Decidueye in Pokémon Unite: Best build, items, attacks and tips

We present you all the details of Decidueye in Pokémon Unite. Discover its characteristics, what its combat skills are, how to play with it and the best build to win games.

Decidueye in Pokémon Unite: Best build, items, attacks and tips

Decidueye is one of the Pokémon that is part of the playable cast of Pokémon Unite , the MOBA of the Nintendo franchise. If you want to play with this creature and get the most out of it in each battle, then you will be interested in knowing all its details in depth. In this entry of our guide we show you the characteristics of Decidueye, its combat skills or what is its best build , among other things.

Decidueye basic data

"Although Decidueye is extremely cautious and calm by nature, if caught by surprise, panic takes over."

  • Pokémon class: attacker.
  • Attacks: long range (ranged).
  • Difficulty: intermediate.
  • Evolutions: Rowlet (Lv. 1), Dartrix (Lv. 5) and Decidueye (Lv. 7).
Decidueye Features
These are the characteristics of this Pokémon in its different parameters :

  • Offensive: 3.5 / 5 stars.
  • Stamina: 1.5 / 5 stars.
  • Agility: 1.5 / 5 stars.
  • Annotation: 3.5 / 5 stars.
  • Support: 3.5 / 5 stars.

Decidueye's abilities, moves, and attacks

Next we will show you the Decidueye 'moveset' . Here you can see what exactly each Pokémon's ability and attack does in battle:


  • Ability - Remote (Long Reach): Its attacks deal more damage to distant rival Pokémon.
Basic Attack

  • Basic Attack: Each Basic Attack increases the speed of the next Basic Attack for a short time on hit. After stacking the effect 3 times, Basic Attacks become Charged Attacks for a short time, releasing more cutting feathers that deal slightly less damage each.
Foliage (Leafage)
  • Foliage (Leafage): Throws leaves in the chosen direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon it hits. Increases the user's Attack and movement speed for a short time.
Impress (Astonish)
  • Impress (Astonish): Deals damage to opposing Pokémon and reduces their movement speed for a short time.
Razor Leaf

  • Razor Leaf: Summons a swirl of blades that increases your Attack and basic attack speed for a short time. The user's basic attacks can hit multiple opposing Pokémon for a short time. The upgrade increases the user's Basic Attack damage the more HP the opposing Pokémon has left.
Shadow Stitch (Spirit Shackle)

  • Shadow Stitch (Spirit Shackle): Accumulates energy and fires cutting feathers in the chosen direction. Cutting feathers damage increases the more energy they accumulate, reducing their travel speed as they do so. If the movement is fully charged, when hitting it fixes the opponent's Pokémon's shadow to the ground, so that the affected Pokémon takes damage if it moves a certain distance from that place, and its movement speed is reduced for a short time. The buff deals bonus damage to opposing Pokémon with low HP remaining.
Leaf Storm
  • Leaf Storm: Creates a storm of sharp leaves in the target area, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon it hits and slowing its travel speed for a short time. Push opposing Pokémon it hits point-blank. The upgrade increases the scrolling speed reduction time of opposing Pokémon.
Shadow Sneak

  • Vile Shadow (Shadow Sneak): Creates a shadow that traps one of the rival Pokémon in the area of ​​effect, dealing damage and reducing its Defense and movement speed for a short time. It also increases the user's scrolling speed for a short time on hit. The upgrade further reduces the opposing Pokémon's Defense.
Burst of Saetas (Nock Nock)

  • Burst of Saetas (Nock Nock): Fires cutting feathers in the chosen direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon. The attack ends by launching a massive cutting feather that deals damage to all opposing Pokémon in its path and deals additional damage to opposing Pokémon with low HP remaining. While using this move, the user is immune to restraints but cannot move.

Strategies and best build for Decidueye

Decidueye has several advantages that are easy to detect: high attack speed , it is capable of taking on targets from afar, and it has quite a bit of versatility (if necessary, it can even be used as a support character ). The best way to play with him is to reach the upper levels as quickly as possible, his power peak is reached at level 7 , so farm against the AI ​​until there at least before going for other players more seriously.

It is very important to position yourself correctly with Decidueye. It has almost no dash-type movement options to get out of situations fast and it doesn't hold up much in 1v1 , so distance and placement are key if you don't want to bite the dust. We recommend that you do not get too separated from your colleagues and that you take advantage of its long range as much as possible . Only then will you have a chance.

To build the best possible build, here below we recommend the best items with which you can equip Decidueye in your games.

Best Equipment Items

  • Strong Ribbon: This item improves basic attack damage to make Decidueye stronger. Very useful especially to farm faster at the beginning of the game.
  • Periscope: You increase the damage of critical hits and the probability of making them.
  • Focus tape: with this object we seek to improve Decidueye's stamina, improving his defense and special defense and recovering HP when he has few left

Best Combat Items

  • Escape button: considering that Decidueye cannot be repositioned very quickly, this item will come in handy to add extra mobility to the Pokémon.
Remember that Pokémon Unite has a large handful of other creatures to use in games. Each one is unique and offers different ways to enjoy the title. Feel free to browse the tier list of the best Pokémon to find out which ones will win you the most games .

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