In Fortnite, it is now possible to regain control of one of the most controversial vehicles, the BRUTE On shows you where and how to get it.

Fortnite  receives regular updates, with the patch being released. This Tuesday, November 16, the Battle Royale saw  the release of update 18.40 which fixed some problems, but also added additional content such as supermarket trolleys  or even new skins including  a Naruto appearance .

In addition to these two significant additions, we also find the return of one of the vehicles one of the most controversial vehicles in the game, because it was considered too powerful, namely the BRUTE  and we tell you where you will be able to find it on the season 8 card.

Where can we have a BRUTE in season 8 on Fortnite?

According to the information given by Epic Games on the return of the BRUTE , it will be possible to recover one by spending a huge amount of ingots at one of the platforms of BRUTE recovered which will be on the game map. Once the financing is complete, you will be able to reveal the vehicle and pilot it.

It should be noted that the developers have modified the vehicle in order to balance it and it no longer has armor or overshield as it did during its previous release. While waiting to be able to regain control of this war machine, don't forget that patch 18.40 is now available  and that it marks the return of the BRUTE, supermarket carts, but also skins expected by the community, namely  appearances for the heroes of the animated series and the manga Naruto .

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