Football Manager 2022 best club to start, which team to choose?

Football Manager 2022 best club to start, which team to choose?

 In Football Manager 2022, it will be at the beginning quite complicated to approach the management of a club. So in this guide we give you a set of interesting clubs to manage.

Football Manager 2022 , the new opus of the famous football simulation putting you at the head of a club is released this Tuesday, November 9 on PC, MacOS, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Nintendo Switch, iOS mobile and Android.

As in the previous episodes, it will sometimes be a little complicated to choose a club and we will therefore give you some teams that it will be interesting to take the lead because of the budget, the infrastructures or the challenge that is offered. 

What are the best clubs to manage in Football Manager 2022?

We will give you below a list of clubs that will be good to manage and the reasons for each of them according to FourFourTwo ( source ).


This team offers a really interesting challenge, because everything has to be rebuilt , but you will have a huge budget set at £ 200 million thanks to the financial support provided by the new managers of the club. In addition, you play in the Premier League, the league with the biggest budget.


And yes, Barcelona is an interesting challenge, because you have to rebuild the legend of this club which has many financial difficulties. However, you have at your disposal very good young players , many of whom are among the best Wonderkids of FM22 . In addition, you have one of the best training centers in the world to train new nuggets.

Schalke 04

Germany have very big clubs and among them we find Schalke 04. While the club hasn't done very well in recent seasons, they have very good facilities and excellent young players . A very good club for beginner players.

PSV Eindhoven

The Dutch league is certainly not the most prestigious of Football Manager, but playing with PSV you will have access to a talented and strong team and a very good academy . The challenge will be to form nuggets and defeat Ajax in order to play the Champions League.

Red Bull Salzburg

Here again, you will land in a less interesting championship than the others, but you will have talented young players and a high standing academy that allows you to form new nuggets to resell at a high price.

Milan AC

AC Milan have solid facilities and very good grassroots players , young and old alike. The challenge will be to manage to bring back a title and to keep your talented young players in order to create your dynasty.


The Portuguese team like many other clubs on this list has young prodigies and very good players . The interest here will be to invest wisely the money you receive in order to win the Portuguese league or the Europa League during your first seasons at the head of this club.

Obviously, other clubs might like you, but in any case, these teams should be quite easy to manage for a first experience. 

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