CoD Vanguard: 5 tips will make you better than your opponents right from the start

CoD Vanguard: 5 tips will make you better than your opponents right from the start

 We summarizes the 5 most important tips that beginners when starting CoD Vanguard should consider . The high game speed and the low time-to-kill make even die-hard CoD veterans sweat. It'll work better for you with our tips.

Who are these tips for? The following tips are primarily aimed at players for whom Vanguard might be their first Call of Duty, maybe even their first shooter. But even advanced players could find information here that will help them to get used to the special subtleties of Vanguard more easily.

1. Keep moving!

The "Call of Duty" games have always been among the fastest shooters on the market. With the launch of Vanguard, however, it is clear that it is one of the fastest 'Call of Duty' games ever .

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What does that mean? In CoD Vanguard, you won't be rewarded for camping in a corner. Not only are the maps too open for this and offer many routes that are suitable for flanking - the players travel quickly and often quietly. So it's hard to even know when an opponent will stumble into your camping nest.

Those who camp may occasionally kill an inattentive player, but rarely help their team. In addition, thanks to the high mobility, the enemies scurried around the corner faster than a camper could kill them. The start loadouts bring powerful opportunities to track down campers.

This also applies the other way around: Aggressive players are fast and often quiet and can use the many flank routes to surprise opponents through fast gameplay. Aggressive gameplay can lead to great success, especially on maps like Hotel Royale, where many smaller routes intersect. It's also fun.

Aggressive players also benefit from the Peekers Advantage. It works so that the running player sees the camper first. The aggressive player benefits from a different representation of the game characters and the field of vision.

Here's what you have to do: keep moving, help your team and stay in the action! This makes the gaming experience a lot more fun, and your teammates will thank you too.

You have to keep this in mind : After sprinting, it always takes a few moments before you can shoot again. This so-called sprint-to-fire pace varies depending on the weapon and its attachments. That time is even longer with the faster, tactical sprint that you activate by double-pressing the sprint button. So try to stop your sprint shortly before a suspected duel (by aiming your gun) so that you can shoot as quickly as possible.

2. Mobile loadouts are strong

This tip is a logical conclusion from the first one, but it became clear in the first few hours of the game: Mobile loadouts are strong.

Judging from the first few hours of the game, the handling of the assault rifles is simply too slow to keep up with aggressive and nimble opponents and loadouts. By the time a player can aim with a StG44 after sprinting, he has already been shot down by a submachine gun.

Our recommendation: Especially at the beginning, rely on submachine guns and loadouts that make you mobile.

Even the MP-40, the first submachine gun available, is a beast in close combat. This makes it the perfect complement to the aggressive gameplay that is required. With the right weapon attachments, which can all be unlocked quickly, the MP-40 also proves to be a real all-rounder. With the right barrel it is deadly even at greater distances, while other types of ammunition can turn you into an agile melee monster. 

Use the many possibilities of the armory and the high flexibility that it offers you with it. You can screw up to 10 attachments onto your weapons at the same time without compromise, and equip yourself exactly as it suits you. But don't forget to always keep an eye on the disadvantages of the essays.

3. Use the minimap, but not too much

The minimap is one of your most important tools at CoD Vanguard, but you need to be careful not to be distracted by it. The minimap not only tells you where your teammates are and where to find mission items, it also tells you where the opponents are under certain circumstances.

How do I see opponents on the map? With series of killings (also called killstreaks) you can make opponents visible on the map. If you have equipped the tracking system, you can use it if you have made 3 kills without dying. Then opponents in your area are only shown on your minimap for a short time.

The shooting series “Spy Airplane”, which is unlocked at level 21, requires 4 kills in a row and briefly shows the opponents for the whole team on the minimap.

The Perk Radar also allows you to see enemies on the minimap who shoot without silencers or subsonic ammunition. 

Use this information to your advantage, but try not to be dependent on the minimap. If you play Vanguard and stare too much at the map, you could miss opponents and be surprised by the counterattacks of the detection abilities.

How do I keep me from appearing on the minimap? In order not to appear on the opponent's map, you can use several things. There is the “anti-espionage aircraft” shooting series, which makes the map unusable for opposing players for a limited time.

The perk ghost always hides you at locations and spy planes as long as you keep moving. With silencers and the subsonic ammunition you prevent it from being detected by enemies who use the perk radar. And the field equipment dead silence gives you the effect of spirit and makes your movements quieter. These funds are therefore very strong and should have a high priority in your loadout composition.

4. Pay attention to enemy noises - and your own

Audio is immensely important: As in any shooter, it is also important in Vanguard to pay attention to the background noise. Listening carefully can help determine if enemies are near you and where they are. Even if you absolutely cannot see it. We therefore recommend that you while playing and use headphones turn the music down a bit in the game .

These "audio wallhacks" give you tremendous advantages. It sets you apart even more from the many CoD players who listen to loud music while gambling and therefore do not notice your movements.

The reverse also applies : Always be aware of how much a potentially present opponent could hear from you if you want to flank. In Vanguard there are several ways to completely or almost completely suppress your own noises. These are:

  • Running thoughtfully
  • Move as you aim over the rear sight
  • Der Perk Ninja
  • The field equipment dead silence

Use these tips to stay undetected and keep surprising your opponents.

5. Nobody cares about your statistics

Perhaps the most important tip that very few people listen to. Unless you're a streamer or a pro gamer, nobody in the world cares about your stats. Be it your KDR (kill death ratio, your average kills per life), your longest killstreak or your best weapon. Even the numbers of your friends are not visible to you in Vanguard.

So as long as you don't trumpet your statistics without being asked, only you know about them.

Why is that important? Not every player plays the best or has the most fun with the meta loadouts. So don't be afraid to try new things or equip suboptimal weapons. You can change your settings and try a crazy loadout without real consequences if it doesn't work. Maybe you will discover your new favorite weapon, or improve your gameplay because you have found a better mouse sensitivity.

The worst negative consequence of a failed experiment is poor performance in individual matches. In return, experiments can lead to long-term success and longer fun. 

Would you like to add anything to these tips? At the start of Vanguard, did you already have a lot of difficulties with a particular issue? And how do you like the game so soon after its release? Let us know in the comments.

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