Naruto and Team 7 are coming to Fortnite in patch 18.40! New elements have been added to the games, including the Kunai with Explosive Scroll!

The Fortnite game is world famous for its many events and partnerships such as the unpublished concerts that take place on the game, with recently Ariana Grande , or the partnerships with the Marvel superheroes, or the protagonists of Rick and Morty. 

On the occasion of patch 18.40 on Fortnite, it's Naruto and his gang from Team 7 who land on the game. For this unique event, outfits and items are available for sale on the online game store. , including the famous Naruto skin . Additionally, elements have been added to the game in your games, including Explosive Scroll Kunai . Find out how to get it in your games.

How to get explosive scroll kunai in Fortnite?

In patch 18.40, Naruto and his comrades land in your games. A new weapon is available in-game and you can use it to defeat your opponents. This is the famous explosive parchment kunaÏ that you most certainly know from the manga and anime Naruto. To get it, it's quite simple:

  • Open chests
  • Find a Loot Llamas
  • Exchange ingots at Kakashi 

It is with these three methods that you can obtain this unique item in your Fortnite games. Take advantage of this event to become a Konoha ninja and help Kakashi sensei. If you want to learn more about Fortnite patch 18.40, do not hesitate to go to the official Epic Game website on which the patch note is published.

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