CoD Vanguard's 3 Best Guns After Launch - With Attachment Setups


CoD Vanguard's 3 Best Guns After Launch - With Attachment Setups

The best weapons from Call of Duty: Vanguard at a glance. We'll show you which weapons are clearly recommended shortly after the start.

What kind of list is that? The latest Call of Duty takes place again in World War II and provides you with an arsenal of almost 40 weapons for release. So the selection is huge, the choice is not that easy.

We therefore looked around to see which weapons were considered strong shortly after the start of Call of Duty: Vanguard and also incorporated our own experience in order to provide you with the best weapons after the release. We'll show you a weapon for close combat, an all-round assault rifle and a powerful sniper weapon.

However, once players have spent more time in Vanguard, the list can change quickly. For the time shortly after the release, you are doing very well with our suggestions.

Assault rifle: StG 44 - the weapons for all cases

What makes the StG 44 strong? The StG is the first assault rifle that is available to you, but absolutely not a bugger. The German assault rifle shines with its high versatility and can help you in almost all situations in the game. At the same time, it offers good control and sufficient damage.

What is the StG 44 not so good at? Due to its versatility, the StG 44 loses its effectiveness against specialists. You have little chance against sniper rifles in long-range combat or MPs in close combat. The StG 44 works best when you fire at opponents from the second row, so an ally in front of you is building up pressure with a submachine gun.

Vanguard: StG 44 Setup

  • Muzzle: chord muzzle brake
  • Barrel: VDD 760mm 05B
  • Visor: slate reflector
  • Shank: VDD 27 precision
  • Underflow: M1930 Strife angled
  • Magazin: -
  • Ammunition Type: Subsonic
  • Handle: knob handle
  • Skill: Vital
  • Kit: Fully loaded 
  • Ready to start
  • Great versatility
  • Good damage / control ratio
  • Lose against the specialists in close and long-range combat 

Submachine gun: MP40 - A lot of speed, a lot of damage

What makes the MP40 strong? The MP40 also has the advantage that it is directly available for entry into multiplayer. The submachine gun offers you a lot of damage, good control and a suitable range - just like in the beta of Vanguard. With attachments you can reduce the recoil so much that the MP40 still lands kills even at medium distances.

What can the MP40 not do so well? The small magazine, which you can enlarge later, is particularly annoying when leveling the weapon. Make sure that you have a weapon for range in the loadout in addition to the MP40 when you are on the larger maps. As the distances to the enemy increase a little, damage and control suffer.

  • Muzzle: Marauder fire damper
  • Barrel: VDD 189mm short barrel
  • Visor: -
  • Shaft: Krausnick 33M folding frame
  • Underflow: SMLE pistol grip
  • Shop: 7.62-Gorenko 32-Schuss-Shop
  • Ammunition Type: Extended
  • Handle: leather handle
  • Skill: Unmarked
  • Kit: Fully loaded
  • Ready to start
  • Strong damage with a suitable range
  • Only fully effective in close combat
  • Small magazine for leveling 

Sniper rifle: Kar 98k - The optimal mix

What makes the Kar 98k strong? As in the Battle Royale Warzone, the Kar 98k also cleans up in Vanguard. In multiplayer you kill enemies with a headshot or a hit in the chest. The sniper rifle offers the optimal compromise between speed and damage - the other two sniper rifles are either more deadly, but very lame (three-line rifle) or faster, but with little damage (Type 99).

What can the Kar 98k not do so well? Although the Kar is fast compared to the three-line rifle: Compared to an assault rifle, you pull the shorter one when sprinting. With every meter the enemy gets closer, the kar becomes less effective and the other weapons take advantage. However, you can always rely on your one-shot kills for this.

  • Muzzle: Scout silencer
  • Run: Krausnick scout
  • Visor: -
  • Shaft: Short shaft
  • Underflow: -
  • Magazin: -
  • Ammunition Type: Subsonic
  • Handle: leather handle
  • Skill: Icy Veins
  • Kit: take a deep breath
  • One-shot kills in the chest and headshots
  • Strong compromise between damage and mobility
  • The last sniper rifle to unlock
  • The closer opponents are, the weaker the sniper becomes 

It is not yet possible to determine with certainty which guns will establish themselves in the weapon meta after a long period of play. But our 3 specimens have a good chance of being at the top of their weapon classes.

What weapons did you bet on in your first rounds? Do you have one in mind that you would recommend yourself? Or is there a setup that works really well for you? Feel free to leave us a comment 

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