EPOS H6 PRO Open / Closed Review: Headset with open and closed versions

 EPOS is busy expanding the headset portfolio. The new H6 PRO comes in two versions, namely with an open and a closed design. The former in particular is rather rare with gaming headsets and for that reason alone is worth a look. The H6 PRO headsets also cover the somewhat higher-priced sector and are available for $179.90 - mind you as wired headsets and can therefore be used on pretty much all platforms. We subjected both variants to a test.

Even with the packaging it is noticeable that EPOS wants to convey the impression of high quality. In a sturdy cardboard box, the headset rests gently and securely in a thick foam pad. This continues with the processing of the headset. The basis is a sturdy metal bracket to which the auricles are attached with a two-axis attachment. The auricles are not full, but they can be rotated a bit, which always has a positive effect on comfort.

The head pads are covered with high quality synthetic leather, as are the ear pads. The contact surfaces, on the other hand, are made of textile material that lies comfortably on the skin and ensures less heat. The microphone arm on the left ear has a flip-to-mute mechanism, but thanks to the magnetic attachment it can also be removed completely and replaced with a color-matching cover. The only control element is a volume control, integrated in the right panel. 

EPOS H6 PRO Open / Closed Review: Headset with open and closed versions

Very chic and a lot slimmer than the GSP 600, which serves as the basis for the new H6 PRO. Incidentally, the H6 PRO is available in three color variants, namely Sebring Black, Ghost White and Racing Green. We had the closed version in white and the open version in black available for the test.

The connection is made using a 3.5 mm jack cable, two versions of which are included. The longer version with a Y-switch on two plugs, the shorter version with a combination plug for use on gamepads and mobile devices. The H6 PRO can therefore be used on all platforms that have a jack connection, i.e. PCs, notebooks, Nintendo Switch, the gamepads of PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as mobile devices with a jack connection. So a real all-rounder.

Thanks to the soft padding, sensible construction and moderate weight of 322 (closed) or 309 grams (open), the wearing comfort is given even with glasses for a long time, although the headset is quite tight. We played our full test of Far Cry 6 with the H6 PRO and had no problems using it. We also tried the microphone elsewhere and this also left a positive impression. The voice transmission is clear, clean and unadulterated. Unwanted background noises are kept well overall.

Let's get to the sound. Especially when it comes to gaming, the H6 PRO does justice to its high price. The bass of the 42 mm drivers with a frequency range of 20 to 20,000 Hz at 28 ohms impedance is powerful and slightly dry, the highs do not go under and we like the speech intelligibility and the breadth of the sound image very much. The mix is ​​overall quite balanced with a slight tendency towards bass and a little more warmth in the sound. We could not perceive unsightly sharp points. For games and for videos / films: Top.

EPOS H6 PRO Open / Closed

The open version gives the game sound a little more space and naturalness, but is of course not suitable for louder environments, as it naturally allows more ambient noise. On the other hand, it is a little more airy and is of course much more comfortable than the closed twin, especially at higher temperatures, whose sound appears slightly more muffled.

We weren't quite as satisfied with the performance in terms of musical enjoyment. There were a few small gaps there, especially in the upper mid-range. Higher slap bass notes went down a little, as did cymbals on the drums. This is certainly due to the conception as a gaming headset. If you want to listen to a lot of music with the H6 PRO, you should use a sound card with equalizer to compensate for these small weaknesses in detail.


Strong and comfortable gaming headset

EPOS continues its production of high-quality gaming headsets with the H6 PRO, whereby the manufacturer even surprises with an open version that is otherwise rarely found in gaming. Not recommended for e-athletes due to the lower sound insulation, but it is an interesting alternative for at home, as the sound is a bit more natural and open. Workmanship and wearing comfort are at a high level, the design is pleasing. In terms of sound, the H6 PRO is particularly convincing in gaming and videos / films, but shows slight weaknesses in detail in some frequency ranges when listening to music. As a pure gaming all-rounder, great for use in all areas of application, we recommend an additional sound card or EQ to iron out the minor weaknesses.


  • high quality
  • Can be used on almost all platforms thanks to the 3.5 mm jack
  • attractive design
  • strong, well-balanced gaming sound
  • very decent microphone
  • good wearing comfort


  • slight weaknesses in music in some frequency ranges (upper middle) 



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