Cosmicubes in Among Us: What they are, how to get them and rewards

 We tell you what are the Cosmicubes in Among Us, a new element available in the game store. We show you how to get them and how to activate them to unlock all their rewards.

The Cosmicubes are a special new element has been added to Among Us via free update 'Role & Cosmicube' . The Cosmicube serve as a new way to obtain exclusive cosmetics to customize our characters, so that with them we can get costumes, hats and much more.

If you do not know exactly how to get new Cosmicubes , or how to activate them and how to unlock all their rewards , then we will explain everything in this entry of our guide so that you have no doubts about it.

What are the Among Us Cosmicubes and how do they work?

What are the Among Us Cosmicubes and how do they work?

As we've already explained in the introduction, Cosmicubes are a new way to unlock totally exclusive cosmetic content in Among Us . They are like cubes that contain a lot of cosmetic rewards inside, and these cosmetics cannot be found in the in-game store to acquire, so they can only be obtained from inside the Cosmicube.

  • Each Cosmicube has a branch of unlockable cosmetic items inside it .
  • The Cosmicube begins by only allowing us to unlock a couple of cosmetics from the center of its branches.
  • We can choose which branches we want to unlock little by little , until we complete all the rewards of the Cosmicube.
  • In order to acquire the rewards of the Cosmicube we have to invest in them Pods (the Pods are obtained by playing games and it is important to note that each Cosmicube has its own).

How to get new Cosmicubes?

By default, after having updated the game to its 'Role & Cosmicube' version, you should already have the "Mira Cosmicube" available in your inventory , the first free Cosmicube we get. You can find the Cosmicubes from your inventory in their own section of the customization menu .

However, you can also get more Cosmicubes in the Among Us store . Within it you will find in the Cosmicubes section several Cosmicubes that can be purchased.

  • Some Cosmicubes can be purchased with stars and others with beans (beans).
  • Keep in mind that the Cosmicubes that appear in the store have an availability time , after this they will be replaced by new Cosmicubes (so if you don't want to lose them, buy them before they disappear).
  • Remember that you can enter the Cosmicubes available in the store to see all its rewards , so you can decide if it is worth acquiring it or not.

How to activate the Cosmicubes and get their rewards?

Remember that in order to get the cosmetic unlockables for each Cosmicubo, you will first have to activate the Cosmicubo , or else you will not be able to win Pods related to that Comicubo when playing games.

  • To activate a Cosmicubo that you already have in your inventory, access the customization menu and go to the Cosmicubes tab.
  • Select the Cosmicube you want to activate.
  • On the right side of the screen, click on the "Activate" option .
  • The Cosmicube will be marked as activated.
  • From now on, play games to start accumulating Pods of that same Cosmicube.
When you have played enough games and have a good number of Cosmicube Pods activated, return to the customization menu and you will be able to spend your Pods to unlock the contents of the branches. Easy and simple.

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