CoD Vanguard: Level guide for multiplayer - quickly to the max level

CoD Vanguard: Level guide for multiplayer - quickly to the max level

 In our level guide for Vanguard we show you how to quickly reach the max level. We'll give you information about quickly leveling weapons and operators and how your player level increases quickly.

What does the guide bring you? There are three different types of experience points in Vanguard. Through normal play, you will be leveling the species anyway, but there are tips on how you can reach the max level faster.

Find out how to speed up the leveling of weapons, your player rank and operators.

What types of XP are there in Vanguard?

Call of Duty: Vanguard includes Player XP, Weapon XP, and Operator XP. With all of these experience points, you can move up in rank in the respective category.

  • Operator XP: With this you level up the 12 playable Operators. With the earned EP you unlock skins, quips, finishing moves, highlight intros and MVP highlights.
  • Weapon XP: If you play with a certain weapon, you also earn XP for it. This unlocks attachments, kits, and adjustments such as camouflages, charms, stickers and crosshairs. For some you also need challenges to unlock the adjustments.
  • Player XP: These experience points increase the level of you as a player. This unlocks weapons, killing series, field upgrades, perks, lethals and tacticals.

Earn weapon XP and level up quickly

How do you level up quickly? Using a weapon in your matches increases its level. When quickly searching for games in Vanguard's multiplayer, you can set how many players you want to play with in Compat Pacing. "Blitz" offers the possibility to play with 16 to 46 players. Select Blitz to level your weapons, because there you have lots of targets to shoot at.

Kills in Search and Destroy bring more weapon XP than kills in team deathmatches, where eliminations just fly. 

There are also weapons challenges that boost your EP. You will probably solve most of them on the side anyway.

Earn Operator XP quickly and level up

Depending on which version of Vanguard you bought, you unlocked more or less operators at the beginning.

How do you level up quickly? To quickly earn XP for an operator, you should tackle their respective challenges. You can find the challenges by selecting an operator and then clicking the hotkey for “Bio”.

The third tab in the new window is “Challenges”. Select the tab and see which challenges are currently active for you. You can see right away how many EPs they bring you.

You can also find the operator's favorite weapon in the “Bio” tab. In Polina's case, it is the three-line rifle.

If you play with your favorite weapon and the right operator, you will receive double Operator XP and even more Gun XP.

When leveling up the operators, you will also find EP tokens on some levels (see the bio under “Progress”). You can get these XP tokens at different levels:

  • Operator-Level 3: 1.500 EP
  • Operator-Level 8: 2.000 EP
  • Operator-Level 13: 2.500 EP
  • Operator-Level 18: 3.000 EP

In this way, you quickly advance through the levels and unlock the adjustments made by the operators in Vanguard.

Earn player XP quickly and level up

You should increase the player level in Vanguard so that you can unlock weapons, perks and other upgrades.

In the main menu of the multiplayer Vanguard offers the tab “Challenges”. Button up the challenges and work through them, so you get a lot of experience points. An example are the countermeasure challenges: 

Use your XP tokens! In the Battle Pass, you unlock EP tokens at some levels, which you can activate. Do this in a targeted manner and collect a lot of XP with it. But keep in mind that they are only temporarily active and you have to look carefully at how long they last.

Join a clan. If you are part of a clan and gamble with your fellow players, you will receive a 10% XP boost on weapons XP, operator XP, player XP and clan XP.

Bonus for PlayStation: If you play Vanguard on the PS4 or PS5, you will receive various bonuses such as XP boosts. In addition, there should be monthly double EP events that are active 24 hours. Plus events for 25% more weapon XP. You can take advantage of this when you play with your friends on the PlayStation. These events will be announced separately. 

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