Football Manager 2022, how to get started on FM22?


Football Manager 2022, how to get started on FM22?

In order to better approach your first hours of play on Football Manager 2022, we give you in this guide some tips and tricks.

Football Manager 2022 , the new opus of the famous football simulation putting you at the head of a club is released this Tuesday, November 9 on PC, MacOS, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Nintendo Switch, iOS mobile and Android.

As in previous games, it will sometimes be complicated to start on the title and we are therefore going to give you some tips and tricks to better approach your first hours of play. 

Choose your club well

The first thing you will need to worry about is choosing your club . We advise you to take the head of a club in a championship that you know well and preferably within a big league. If ever you are motivated by the money available in a club, you can always choose a club based in England since all the English leagues are relatively interesting at this level.

Make the right settings

After choosing your club, you will need to select active leagues . These may be more easily visible to you, but you will need to have an estimated speed of 4.5 stars . In order to achieve this, you can choose only the first division of the various major championships.

Also remember not to select " Use generated players and staff ", because if you do, all players and staff will be new characters created especially by the game. Still in the options of the configuration of your game, think also to select " Show attributes " in order to be able to see all the statistics of the players in the database and thus to be able to recruit more easily.

Make a good coach

If you have respected the configurations that we have given you previously, you can, when creating your trainer, set the mental attributes " Player knowledge " and " Young players knowledge " to 1. By recovering these points, you will be able to increase practically to the maximum. other mental statistics . If you wish, you can skip adaptability to the maximum if you plan to stay at the same club throughout your game.

Hire smart

When you land in a club, do not seek directly to recruit football stars, because you risk exploding your team's budget. We recommend that you take as many Wonderkids as possible in Football Manager 2022 , who are very talented young players in order to have a very interesting squad after a few seasons.

You can also take young players who do not seem exceptional at first glance, but whom you will be able to train so that they improve and thus sell them more expensive later. In addition to young players, it will also be possible to complete your squad with free players and you can consult our article below on the best players without a contract who may be interesting to sign for your club. 

Respect the club's goals

Within the game, when you land in a club, you will be given different objectives by the members managing the team. It will be very important to respect these objectives or at least the vision of the club . You can set some of these requirements on your own, but if you fail to meet the demands of your leaders, you risk getting fired .

Delegate to better manage

When you start playing, you will quickly notice that many aspects of the game will need to be managed, in order to make your life easier, we recommend that you delegate as much as possible , but it is however necessary that you keep control of the aspects. following :

  • Take care of recruiting meetings
  • Keep the management of recruitment and contracts for the first team
  • Conduct tactical briefings so that you can choose the tactic that interests you
  • Take care of instructions at the edge of the field and team talks in order to better manage your team during match days

Manage the team on a daily basis

In the game, it is important to manage the team on a daily basis and especially two points. The first is player fatigue, which logically involves recruitment in order to be able to rotate within your team . Ideally, you should double each position to avoid injury to your players. We recommend that you always have a young player and an experienced player for each position in your team.

The second particularly important point is to keep your players motivated. To do this, do not hesitate to congratulate your players when they train well and especially have a team meeting if ever your squad is in the hard , that is to say if you have suffered several defeats in a row. . to Remember do this meeting when you are going to face an affordable opponent . Obviously, the more motivated a player is, the more efficient he will be on the pitch

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