FIFA 22: The new Draxler card is extremely strong, but it has a problem


FIFA 22: The new Draxler card is extremely strong, but it has a problem

In FIFA 22 there is now a new Moments card for Julian Draxler that really has it all. We explain to you why the new special card is so good and what its problem is.

What kind of card is that? This is about the new Player Moments card from Julian Draxler, who, according to EA, will celebrate his volley against Bordeaux in the 2017/2018 season. The card offers fantastic values ​​and is available for a total of 7 days in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

You can get it by completing an SBC (Squad Building Challenge) and we will clarify whether it is worthwhile for you.

That's how strong the new Draxler card is

This is what the new card can do: Moments-Draxler is a proud 7 points stronger in the overall rating than its normal gold card, which is an enormous upgrade. The great values ​​in the areas of speed (85), shooting (85), passing (86) and dribbling (88), which make him currently the strongest midfielder in the French Ligue 1, immediately catch the eye.

In addition, Draxler offers 4-star skill moves as well as extremely valuable 5 stars for weak feet, which means that you can shoot at goal from all the right ones or distribute balls. So you could easily let Draxler play in the storm.

That's how strong the new Draxler card is

Compared to his gold card, Moments-Draxler has gained a lot of points, here are the biggest and most important jumps:

  • Time: 74 -> 85
  • Shoot: 76 -> 85
  • Pass: 80 -> 86
  • Dribbling: 82 -> 88

The map gets even better if you use the engine chemistry style. This boosts its speed, dribbling and passing to almost perfect values, mainly in the 90s.

That's how strong the new Draxler card is

Is the card worth it for your team? The map is without a doubt one of the best ZOM maps in FUT right now, if you exclude icon maps . She has great values, is versatile and promises a lot of goals and assists, especially because of the 5 stars for weak feet. It's also perfect for players with Ligue teams or hybrid teams who need strong links for Messi, Mbappé or Neymar.

The card has a problem though: The SBC costs are around 250,000 coins, which is a fortune for many FUT players. However, it is not really overpriced, because there are hardly any alternatives on the transfer market that offer similarly strong values ​​in the same areas.

So if you have the coins left over, with Draxler you will get an outstanding card that you should be satisfied with for a long time to come.

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