CoD Vanguard: Everything about crossplay - How to play with friends or deactivate the function

CoD Vanguard: Everything about crossplay - How to play with friends or deactivate the function

 Call of Duty: Vanguard again supports crossplay and thus a seamless interaction between PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series X / S. With it you can play Vanguard with all your friends, no matter which platform they are playing the game on. We show you how to do it.

What is crossplay? Thanks to crossplay, you can play your games together with friends, regardless of which platform each person is using. As a PC player, you can play with people who are on the Xbox or PlayStation - or the other way around.

Vanguard also supports crossplay as expected. Crossplay works here in all multiplayer modes and also in zombies.

Everything about crossplay in CoD Vanguard

How can I activate crossplay? Crossplay is already activated by default. However, you can also deactivate it in the settings or reactivate it there.

How to deactivate your crossplay: Open the settings and go to the field "Account & Network." You can deactivate crossplay with the first option. This then applies to all modes in which crossplay would otherwise be active, until you activate it again.

With Vanguard, the deactivation also works for the first time on PC and Xbox. 

What are the disadvantages of turning off crossplay? If you deactivate crossplay, you can only play with friends who are using the same platform. Matchmaking can also take longer. Without crossplay, the lobbies are only filled with other players on the same online network ( on the PC, Playstation Network or Xbox Network).

Cross-Gen is always supported: This means that PS4 and PS5 players can play together even without crossplay. This also applies to Xbox players on their last-gen or next-gen console.

You don't have to take any special steps to be able to play cross-gen with friends. Just use the party functions on the Playstation or Xbox as usual.

How to play with friends via crossplay: this, you need an Activision account ( To do via ). With this you can invite your friends. It works like this:

  • You have to open the social menu via the multiplayer or zombies menu.
    • PC gamers click on “Social” in the upper right corner of the screen or press F1.
    • Playstation players reach the menu with a triangle.
    • Xbox players press the Y button.
  • Select the “Add Activision Friends” option.
  • Find your friends from the desired network.
  • To find out your Activision ID, look for the “Activision Account” option at the bottom of the screen.
  • Then you can send the friend request. Your friend will see this request in their social menu.
  • Once connected, you can invite yourself and join your lobbies.

This is how cross-progression works in CoD Vanguard

As in the last "Call of Duty" games, Vanguard also supports cross-progression, which is also known as cross-save. This means that your progress on one platform will automatically apply to other versions of the game as well.

How exactly does cross-progression work? We'll explain this to you with the example of the PlayStation 4: You have Vanguard on the PS4 and play it properly. In a few weeks, however, a PS5 will be under the Christmas tree.

You can then continue to play on the PS5 Vanguard with exactly the progress you made on the PS4. All weapons, attachments, camos and Battle Pass levels that you have unlocked are available on the PS5 as well as on the PS4. Thanks to the next-gen upgrade, you don't have to buy all of Vanguard again for the PS5. 

Cross-progression works on all platforms: Even if you have Vanguard on both the PC and a console, your progress will remain. This also applies if you play the game on Xbox and Playstation. No matter where you play - you always have your progress. 

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