Differences between gold bars and dollars in Red Dead Online

 We show you the differences between the two currencies available in Red Dead Online.

Differences between gold bars and dollars in Red Dead Online

When entering to play the multiplayer of Red Dead Redemption 2 we will see that there are two types of currencies: Gold Bars and Dollars. Both currencies will be used to buy all kinds of objects and services, so we are interested in knowing the differences well to use them correctly .

Gold bullion

This currency will be obtained by completing all kinds of missions, whether main, secondary or errands, as well as participating in any competitive multiplayer mode. However, we will receive a very small amount, something that makes it a very valuable asset. The Gold Bars can also be purchased by paying with real money through the Store , so by spending some money we can access all kinds of advantages and aesthetic accessories. 

Normally most purchases have a direct exchange between Dollars and Gold Bars, however, there are certain objects and advantages that we can only buy with Gold Bars, so the investments will have to be carefully analyzed.


The other available currency is Dollars, which, as in the Red Dead Redemption 2 campaign mode, will allow us to buy all kinds of weapons, clothes, objects and services , thus being able to improve our character both aesthetically and in their abilities. However, the flow of money in Dollars is much lower and the price of the products higher than in the single player mode, so we must invest the profits very well. This currency cannot be bought with real money, finding some purchases blocked only to the Gold Bars

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