ESO: 5 things you can do to prepare for the next XP event so you can level up as quickly as possible


ESO: 5 things you can do to prepare for the next XP event so you can level up as quickly as possible

In the MMORPG  The Elder Scrolls Online there are always events where you get a bonus on the experience you have received. We will show you the best ways to prepare for such events so that you can get the XP quickly.

At which events do you get the event buff? The next time you will get an experience bonus at the New Year celebrations in ESO. Like the other XP events, the New Year festival is repeated annually. Here is a list of the XP events in ESO:

  • New Year celebrations (in December over the New Year)
  • Festival of fools (in the spring of April 1st)
  • Anniversary event (for the anniversary: ​​April 14th every year)
  • Witches Festival (at Halloween time)

How do I best prepare for the XP events? Of course, you always have periods in which there is no event with an experience bonus. This is the ideal time to prepare for the next XP event. It is even necessary for some activities, such as master writing.

Here we present you a list of the 5 most important preparations for the next XP event.

1. Daily Reward - Log into the game every day

There is a daily log-in reward every day. Among them are also many scrolls that give you an experience bonus. In addition, these can be combined with the XP buff from the event. So collect as many as you can and put them aside for the next XP event.

2. Go fishing for perfect roe

When filleting the caught fish you have a chance to get the item “perfect roe”. You need this material to make the “Psijik-Ambrosia” drink. This gives you an experience bonus of 50%, which can be combined with the event bonuses. You can get the recipe for it in the guild shop or from the craft daylies. More on that later in the next point.

3. Do your daily crafting quests

The handicraft daylies not only bring good gold and neat materials, which in turn can be valuable. As soon as you have reached the maximum level and have fed the first passive ability of the respective skill line with a maximum of skill points, you also have the chance to receive a master handicraft when submitting the quest.

And these are then important with a view to the XP event. You can also get a recipe fragment for Psijic Ambrosia from the Supply Daylies. If you have all 7 fragments, you can put them together. The drink gives you an experience bonus of 50%.

4. Get the Ambrosia Essential Recipe & Essential Dust

You can purchase the “Ethereal Ambrosia” recipe for writing notes or in the guild shop. This drink gives you an experience bonus of 100% and can be combined with the XP buff from the events. You need ethereal dust to make it. You can find this, as well as the recipe, at the writing slip dealer or in the guild shops.

5. Save your master writings for the next event

Master writings give a lot of experience points and are relatively easy to do in a short time. But in order for you to have writings as soon as there is extra experience, you have to accumulate a bit of course. To do this, simply keep all the master writings that you get from the daily crafting quests and store them safely.

If your bank overflows at some point, you can place additional storage chests in your home and put the writings in there. You can get the storage chests for both crowns and writing notes. The writing receipts are a reward for the master's writing and the currency with which you can buy items from the writing receipt dealer.

Bonus tip: make equipment with the “teaching” trait

With the trait “teaching” you receive a bonus to the experience you have gained from slain enemies. This means that you only get this XP bonus in combat. Nevertheless, you can also use it to push your level or your champion point level well.

It makes a difference whether and how far you have upgraded the equipment. Overall, you can increase the experience you receive with the armor by up to 77% and with the weapons by up to 9%. Overall, an XP bonus of up to 86% is possible in combat.

Conveniently, this XP bonus can be combined with the XP buff from an event as well as with scrolls or potions. So you can use everything at the same time.

Here you get an overview of the percentage bonus experience depending on the quality or upgrade level for armor and weapons. Jewelry cannot be made in the capacity of “teaching”.

QualityBonus XP :
Full Armor
Bonus XP :
Complete Weapons
Normal ( white )49 %5 %
Exquisite ( green )56 %6 %
Superior ( blue )63 %7 %
Epic ( purple )70 %8 %
Legendary ( gold )77 %9 %
Each piece of armor gives the same amount of bonus XP. It's a little different with weapons. In the end it is the same, but you should still know. One-handed weapons give exactly half the bonus XP as two-handed weapons, so that in the end it is balanced again.

QualityBonus XP:
Per piece of armor
Bonus XP:
Per weapon (two-handed)
Bonus XP:
Per weapon (one-handed)
Normal ( white )7,0 %5,0 %2,5 %
Exquisite ( green )8,0 %6,0 %3,0 %
Superior ( blue )9,0 %7,0 %3,5 %
Epic ( purple )10,0 %8,0 %4,0 %
Legendary ( gold )11,0 %9,0 %4,5 %

It is best to save your level armor. You can either use the arsenal system or free add-ons like these on PC:

  • Wizard’s Wardrobe
  • Dressing Room
  • Alpha Gear
You should then wear this equipment set to the event when grinding or when doing a daily random dungeon. Before doing this, remember to activate the XP buff from the event as well as use a potion or a scroll!

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