CoD Vanguard: 5 important tips to help you survive longer in zombie mode

CoD Vanguard: 5 important tips to help you survive longer in zombie mode

Call of Duty: Vanguard isn't just pure PvP carnage. In fact, you can shoot even more opponents overboard in co-op mode and destroy tons of Nazi zombies together with 3 friends. We show you 5 tips on how to stay alive.

The Second World War is the original setting of Call of Duty and with CoD: Vanguard it goes back to this fatal conflict. Shortly before the end of the war, the Nazis tried to use supernatural forces to turn things around - an army of the dead rose.

The Special-Force Vanguard can of course not allow that and so you make your way to Stalingrad to prevent armored Nazi zombies from overrun Europe . We will show you with 5 tips what you should pay attention to at the start.

1. Put your loadout together carefully

Put together a loadout before the start of the first round. If you haven't played Vanguard yet and want to try the zombie mode first, you can activate the loadout adjustments at account level. Under the menu item "Weapons" and then "Equipment" you will find the loadouts and choose a weapon and a demonic ability.

Which weapon should I use? Shotguns are pretty darn strong in zombie mode. You deal a lot of damage and specialize in close combat. If a few rude undead get on you too much, you'll always have enough oomph to get the enemies out of the way.

  • Weapons in zombie mode: shotguns
    • Level 4: unicorn with rotating cylinder
    • Level 14: Combat shotgun

If you are still very fresh in the game, reach for the unicorn, the first shotgun. You only unlock the best shotgun for zombie mode at level 14: Then switch directly to the combat shotgun.

Which Skill Should I Take? In total, you can choose from 4 active skills, of which we recommend 2 to start with:

  • Offensive: ring of fire
  • Defensive: Aether Veil

Choose here according to your preferences. The ring of fire creates a zone that increases your damage when you are in the zone. The ether veil hides you for 5 seconds and no zombie can detect or chase you anymore. Damage or protection - the choice is yours.

2. Upgrade your equipment, even if it is expensive

In your command center in Stalingrad there are several "workshops" with which you can upgrade your combat strength. We would like to recommend two specific upgrades for the first few rounds:

  • Buy with essence: Pack-a-Punch upgrade
  • Buy with scrap: armor

The first few rounds are hardly worth mentioning in terms of difficulty. You can easily get through the missions and collect a respectable pile of materials. You get essence through kills or mission completions, while scrap mostly drops from enemies.

However, do not spend your savings directly, but get weapon upgrades and armor quickly. Both are extremely useful because they will make your weapons much better and refill your armor should you have received a few blows.

For example, if you get the Pack-a-Punch upgrade for a shotgun, not only does the damage increase, but the magazines are also significantly larger and you can reload several bullets at the same time.

Other equipment such as grenades, perks or killstreaks become more and more important in the higher the number of laps, but for the beginning you concentrate on your weapons and armor.

If you like to play with your luck, try the mystery box and hope for weapons that already have a Pack-a-Punch upgrade. In higher rounds, the chance of getting stronger weapons with the box increases. 

3. Explore the command center

Every time you have completed a mission, the area of ​​your command center expands. Do not start directly in the next portal, but walk a little through the area, look for opportunities to interact and keep an eye out for the demonic wells.

After the first few portals you will find these wells in the unlocked areas and you can pick up a free perk that brings passive bonuses:

  • Fiendish Fortitude - Increased Health
  • Diabolical Damage - More critical damage
  • Venomous Vigor - Improved regeneration speed
  • Demonic Frenzy - higher reload speed
  • Aethereal Haste - Faster movement speed

If you collect more essence later and want an upgrade, you can increase the bonuses according to your play style. But you should always take the first perk with you immediately, because it costs nothing.

If you wander through the headquarters, look out for glowing crystals on the floor. They can be shot and give you resources. 

4. Use the Sacrificial Hearts wisely

A new currency in Vanguard's Zombie Mode is the Sacrificial Hearts. You get them when you have completed missions and at the "Altar of Alliances" you forge demonic alliances and benefit from strong, passive bonuses:

  • Bloodlust: Melee attacks do more damage and heal
  • Resurrectionist: Resurrect allies faster
  • Brain Rot: Chance that opponents will become allies
  • Cryofreeze: Can slow down enemies
  • Death Blow: Critical hit kills reload bullets
  • Ammo Gremlin: The weapon that is not selected regenerates ammunition
  • Dead Accurate: If you meet an opponent more often, the damage to this enemy increases
  • Splatterfest: Done with explosions Enemies can explode
  • Unholy Ground: Does more damage when standing
  • Cull the Weak: Do more damage to stunned or slowed enemies
  • Mother Lode: chance that equipment used will not be consumed

However, the "alliances" that you are offered are always selected at random. So you can roughly make a plan in advance of what kind of bonus you want, but not a specific build. After each mission, the offer changes and you get access to different and later stronger versions of the bonuses.

So choose carefully and save your sacrificial hearts, especially at the beginning. Maybe wait for a high tier bonus instead of buying the normal and weaker versions. 

5. Keep calm!

Finally, we would like to give you perhaps the most important tip in zombie mode: stay calm and stay in control.

The higher the rounds, the more confusing the fights and if you cannot take the decisive headshot at a critical moment, you are out of the game. So instead of shooting headlessly into the crowd - maybe use your "ethereal veil", sneak behind the opponents and run another lap across the map to get some rest.

Take your time, do another lap and always have a plan B in hand. This can be a monkey grenade that distracts a horde and gives you time or simply an escape route so that you have room to breathe at all times. Do not drive on sight, but with foresight. 

Vanguard's zombie mode is a special co-op experience with a lot of putrid meat and a demonic storyline. You will experience how the zombies find their way into our world and thus the beginning of a story with which Call of Duty was able to build its own zombie community.

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