Call of Duty: Vanguard campaign won't start? Tried these solutions


Call of Duty: Vanguard campaign won't start? Tried these solutions

In the community CoD Vanguard , players report who the campaign does not work on the PC or the campaign is blocked. We'll show you how you can possibly fix the error.

What is it about? Call of Duty: Vanguard was released on November 5th. Since then, the servers have been stable and many players jumped into the campaign, zombie mode or multiplayer. However, some PC gamers cannot start Vanguard's campaign.

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If you're one of those people who's blocked the campaign, here are a few quick tips that might solve the problem.

Campaign not working? Use these solutions on the PC

Check it out first: There are some basic settings and tests that you should ensure before you go into the deeper search for a solution.

  • Is your internet connection working?
    • If your PC doesn't have a proper connection to Vanguard's servers, problems can arise anywhere. So first test whether other games and programs that require the Internet are working correctly.
  • Restart your software
    • One of the simplest solutions is to restart the Battle-net app. Next to your Windows clock in the system tray you will find the blue symbol for Right click on it and then choose “Exit” to exit the software.
  • Restart your PC
    • It's almost like a meme, but restarting the PC fixed quite a few problems. Better try it out.
  • Use the troubleshooting in Battle.Net
    • If none of that helps, you can try the repair function on To do this, click on the Vanguard symbol in the game overview. Next to the blue button for "play" you will find a gear. Click on it and then select “Scan and Repair”. 

Solutions from the community

Didn't all of that help? The topic of the banned campaign is big in the community and players are posting about it on the Blizzard forums.

  • “Is the Call of Duty: Vanguard campaign banned? I cannot play it and I installed all of the game content. Reinstalling the game does not fix the problem. But I can play multiplayer and zombie mode, just not the campaign. […] ”Writes NKNOW on the Blizzard forums.

Two players write how they could solve the problem.

  • “Yes, I had the same problem. For some reason they let you start the game once it has downloaded 50% of the time. You'll need to exit the game and download the rest. Anyway, that helped me, ”wrote bob on the Blizzard forums.
  • “It works for me now. I deleted and reinstalled the game. But this time around, I let the game run in the background from the main menu while Campaign 1 and Campaign 2 were downloading. It takes longer but it worked for me, ”TuNeMG explains on the Blizzard forums. 

When installing, make sure that you don't press “Play” as soon as the area appears, but the game is still downloading. The files for the campaign may then still be missing. Wait until the download is complete before starting the game.

Do you have any other solutions for the campaign problem in Vanguard? Write us in the comments 

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