Divine Walls and Gossip Stones in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD: Location

We explain what the divine walls and gossip stones are in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD and what are their locations in the different areas of the game so that you can find them all.

Two of the curiosities most particular that we can find in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD are the divine walls and the gossip stones . Both of them can be very useful in the adventure, and you may wonder how work exactly they or what their locations are in the different areas of the game. Don't worry, in this section of our guide we are going to solve these questions.

What are divine walls and how to draw on them?

What are divine walls and how to draw on them?

The divine walls , as its name indicates, are a type of walls that can be found in the world of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD and that in principle are invisible . In order to discover them, you first have to advance far enough in the game's story, until you complete Lake Faroria . Then, once this is done, you can return to the land of the prison to find the goron Marcogoro pelican near the statue "Behind the temple", who will be in charge of talking to you about the invisible walls.

To find a divine wall follow these indications


What are divine walls and how to draw on them?

  • You have to look closely when you pass near a wall in which a small group of sacral flutter butterflies (the blue-winged butterflies) with some glitters in the air around them.
  • If you find a place with these characteristics, go to the wall and take out the lyre of the Goddess .
  • With the lyre in his hands, he plays the instrument from side to side a couple of times.
  • If there really is a divine wall in the place, then it will appear after playing the lyre.

Ways to draw on divine walls and rewards

Once you find a divine wall, you can step in front of it and raise your sword to the sky to charge a celestial lightning . By doing so, you can draw some kind of symbol on the wall with the tip of the sword to receive a reward in return. 

These are the types of drawings you can make on a divine wall and their awards corresponding :

  • If you draw a circle: you will receive bombs.
  • If you draw a rhombus: you will receive rupees.
  • If you draw a horizontal line with a beak - you will receive arrows for the bow.
  • If you draw a heart: you will receive hearts.
  • If you draw the Triforce symbol: you will receive fairies.
  • You can also earn a Heart Piece if you draw what Marcogoro asks of you in the Land of the Prison.

Keep in mind that the better you can draw , the higher the rewards you will earn. For example, if you draw the diamond-shaped logo very well, the amount of rupees you get in return will be high. 

On the other hand, after drawing on a divine wall it will disappear , but you can come back later because they all reappear after a while.

All Divine Walls - Location

These are all the divine wall locations that you can find throughout the different areas of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD. There are 6 in total :

Divine Wall in the Forest of Farone

  • It is outside the Temple of the Presidio , on the path that goes to the pelican statue "Behind the temple" and towards the forest of Farone.

Divine Wall in the Temple of Contemplation

  • Go down the stairs at the entrance to the Temple of Contemplation to find it in the middle of the descent.

Divine walls in the Galleon of the Sands

  • The first wall of the galleon of the sands is inside , just down the first stairs that lead to Lv. 2 you will see the butterflies on the left hand side in a hallway.
  • The second wall of the galleon is on the outside , in the lower part of the stern . It is the same place where you get a Heart Piece .

Divine Wall in the Great Ancient Cavern

  • It is in the room with the whirlpool to the west of the Great Ancient Cavern , near where you use the whip to operate a lever that opens some bars.

Divine Wall in the Great Ancient Sanctuary

  • Right after taking the Leap of Faith at the Great Ancient Shrine to fall to Lv. 0 of the dungeon, you will find the butterflies on this wall a little further up some stairs, on a wall on the left.

How to find gossip stones and what are they for? 

How to find gossip stones and what are they for?

The gossip stones are a classic of the saga that, in other installments, have also been known as Sheikah stones. They are stones with the Sheikah symbol drawn on them that you can talk to to give you information and clues about different aspects of the game.

When you get the Goddess Lyre after completing the Lanayru Refinery , Marcogoro will tell you about them for the first time if you see him in Presidio Land. Later, when you have already defeated the Sleeper in his first confrontation , Marcogoro will give you more details about the stones and from then on you can find them throughout the world. 

To find the gossip stones , a process similar is followed to that of the divine walls , you have to do the following:

  • Take a good look at the places you pass by and where there is a small group of blue butterflies fluttering .
  • When you see these butterflies, get close to them and take out lyre the Goddess .
  • Play the music of the instrument a little.
  • If there is a gossip stone in the place, it immediately will emerge from under the ground .

Every time you find a Gossip Stone for the first time, you will receive in return a treasure random gift . In addition, discovered Gossip Stones stay forever in place and do not disappear (although if you explode a bomb in front of them they will fly off, but will come out of the ground again). You can hit them with the sword or make them dance by playing the lyre. Finally, it is worth mentioning that if you shoot arrows at them they will give you green rupees in return. 

All the Gossip Stones - Location

These are all the locations of the gossip stones that you can find in the different areas of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD. There are 13 in total :

Gossip stones in Celestea

  • On an unnamed island in the shape of a small volcano that is southwest of Altarea .
  • Inside Altarea, climb to the top of the floating islet from which the waterfall falls (using the Claws on the vines of the rocks in the area), the stone is above.
  • On a small unnamed island that is located south of Insectia , in the interior of the cluster.
  • On the island of the Bamboo Forest the island , inside where the minigame is played.

Gossip stones in the Farone Forest

  • It is outside the Temple of the presidio , very close to the pelican statue "Behind the temple".
  • In the the Forest area Outskirts of outside the Temple of Contemplation, near where you can talk to Marcogoro.

Gossip Stones in Eldin Volcano

  • On an upper platform of earth that is located just west of the entrance to the earthly Temple .
  • Inside the secret cave where the is located Holes and Rupees minigame .
  • In the outdoor outdoor area at the Volcano , you have to jump into the void to reach a platform and then Summit use the Claws on the vines to reach an upper ledge where the stone is.
  • At the top of the volcano, in the second cave that goes towards the entrance of the Great Ancient Sanctuary, on the right hand side (it is the same cave in which you have to pour water a second time to a frog statue).

Gossip Stones in Lake Faroria

  • Just outside the entrance to the Great Ancestral Cavern.
  • In the area of ​​the entrance of the Great Ancestral Cavern.

Gossip Stones in the Lanayru Desert

  • In the area interior of the Caves of Lanayru , where the goron Venturo is with an excavation. 

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