Discover the Secrets of the Pacific from Warzone and Vanguard: Prepare for Caldera


Discover the Secrets of the Pacific from Warzone and Vanguard: Prepare for Caldera

In Call of Duty Warzone an event is currently being crushed, Secrets of the Pacific , that you cannot miss because it is the last one before our beloved and hated Verdansk closes . You can take a number of juicy rewards, but since it is a horse event with Vanguard, apart from having its own challenges, you can take a look at a point of interest in Caldera , the new map, and that will come in handy, as you already know.

As the launch of Caldera has been postponed for a week, it remains to be seen if the final Warzone event will take place on November 30, as planned. What is known is that it will be spectacular .

Secrets of the Pacific Challenges and Rewards

There are six challenges in the two games, but to get the Bomber Menace STG 44 , the frankly easiest method is to focus on the multiplayer of the Vanguard . One note: the event ends on December 7, so don't miss it, it won't cost you anything.

Warzone Challenges

They all take place in Battle Royale mode, of course, and these are the starting points to get the rewards:

  • Jailbreak - Go to the location shown in the picture and find the mysterious object to unlock a business card
  • Up In The Air : Browse the best deals on the latest electronics to unlock an emblem
  • Junk Food - Enjoy a quick meal while waiting for the plane to unlock a charm
  • On your feet : go to a place to heal after a shooting to unlock a sticker
  • Abandoned : those who go underground in an unknown place to unlock a spray
  • Secrets : Secrets of the past have recently been revealed ... go there to unlock another business card

Vanguard challenges

  • Get 25 kills and unlock a business card
  • Get 5 multiple kills and unlock an emblem
  • Execute 1 Finisher and unlock a charm
  • Vote for the team's MVP in 10 matches and unlock a sticker
  • Play games with another member of your clan 5 times and unlock a spray
  • Get 3 wins and unlock one more business card

Where are the Secrets of the Pacific in Verdansk

Be careful , we reiterate that Warzone challenges must be completed in BR mode . If you try it in Botín, you will not get anything. Another important detail is that unfortunately you cannot collect more than one item per game. That means you're going to have to give yourself six rounds of Verdansk to do it.

Go to the area Prison and finds a pingpong paddle on a bench
  • In the electronics store you can get the microphone next to a typewriter
  • On the roof of the restaurants , you will see a black cash register in the background, attached to a red wall
  • Inside the hospital , you will find a blue medicine cabinet in the center of the room downstairs
  • In the mines , shortly after entering you will see a very small wooden box under a ramp
  • Near Boneyard , enter the bunker and look for some miniature ships on the other side of a blackboard

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