Best Trinkets in Darkest Dungeon 2

 We tell you about the selection of trinkets for heroes of a certain class: what trinkets are suitable for savage, warrior, grave robber, robber, plague doctor and other characters

In Darkest Dungeon 2 , there are many different trinkets that you can find in the game world or get for destroying mobs. Each character can equip two trinkets. The first few races contain a relatively narrow range of items, including trinkets, but the higher the rank of Hope in your profile, the more extensive the range of loot drops (and merchant goods) will become. However, this is a double-edged sword: on the one hand, a smaller number of items guarantees that you will get the desired item faster (or more likely), and the largest one — that getting this desired item will be diluted with an enhanced randomness effect (the probability of it falling out will be reduced). In this guide, we have tried to compile a list of the most preferred and effective trinkets in Darkest Dungeon 2. 

Best Trinkets in Darkest Dungeon 2

Dark Pulse and Cultist Trinkets

Most of the trinkets in Darkest Dungeon 2 work passively. However, Sectarian/Cultist trinkets require you to be equipped with Dark Pulse. This is the only way to use their effects. The best way to get these trinkets aside from battling cultists or guardians on the map is to complete ambushes or Pitch-Black battles. If your stagecoach's flame drops to zero, your group will be forced to fight new enemies, such as evangelists and cherubim. Winning such battles guarantees you a "Dark Pulse" and a cultist's trinket.

Here are some decent options from this category::

  • False step. +40% health bonus, ideal for tanks like Warmaster or Leper.
  • Hurtful words. +40% damage applied. Perfect for damage dealers like Rogue and savage.
  • Instant justice. +7 to the speed limit. Suitable for the jester or plague doctor to create group combos or apply damage effects over time. 

The usual trinkets

In Darkest Dungeon 2, there are general-purpose trinkets. They can be equipped by any character, but the effects don't add up. They don't require a "Dark Pulse"to activate them. Here are some examples::

  • Hale Draught-increases your health points.
  • Wolf's Blood-increases speed.
  • Raven's Limit-Increases ranged damage.
  • Brass Knuckles-increases melee damage.
  • Sharpness Charm-increases damage (both ranged and melee).
  • Inspiring record — +5 speed for 4 positions (character standing behind the rest); useful for support fighters, healers, as they can heal the group faster or give the squad certain buffs.
  • Taste of Home-grants a 25% chance of healing 10% of the total health of the character equipped with the trinket at the beginning of the turn.
  • Shiny Beer — +25% damage if the flame level on the torch is higher than 60.
  • Secret Cape-adds stealth at the beginning of the turn; great for heroes who rely on this mechanic (for example, Robber or grave robber).
  • Rolling Redoubt — 33% chance of getting an extra hit action; great for tanks or those who use taunt.
  • Galvanized Cup — 25% chance of getting an additional healing effect. 
  • Calibration Censer-Grants a power token if missed; useful for a leper who suffers from blindness status.

Character-specific Trinkets

Naturally, the game has items of equipment that are only suitable for characters of a particular class. As with normal trinkets, you can only wear one such item. Here are recommendations for choosing trinkets for characters of specific classes:

Trinkets for the Warmaster :

  • Standard of the Ninth-grants a block token on impact with a 33% chance.
  • Pride price — +15% to the chance to get an additional action when hitting the target; perfectly combined with the"Rolling Redoubt".
  • Undeserved Gratitude — +50% chance of receiving a Taunt token at the start of a fight. 

Trinkets for Grave Robbers :

  • Withdrawal Notification — 25% chance of getting an additional action on a critical hit.
  • Strong drink — +5 to speed.
  • Rings — 33% chance of getting a power token on impact.

Trinkets for the Plague Doctor :

  • The plague doctor has trinkets that only this character can wear. Examples include The Early Experiment, The Pantry Key, and the Annotated Manual. As a rule, such trinkets only offer resistance bonuses.
  • It is best to use trinkets aimed at increasing speed, so that Paracelsus can make a move before the others.

Trinkets for the robber :

  • Rat Skull — If you miss, you will receive a crit token.
  • Cursed Coin — +8% chance of critical hit.
  • Tormenting Medallion — 33% chance of getting an evasion token when hit.

Trinkets for the savage woman :

  • Empty circle — 25% damage on the first position (i.e. the rightmost place in the squad).
  • Rotten Tomatoes — 25% chance of getting a critical Hit token at the start of a turn.

Knickknacks for the deserter :

  • Ash pile — 25% chance of causing burning.
  • Carved Toy — 25% chance of getting an evasion token.

Trinkets for the jester :

  • Busker's Haul — 33% chance of getting an extra action when you kill an opponent.
  • Royal Challenge — 25% horror resistance.
  • Severed Finger — 25% chance of getting an evasion token if you miss.

Trinkets for the leper :

  • Unusual Seashell — +255 to maximum health.
  • Inevitable End — +50% chance of getting a power token at the start of a fight.
  • Simple Flower-get a block token for a miss; very useful for a leper who often suffers from blindness (choose either this trinket or a"Calibration Censer").

Trinkets for the occultist :

  • Burnt Skull — +8% chance of critical hit if the stagecoach flame value is below 40.
  • As with the plague doctor, it is best to choose a speed-boosting trinket so that the occultist can activate their powers as early as possible.

How to get more trinkets

Last but not least, you can also slightly increase the chance of dropping more trinkets among the loot you receive during the playthrough. Try to find an item called a "Knickknack Organizer"from merchants. Or it can get caught in loot. It can be installed on a stagecoach. To do this, contact Wainwright at the inn. This will increase the chance of knickknacks falling out. And don't forget to throw out the trash. Any item you throw away increases the level of Hope for your account, thereby simplifying subsequent visits. 

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