Darkest Dungeon 2 guide - intimacy and stress


Darkest Dungeon 2 guide - intimacy and stress

How to Reduce Stress in Darkest Dungeon 2 and How to Control Positive Affinity with Hero Skills, Stagecoach Upgrades, and Various Inner Items

La solución del Feng Shui para un...
La solución del Feng Shui para un matrimonio en crisis

The affinity system is the first significant innovation in Darkest Dungeon 2 . In the sequel to the roguelike, you will have to monitor the relationships of the characters and carefully make certain decisions, as they can affect the cohesion of the team. Worse, ignoring the overall situation can lead to stress and dangerous situations. In this guide, I will try to break down the affinity and stress systems as much as possible and explain how to avoid conflict in the adventurer squad.

Darkest Dungeon 2 guide - intimacy and stress

How Affinity Affects Stress and Key Decision Making

The affinity or relationship of characters in Darkest Dungeon 2 is influenced by many factors, such as decisions made during various random encounters, including battles, communication with peasants, and visits to the academy. In most cases, it is advisable to make decisions that will give your characters a golden hue:

  • Solutions with golden contours - strengthening affinity in a positive way
  • Blue Outline Solutions - Negative Affinity Strengthening

Moreover, this mechanic can come up during a carriage journey or even in the heat of battles, when characters can praise and thank each other for their help, joke or be insolent. Sims may be unhappy that another hero allegedly stole the kill from them. And this is even if they did not harm a particular mob.

How Affinity Affects Stress and Key Decision Making

If there is a positive affinity (like being in love or inseparable), you will notice that both characters will literally shine. They will be able to block previously unblockable attacks aimed at their friend, reduce stress levels, provide instant healing, or even use a second attack.

Unfortunately, you will receive fines if you achieve negative intimacy (for example, envy). The characters will begin to quarrel more often, they will literally non-stop teasing and insulting each other. Sometimes, significant controversy while exploring the world can lead to less stress. But in unsuccessful combat scenarios, it will accumulate. A quarrel can even lead to a complete skip of the hero's turn.

Darkest Dungeon 2 guide - intimacy and stress

Thus, intimacy and stress are integral parts of each other. If you cannot control the proximity, you will receive a snowball effect, which will weaken the group. Eventually, the stress will become unmanageable and the characters will clash regularly. As soon as the character's stress level reaches 10, he will receive a bag of negative statuses and a significant decrease in health.

Plague Doctor and other skills to make it easier to manage stress and intimacy

Stress and intimacy are the main reason the Plague Doctor is considered one of the must-have members of the squad. He also has a valuable ability to control stress and intimacy. The skill is called The Ounce of Prevention. By default, the ability is applied to the entire squad, increasing the resistance of each hero to the effects of bleeding, burns and poisoning. However, the subsequent upgrade of the skill will also reduce 1 stress point for each seeker. This is the main reason why this ability should be improved first (in the inn at the expense of a mastery point).

Plague Doctor and other skills to make it easier to manage stress and intimacy

Here are the skills of other characters to control intimacy and stress:

  • Warrior . "Support". After improving this ability, you get a 50% chance to remove the peak of stress from the entire group. Since we are only talking about the likelihood of applying the buff, this skill is not as useful as Ounce of Prevention, which guarantees stress reduction (after the upgrade).
  • Savage . "Revelry". Not so useful character with amazing skill. This ability is passively activated. It reduces stress by 3 points, increases resistance by 10%, and removes terror. For the skill to work, the Savage's health must drop below 33%. She also receives 25% healing. Also removes the stress level for the whole group by 1 point. Disadvantage - first, the skill will have to be unlocked by making several visits to the temple of reflection.
  • Jester . "Inspiration time". Jester Sarmenti is another unlockable character who is able to relieve 3 levels of stress if one of the heroes has 5 points or higher. This ability only applies to one target.
  • Geek . "Solemnity" (on oneself) and "Reflection" (ally) - a skill that allows you to reduce stress on one target.
Darkest Dungeon 2 guide - intimacy and stress

Intimacy Boosters & Stress Relief Items

As you progress through the game's storyline and level up Hope in Darkest Dungeon 2, even more intimacy and stress-related items will become available to you. They will become available through the trade menu or in random loot. Here are a few items you can use when visiting the inn:

  • Playing cards (squad) - random effects for proximity.
  • The Book of Obscene Stories (one character) - removes 4 units of stress.
  • Poems (one character) - removes 5 units of stress.
  • A collection of love ballads (two characters) - a high chance of a significant increase in positive intimacy; low likelihood of increasing negative proximity.
  • Candles and Chocolate (two characters) - slightly or significantly improves positive intimacy, removes 1 unit of stress.
  • Songbook of incendiary melodies (squad) - heals from stress, increases speed until the next inn.
  • Barrel of whiskey (squad) - all heroes in the squad will be tipsy, high probability of increasing positive affinity, low probability of strengthening negative affinity, reducing stress by 2 points.
  • Roast Pig (Squad) - Healing (HP), stress relief, positive affinity, party-wide celebration.

Finally, once you unlock certain upgrades for the coach, you can use them by talking to a specific NPC at the inn (Wainwright). Here are some good harness improvements that will make it easier to manage intimacy and stress:

  • Wind chime - on each section of the road provides a chance to heal the stress of a random character.
  • Pendant Leaf - Reduces the likelihood of negative banter on the road.
  • Tea Service - Increases the chances of positive connotations on the road (conversations that lead to a strengthening of positive intimacy).

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