Far Cry 6: Top Tips for a Comfortable Play


Far Cry 6: Top Tips for a Comfortable Play

The new part of the Far Cry series continues the ideas of its predecessors, but this time the project has got a lot of minor changes. If you have passed long time ago Far Cry 5 a or are not familiar with the series at all, then in the first couples the passage can cause certain difficulties.

We decided to highlight some important tips that will make the passage more comfortable and help you get the of Far Cry 6 most out .

Don't save resources 

Far Cry 6: Top Tips for a Comfortable Play

Let's start with a simple tip that will help most players Far Cry 6 finally enjoy their gameplay. There are tons of different resources that are needed to modify weapons. So, do not get hung up on collecting all the rubbish that is needed for crafting.

If at first it seems to you that the resources are catastrophically small and you do not understand what to do in order to finally open the same sight or a new type of cartridges for your machine gun, then literally in a couple of hours the situation will change. You just need to go through a few story quests, or it is better to get out of the first island and go to free Yara in order to finally forget about the lack of resources.

In the future, there will be so many of them that you can easily improve all the guns in your arsenal, and even begin to build new buildings on the base of the rebels. Resources will be scattered literally everywhere: from the same shelters of Yara's freedom fighters to outposts, of which there are dozens on the map. Forget about saving, play and enjoy the process - resources will appear!

Stop playing treasure hunter 

In Far Cry 6, it is no longer possible to pick up weapons from killed opponents, so in order to upgrade your arsenal, you will have to either buy them in stores or search for chests. Upon learning of this, many players immediately score on quests and turn into treasure hunters. It is better not to do this, because you will start wasting time and stop enjoying the gameplay.

The fact is that not all chests contain weapons or equipment. Accordingly, you can spend a couple of hours looking for that very "treasure" and find that there are resources in 3-4 chests in a row. In the end, you have deprived yourself of the fun and not a step further along the main plot.

And the chests here are located in various places and, as a rule, you need to understand how to get to each of them in order to open it. In general, do not engage in thoughtless treasure hunting, open those chests that will come across during the passage of the task. This way you will find good weapons and armor anyway, but the game will not turn into a routine.

You can go to the red zone! 

You can go to the red zone!

From time to time during the course of the campaign you will encounter such a situation that in certain zones the level of opponents becomes higher than yours. In this case, the location is marked in red, but in fact, this is not a reason to stop completing tasks and go to capture outposts in order to increase the level.

The fact is that in Far Cry 6, the enemies are quite weak. Despite their rating, you can easily kill them with headshots. In fact, apart from increased health, opponents from the red zone are no different from those in the gray. And it takes just a couple of hours to learn how to masterfully place headshots. That is, by the time one of the zones on the map turns red, you will definitely learn to shoot at the head. So do not be afraid of this "frightening" designation of the area, feel free to take tasks in the red zones and go through.

Don't get hung up on Supremo backpacks 

Supremo Backpacks are a new type of weapon in the game, which is most effective for attacking multiple opponents or vehicles. However, apart from this useful feature, they no longer stand out in anything, and personally I recommend not to bet on this element of your arsenal.

At first, the Supremo backpack will generally seem useless, because it does too little damage. When, in the course of the passage, the enemies begin to weaken, then with one volley from your knapsack it will be possible, for example, to shoot down enemy helicopters, but this is where the useful functions of this weapon end. It is impossible to destroy the same tanks with their help. In any case, you will have to carry a rocket launcher with you.

You just have to run with a rocket launcher

Far Cry 6: Top Tips for a Comfortable Play

 I believe that in Far Cry 6, everyone should carry a rocket launcher as an additional weapon, and not a sniper rifle or a useless flamethrower. The fact is that you will have to fight "bare-handed" with military equipment all the time. Moreover, most often, helicopters and tanks will interfere with the liberation of Yara, and as you understand, it is impossible to destroy both of these vehicles with a machine gun, pistol or rifle.

Fortunately, in Far Cry 6 you have a bottomless arsenal, so there is room for the rocket launcher in the pockets of the protagonist. Always put it in the third slot, and then you won't have any problems with military equipment. It is most effective to use such weapons against tanks, which, in my opinion, are the most difficult opponents in the game.

No more sound! 

Far Cry 6: Top Tips for a Comfortable Play

Most likely, after clearing 2-3 outposts, you will notice that as soon as you start shooting, help will arrive at the enemies a couple of minutes later. If you didn’t understand what was happening, then I’ll explain. Each point that belongs to the soldiers of El Presidente has an alarm system with a remote control. The enemies in the game are so insecure that as soon as you kill one, one of the soldiers, like scalded, will run to call for help, even if at the moment there are 10 of them against one.

To get rid of help and not waste time on exterminating several waves of opponents at once, I recommend that you immediately understand where the alarm is. Unfortunately, it is not marked on the map in any way, so you will have to look for towers with horns, to which special shields with a switch are connected. So, instead of trying to turn off the alarm, which takes a lot of time, just shoot the shield. One bullet and the alarm won't bother you anymore.

Armor Piercing Ammo - Best in the Game 

Far Cry 6 offers many options for weapon modifications that can make it better to one degree or another. At the same time, if we are talking about choosing the type of cartridges, then here you definitely need to take armor-piercing ones and forget about all the others. The fact is that they are simply useless. Even if you thought that, logically, poisonous bullets and napalm should be the most effective, in fact they are useless, and they do much less damage than conventional ammunition.

As for armor-piercing, then with their help you will begin to inflict colossal damage to opponents and mow them to the right and left almost without pauses. In addition, in the later stages of the game, enemies begin to pull on all the armor that is only available on Yar, and it is with such bullets that you can continue to kill them, forgetting that El Presidente's companions have put on weighty armor.

Don't waste time improving your car 

Don't waste time improving your car

In the game you have your own car, which can be improved and hung with various decorative elements. This is a rather interesting mechanic that everyone will obviously like at first, but gradually you will begin to understand that there is no point in playing too much in Xzibit and pumping a car.

Whichever turret you place or whichever front bumper you choose will not solve anything in battle. The fact is that your car begins to fall apart literally from a couple of bursts from a machine gun, and if a tank hits it once, then you will instantly go to the next world. So stop trying to turn the car into a murder weapon, use it like a regular vehicle, only it is really good at that.

Goodbye Friends

The counter with animal helpers, which are called Amigos here, looks interesting, but other than that it has no advantages. The fact is that four-legged fighters are absolutely useless on the battlefield and at the same time constantly attract the attention of soldiers earlier than necessary. For example, with Amigos it is difficult to complete at least one stealth mission, because when he gets close to the first enemy he comes across, he will attack him. As a result, shooting will begin, someone will call for help, and your "secret" cleanup will go down the drain for Amigos.

Calling animals is solely for the sake of someone running around with you. In battle, they are useless and prove to be worse than any weapon in your arsenal. So forget that there are Amigos at all and do not waste time on resurrecting them. As soon as you lift this stupid partner on his paws, he will die again after a couple of minutes, because the Amigos also have obvious health problems. Accordingly, one has to rely only on oneself and one's trunks in the vastness of Yara. 

If you adhere to all these tips from the very beginning of the passage, then you will reach the very end without unnecessary problems and free Yara from the terrible dictator. Well, if among our readers there are those who have already passed Far Cry 6 , then be sure to write a few tips from yourself in the comments. 

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